Friday, June 23, 2017

Benjamin Fulford Update - "King David Peii II gets White Dragon Society support for his people" - June 23, 2017


June 23, 2017

Benjamin Fulford just released a new update on his blog.  He mentions that King David Peii II is now getting White Dragon Society support for his people.  Question I have is what type of support does the White Dragon Society offer?  Is it monetary, is it security and protection, is it more of a political or diplomatic gesture?

Another question that popped into my mind is who is King David Peii II?  A quick google search seems to bring up a bunch articles not without its share of controversy.  

First link visited is the Wikipedia page, King David Peii II, real name is Noah Musingku.  Wikipedia states "Musingku is the creator of U-Vistract which was banned as a pyramid scheme outside of the kingdoms."  Source link at.....

Further research shows that King David was actually fighting the cabal banksters by implementing a financial system called U-Vistract.  What is U-Vistract?  It is as a system that King David helped developed that would create a sovereign financial system backed by in-ground natural resources of their land which would include copper, silver, gold, zinc and other assets.

Here is a statement by King David.  ’’In other words, Bougainville needed to create her own independent and sovereign system in order to be free from the control of the other international financial and governing structure. Also, it was very clear that the funds we needed to work with in uprooting, pulling down, destroying and overthrowing the existing foreign control system could not be earned through the conventional system. A new international system needed to be established whose control and coordination would not be based overseas but right here on our own soil.’’Source Link

Cabal backed governments denounced King David and his sovereign movement and economic freedom proposals. 

Below are a couple of articles that tried to label King David and his partners as a con-men and frauds.

King David is still hard at work and plans to bring a new gold backed currency called “Kina” worth 1 gm of gold.

White Dragon Society approves of King David's mission and has now openly supported King David and his people.



"King David Peii II gets White Dragon Society support for his people"

~Benjamin Fulford