Thursday, May 4, 2017

OWK Responds To COBRA's Newest Intel Report, Ashtar Command Now Involved


Cobra Failed To Prove Toplet Bomb Threat

Has Been Revealed as Cabal Operative and Resistance Traitor

When I spoke to Ashtar about Cobra's claims of the Toplet Bomb threat, he told me the truth about them. It turns out that the Stranglet Bombs were completely removed around 35 years ago about 1982. But at that time we still had a threat from the Toplet bombs. But they were finally removed a few years later which is about 25-30 years ago still. There were lots of them, and it took a while to get them all, but they are all gone now, and have been for decades.

This means that any mention of threats from either of these two Bombs, over the last 25 years was a complete Fraud and total Lie. This is nothing but a Cabal Fear Based agenda.

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Attention: COBRA, Prove It!

It seems that the REAL Higher-Ups, have had enough of the Fear Mongering. The request has now been put out to the entire COBRA Organization and "Operation" to CEASE AND DESIST ALL FEAR MONGERING. You are requested, or should I say Demanded, to show Proof to the Ashtar Command of any such Bombs.

Whatever you do, do not tell us that only you can see them. I understand that getting rid of these so called toplet bombs is child's play to the Galactic Forces. Frankly it is their work to remove them, NOT YOURS.

You either show Proof of the so called toplet bombs and the threat to Light Workers, or YOU RETRACT YOUR FEAR MONGERING STATEMENTS. This is END OF GAME for this nonsense. 

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RE: Cobra's Recent Post

Well, we have another fear mongering post from Cobra including a picture of Earth being attacked from the inside, the outside, and from afar. Apparently words were not enough, a picture was required to really set in the FEAR. I can tell you that the people of Hollow Earth are NOT pleased with this image of Earth being attacked from the inside, much less from the outside and from afar as well.

I have responded to the first part of the post that had the MOST FEAR MONGERING in it.

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