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One Who Knows Update - Same Story, Different Time & Place

Same Story, Different Time & Place

While this is a true story, I am going to tell it a little differently than a story is normally told.  I am going to give you the take away points first, before you have even heard the story.  The take away is that you are among the best of the best Light Workers, Warriors, and have been so successful in your mission that the Whole Universe has come to witness it for themselves.  You have done your part to take down the Cabal in such quick order, so effectively, and with such power, that it will be the story, of stories that will be told eons from now.  But to understand just how good you really are, how amazingly successful you have been in your mission, and why the Universe has showed up to see it for themselves, you have to hear a story from a long time ago.

I Heard This Story From Grandfather

Grandfather, who as you know is the Author of The Plan to free us from the Cabal, told me a story about one of my past lives on another planet 3-4 Billion years ago.  This was for my information only, but, it was so interesting that I wanted to share it with all my fellow Light Workers.  Since it was my past life story I am telling it from my perspective.

I Worked For The Cabal

It turns out that this planet I was on, was also taken over by the Cabal just like ours was. They had infiltrated everything, as that is how they operate.  Grandfather told me that I worked for the Cabal as some sort of book keeper.  I had discovered some things in the books that were very wrong, although I don't know exactly what they were now.   I had been contacted by the "Resistance" and agreed to smuggle important documents and information out to the Resistance and the Galactic Forces.  Apparently I was at great risk in doing so, but I did anyway.  I related this story to a friend and he said he said I was the "Snowden" of my day. 

The Cabal Had Been VERY Successful

This planet was larger than Earth, and had had a population that was in the multi-trillions, but that was not the case at the time of my story.  Reducing the population is Cabal strategy  101, as you know, and they had already accomplished that at this time.  They had wiped out Trillions of people and the planet's population was now down to 3,000 "Prisoners'/slaves" and 12 Cabal Masters.   I don’t have the details of how they wiped out so many, but I am sure it was war, biological, chemical and just plain executions.  They had been very successful in achieving a population reduction down to a number that they thought they could manage, which was 3000.

The Last Straw

As the story goes, they would kill people who would oppose them and on this last day, it was my lover who was to be executed for some offense against the ruling Cabal.  Grandfather did not tell me the exact details, but my lover was killed in some horrific way, which must have been some "Message" to the rest of the slaves to behave and not to rebel against their masters.  To make the story shorter, my lover was killed and it infuriated me.  I yelled at the top of my lungs "NO MORE!!!!!!!!" It was the last straw, and I wasn't going to allow another person to die, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back, 

I Lead The Rebellion

I rallied the remaining 3000 of us that were left and attacked the Cabal.  In short order we had surrounded them and we were free at last.  We called for help and our Galactic Brothers and sisters came to our rescue and rounded up the remaining Cabal and took them from the planet.  

The Ships Landed

I cried out about how so many had been take from us, by the Cabal, and I was told to look to the ships, and walking down from the ship were the ones who had been killed, they were returning to the planet, alive and well.  I rejoiced at that news but lamented that my special person, was dead and I was told to look again, and I did to find that my lover was alive and was no longer dead.  The fight against the Cabal was over....  but was it?

The Final Act

While I don't have all the details of this part, as it was not part of my story, the Cabal had one last horrible act to commit.  They have no reverence for life, and will kill to their last breath.  It turns out that they had planted nuclear bombs all over the planet as their fail safe threat to remain in power.  Once they had been taken down, they had set things in motion for these bombs to be set off.  They blew up and destroyed the planet in to nothing but rubble that floats in our Solar system still to this day. 

Maldek Became Rubble

The asteroid belt, in our Solar system, used to be a planet called Maldek.  It was Mother Terra's (Earth's) Twin Flame, and was destroyed that day 3-4 billion years ago.  It was the Cabal's last act of evil, and the results of it can be seen till this day.  I guess that all the rest of us died that day, since the planet did.  Grandfather told me that this is why the Galactics, and the Elders will NOT permit any more nuclear bombs from being detonated, and making them unable to be detonated.  They do not want a repeat of what happened on Maldek so many years ago.  This is why safety is their MOST IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION.

Us, By Caparison

It is easy to see that we are really good at turning a planet around.  By comparison, we have 8 billion (According to top sources) people and we still have them!  Maldek had multi-trillions and was reduced to 3,000 who were totally enslaved in the end.  While they did stop the Cabal, they still lost their planet in the end.  I am told that this is why we are so special and why the whole Universe has come to see us "In Action."  We have kicked some Cabal tail and shut down the Cabal agenda before it had a chance to get anywhere.  Yes, we lost people in war, violence, evil acts, and the like, but we NEVER had our populations reduced the way that Maldek did. 

