Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Hydraulic Power Of Segments (OWK) May 25, 2017

Received via email from OWK.....

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The Hydraulic Power Of Segments

The Genius of the Segments plan is that it "Lifts" the HUGE GCR one exchange at a time.   This is a "Hydraulic" principle that is used in car jacks, where lots of small movements, add up to one huge result.  Here is how this works.

The Big Picture

In the big picture, the GCR is that green box on the right side.  It looks small but, IT IS HUGE since it will be the Biggest change to EVER happen to the World and it will wipe out the Cabal forevermore on this Planet.  Think of the money being the red part and it starts out on the left side, where it is stored in Bank vaults, ready to transfer to the exchangers on the right side of this illustration.  When enough money has been transferred to individual accounts on the right side, the GCR lifts the World out of Poverty and Cabal control forever.    So, how do you lift such a HUGE event without being vulnerable to Cabal Minion interference?  The Answer is the Hydraulic system of Segments.

Lots of Small Actions Add Up to a HUGE Action

If we had the GCR like we always thought it would be, like it was going to be back on 9-11-2001, we would have all been out on the streets trying to get to the exchange centers at the same time.  That would have made us extremely venerable to being disrupted by some big World event like what the Cabal did before.  If they interrupted the process while it was going, it could have delayed us another 15 years. 

Instead, they let just a few people go exchange at a time. One "Pump" of the jack handle to move a small amount of money from the Elders control (Left side) into the control of the People of Earth, you, the Light Worker Currency holders (Right Side).  When enough currency holders have exchanged, the GCR can be declared Finished and accomplished. 

This way you have lots of small actions, segments of currency holders going one after the other, continuously until enough money has been transferred to us to Move the World.  Since it is only a few currency holders exchanged at a time, the Cabal can't take any actions to stop them, and before you know it, we have all exchanged. 


The SKR is the safe Keeping Receipt, which simply means that you have money in your account, but you can't withdraw it yet.  That is what all these people are getting at their exchanges.  Once we have all gone, or at lease most of us, the rates will be changed on the Official Government websites and the GCR will be declared finished.  In that VERY INSTANT, Millions of Currency exchangers will get their money in liquid cash, and there is no event the Cabal could muster to keep the banks from flipping the switch and making all that cash available to us.  That is what catapults us into the new Golden Age, all at once, and it can NOT be stopped. 

The Bottom Line

As we are exchanging little by little, we are accomplishing the GCR in a way that cannot be stopped, or interrupted.  As each person gets all the "physical" part done, their accounts can just be activated no matter where they are or what they are doing.  The "Doing" part is done.  With the flip of a switch, the results of all those exchanges are "Activated Instantly!"  AND, it can't be stopped. 

Clearly, as long as the Segments plan has been going already, we are beyond the point where the Cabal can do anything about it.  There are already enough people who have done the paperwork, and completed the exchanging process, to change the World.  The rest of us who haven't gone yet are just icing on the cake, 

When our time comes, I expect no problems either, because the fight is already over. There is already enough of us exchanged with cash in our accounts to push this GCR over the finish line.   It will all culminate in one great moment when the World becomes flush with spendable cash all at one time.  BOOM!

Had they tried to have us exchange all at once as we once thought, they would not only have endangered us individually, but they would have endangered the who World Reset as well.  This Segment plan was pure Genius and yet another example of how the Elders, and the NPTB are looking out for our best interest and doing the right thing for the World as well.  After all, they have to live here too, and what is good for us, is good for them as well. 

I want to give a big shout out to the Elders and the NPTB, for such careful planning and Genius execution of the Plan.  Thanks also to those who watched over us from above, the Galactics and Ashtar Command!   We are now nearing the end of the Segments part of the Plan and will be going to the Live New Rates Part of the Plan soon.  Will it be a few days or a few Hours?  Don't know.  But what I do know, the time it took to do this was worth it.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows