Sunday, May 14, 2017

"Treason" - GCR/RV SITREP - Sunday - May 14,2017

Lifetime cabal assets have no soul.  None.  Zilch.  They're demons in the flesh.

Bottom line now is Trump's been caught red handed serving his Mossad master BiBi Netanyahu, again, over the US Constitution by delaying the RV via his sudden reversal to submit his public resignation this last week.

That's treason by any name or definition.

Trump had previously agreed to leave power after the new budget was extended a week then signed on Friday May 5th, whereby he secured an addition $3.7B for Israel until October 1, 2017 (in addition to the $38B Bibi has previously secured with Obama).

Now it's reported Trump simply refuses to leave office.  That's also the deeper reason why Comey was fired--to buy time and leverage more American money for Israel.

So the Republic is left to transition away from Trump--forcefully right now--and get to a Republic Administration as painlessly and quickly as possible.

Remember, Trump helped create the false radical Muslim storyline after 9/11 when he did several post attack interviews which served his Mossad master over the USA.

Treason.  Treason.  Treason.

Plan B also includes Comey testifying publicly before the Senate Intelligence committee this week and also releasing UST special division financial records.

Trump's lawyers are rushing the renegotiation of his new exit deal we are told.  This has been happening in real time all day today.

Chris Wallace of Fox News Channel earlier said on-air of Trump's administration that they were “playing a very dangerous game with the currency of the credibility of the President of the United States.”

We believe Wallace was speaking indirectly about the RV which was scheduled for midnight Sunday sometime.

We also understand the press death blow is about to be stuck deep into the heart of the bull.

That is the latest of 16:00 EDT and hopefully all we are waiting on now that the French nuclear codes were verified and transferred to Macron earlier today.

Not sure what the hard release timeline is but before opening bell tomorrow morning 09:00 EDT Monday feels about right or even by opening bell in China tonight which is their Monday which would be 09:00 CST (21:00 EDT Sunday).

The smell of orange rubber hitting the road is Trump's fat treasonous ass getting thrown out of the White House with Elder and Republic authorization.

God is with us.