The Power Is Love and Light

The power that stopped the Cabal, was Love and Light, held by us despite how bad things looked around us.  THAT IS THE SOLUTION, THE ONLY SOLUTION.  Love, hope, high expectations are what create a force that cannot be defeated.  We have learned to stay hopeful, and optimistic, no matter if our houses are being foreclosed on, we have no food on the table, or we have some sort of disease.  We can be laughed at and ridiculed, but still, we stand in the Light anyway.  By holding that Energy, vibration, we created an "Energy Source" that allowed what we wanted to get done.  You might liken  us holding the Light of Hope and Expectation, as being the Batteries, that gave energy to those who were doing the fighting, the master minding, and the getting things done.  If we did not believe, if we had been defeated in spirit, there would be no energy for anyone to help us, and we would have been taken down just like Maldek.

Many Tries

As I understand it, there have been many tries by others in this Galactic Game of Light Vs. Dark.  As you know Maldek, didn't make it, and neither did many others.  This is why, our success is so renowned throughout the Universe.  To my knowledge, we may be the first, and maybe the only ones that have accomplished this epic galactic challenge.

Note:  According to Source: "Humanity on Terra, are THE ONLY ONES IN CREATION TO HAVE EVER ACCOMPLISHED THIS."

It Is Evolution

I have posted may times (links below), that this is our game to play and win.  At first it doesn't make sense that the Galactics and other way more advanced civilizations don't just stomp out the villainous Cabal for us.  But when you realize that it is about learning that Love is the answer, and evolving to a higher consciousness, then you know why we have to experience this ourselves, and learn how to overcome the Cabal ourselves.   THAT IS WHAT RAISES OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.  Do you think that our consciousness would raise by the Cabal being eliminated for us?  No, of course not.  We have assistance, sure enough, but we are the ones who are holding the vibration of Love that facilitated our ultimate win.  It is about our evolution, and not about being Cabal free. 

We Made It To The NEXT Level

So, unlike Maldek, we kicked the Cabal off our planet, and did so very quickly at that.  But, in all fairness, we learned from many other experiences, on many other planets, in many other lifetimes how we needed to be to win this game.  If I was on Maldek, so were all of you.  However, now that we have won our game, are in the process of rising our consciousness, and are about to feel what abundance feels like, we are about to go all the way this time to Evolution, otherwise known as Ascension.  That is our next level.  To prove that Love wins in the end, and then move to a higher consciousness and to a higher dimension as a result, while still in our bodies. 

The Next Level

This next level is going to be filled with amazing personal abilities, creative expression, and a NON-Work way of life.  It will be paradise and the garden of Eden all in one.  Clearly, we couldn't have lived at this level of consciousness unless we learned the wisdom of Love thy neighbor as thy self, or leaned for ourselves the value of peace and love for all.  We had to win a battle over the Dark, using just the power of Love and forgiveness, and we did.  We earned our way and a first class ticket to the next level, paradise and the garden of Eden.

Understanding Forgiveness & Amnesty

This is why it is so important for us to let go, and forgive those who trespassed against us, for that is the ONLY solution to this life puzzle.  I have no doubt, and frankly I am quite sure, that we all played the Cabal from time to time in this game we are playing now.  For all we know the ones who we hate so much now, may have been our victims in the past.   This is why the Galactics and NPTB are so quick to forgive, as that is how we will move on to higher consciousness and a better life experience for all.  Forgive and let it all go.  Focus on what is to come and not what was, for what was, made us the light workers that we are. 

Backgammon, The Game, The Strategy

It reminds me of the Game of backgammon.  In the early part of the game, the light is battling the dark, and in every moment there is a chance to be taken out of the game, when a piece is jumped on.  That was our battling time against the Cabal.  However, there comes a point in the game when each side has moved far enough in the game, that NO ONE IS IN DANGER anymore.  That is where we are now.  At that point in the game it is all about getting back to home base and getting on with life.  That is the coming time when GESARA is finally announced and we have full disclosure and life starts to speed up.  There will be no time to lament over past "moves" in the game.  It is all about moving full speed ahead now, to get to the next level, and have fun and great joy doing it.  It is in this last stretch where the joy we feel, will accelerate our consciousness and elevate us to higher dimensions of existence.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we have passed our course of Love vs. Fear.  We have proved to ourselves, that love wins in the end.  That understanding is the basis of our now rising consciousness that will soon catapult us into the life of our dreams in short order.  The last thing we want to do is lament over past experiences and losses in the game. 

When you know that we have been in this game for Billions of years, and we have eons to go in our learning experiences, you quickly realize, that nothing has gone wrong in the big picture, and instead has gone amazingly well.  In fact, we have so completely defeated the Fear way of life, and proved that Love is the answer so definitively, and quickly I might add, that beings from the far corners of the Universe have come to witness it for themselves. 

This is your great win, I mean accomplishment, I mean evolution, of your own making, and you have earned, and deserve every great thing that is coming your way.  You have not only proved the Power of Love to Yourself, you have proved it and demonstrated it to the entire Universe as well.  Well done, my Fellow Light Workers, WELL DONE!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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