Friday, May 19, 2017

One Who Knows Update - "Recent Kent Dunn Report... B.S." - One Who Knows - 5.18.17


Recent Kent Dunn Report.... B.S.

It pains me to say that the recent Fear Mongering report From Kent Dunn is complete B.S.

I Like Kent and have reason to believe that he is under extreme pressure to put these ridiculous Fear Mongering reports out to the public. I don't think he would be doing this otherwise. The sooner we can get the GCR going, the sooner we can completely take out these remaining Cabal minions that are fabricating this non sense.

The Faces Are Fearful Themselves

Remember, that it is Cabal a last ditch effort to spread Fear among the Light Workers, to shake our confidence and slow down the inevitable end of the financial reforms, when the new rates become public and we exchange. This is a great example of how desperate they are to survive a few more days. In short, these remaining Face Types, (Known Personalities), will be taken down last. Clearly this recent Fear Mongering effort stems from them, the only ones who are left. They know that they won't be arrested until the GCR finishes, we get exchanged, and then the Republic is announced. That is when there will be wide spread arrests of "Famous" and (Formerly) Powerful people that the public will "Notice." But it won't matter then, since the public will understand by then why these famous people are being arrested. Can you imagine the shame and humiliation these once highly regarded people will have as they fall from grace as low life pedophile Cabal scum.

Kent Dunn Intervention

Kent, my friend, this is an intervention. I know that you have been compromised and I know all about it. I am going to handle this non sense report for you, as I KNOW FIRST HAND that you don't want to put this Fear Mongering B.S. out on the net. Don't worry my friend, this will all be over soon, and those who have compromised you will be taken down. My Top sources already know who they are, and as soon as it is feasible, they will take them out for you. Then you will be able to regain your good name. Hang in there for now, my friend.

Not The Only One

Kent is not the only one who has been compromised. Take for instance Dave Schmidt who I wrote about again just recently. I doubt that he really believes that the zim won't be revaluing, but clearly he has to say so for now. See my recent post about Dave and how the Cabal force other people to lie to their followers:

"About Dave Schmidt (Again)" - One Who Knows - 5.17.17

This Latest Fear Mongering Effort

This one is a bit funny actually. Let's break it down and see just how pathetic it really is.. Shall we?

****** Begin The Cabal (Fear) Report *******

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kent Dunn Intel Update - 500,000 Reptilian Dracos Are Trying To Escape Earth Quarantine

May 18th, 2017

Kent Dunn shares intel from his Reptilian contacts that the negative Draco reptilians who are trapped here on earth are trying to escape. Method of escape is cloaking themselves in a black aluminum Chemtrail dust which blocks electromagnetic frequencies and cannot be tracked by radar. 1,500 Reptilians from the Draco E.T. group have escaped earth and another 500,000 Reptilian Draco aliens are trying to leave earth and escape the quarantine. This message is to bring awareness to White Hats, SSP, and White Knight groups.

Notes by

****** End The Cabal (Fear) Report *******

Let's Have Fun With This

First, there are NO Negative Draco Reptilians left on this planet in any way. They were either eliminated (Killed), or taken off this planet. That is the strategy for all negative influences. For instance David Rockefeller DID NOT DIE, he was taken off the planet, and the same is true with this recent Fox News person. They just allowed them to say they died so that the public wouldn't know what was going on. In reality, these people are so negative that their energy has to be taken off the Planet so it does not contaminate it. Remember, that we are in the process of raising the vibration of every person on the planet and the planet itself as well. Also, many of the Faces, who are so negative and evil that they are beyond "Repair," will also be taken off the planet. Of course the public will be told that they had a heart attack, or something and died. In short if they are severely negative (Low Vibration) they are removed completely.

Second, their method of escape is to cloak themselves in black aluminum Chemtrail dust? Are you kidding me? This one is a three-fer. First it is implying that there is some kind of Chemtrail, and that it is Black Aluminum, and that Negative Dracos are somehow going up in to the atmosphere and what? Wrapping themselves in this dust in the air? What are they flying? Then what are they going to do? Fly out into space? In what? This story is getting more preposterous by the minute. Hear me when I say: "Everything Negative gets removed from the planet, so it won't affect our raising vibration Energy." That is just Ascension 101.

Third, it says this is so they can't be tracked by radar. My friends, radar is so 1940 3d Earth. The Galactics have technology that is so advanced they could pinpoint a "Being" anywhere in the Universe. And so forgive me if I laugh at this tale of advanced alien species that are worried about 1940's era radar technology. You should know that there are portals on this Earth that take you to Mars, and many other places in the Universe. They wouldn't be hiding from 1940's Radar technology in black, aluminum Chemtrail dust, trying to escape the Planet. THEY ARE ALREADY GONE!

Forth, and last but not least, they are only bringing us this message to bring awareness to White Hats, SSP, and White Knight groups. It is a lucky thing that the Galactics monitor these websites so that they can get this important message. After all, clearly they are saying that posting this Fear Mongering B.S., on the internet, for us all to see, is the only way to get a message to Ashtar Command to do something about it. HEY Kent! You have my phone number. How about you call me next time you have a message like this one, and I will tell Ashtar myself for you. Clearly, if you had the contacts that you say you have, you could have communicated this to them yourself. But, as I mentioned earlier, all you have are some pathetic Cabal handlers, who's days are numbered, since they are already known to the Good Guys, who are forcing you to say these ridiculous things on the net. Don't worry, I got you back, my friend. I have already conferred with my top sources and you are being watched, by the good guys.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Kent is a friend of mine and it pains me to see him saying these stupid things. But when I talked to my top sources it was reveled to me what was going on with him and that he has been threatened to make him cooperate. That is why I am outing his Cabal handlers here on the net, and it is just a matter of time now before they are dealt with.

This is like those movies when a source has been compromised and they can no longer be trusted to say the truth because they are being used, against their will. This means that you can no longer believe anything that Kent says, as I know for a fact that those are NOT his words. While he is not the only one in this situation, he is one that I know personally and a friend as well. Don't hold what he is saying against him, just understand his situation and how tough it must be.

We are at the end now, and the Cabal trash will try anything to survive one more day. But their time is up. Soon, we will watch the final take down of the Faces and their minions from our living rooms, while we eat popcorn. The perp walks in front of the camera on the evening news.... PRICELESS!

Note: He is going to deny this because he has to. He may even be putting out another report. If he does, just ignore it. You will be able to recognize if he is still compromised if it is a Fear Mongering report. If it is, he is still being used. If it is a Good Report, his Cabal handlers have fled the scene and are trying to hide but they cannot. Good Luck with that!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows