Thursday, June 8, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Talks Law and Order (& pedogate) in Atlanta GA

This is a great start.  Good concise words to law enforcement and explanation of the problem, as well as what progress has been made.  I would like to hold the vision of a society where men and women would not even consider or participate in ANY way in exploiting children.  Wow – that’s what we at PFC are preparing for – a new society where that just doesn’t happen.

But for now – let’s round up those misguided and perverted souls.  (Yes, I noticed the maritime law flag on your left – Jeff’s right).  And thanks to the law enforcement men and women who sincerely serve the people and uphold virtue and make a difference.

Human trafficking is a growing problem, and  any mass media organization or talking head that now claims these atrocities against Humanity are “conspiracy theory”, are simply outing themselves as shadow government mouthpieces and are complicit in the coverup.