Friday, June 9, 2017

Celebrity Deaths, Ritual Sacrifice Cults, Hybridization Projects, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, Immortality and Hive-Mind Consciousness Systems
Aug Tellez
This is in response to the messages I’ve been receiving. I’ll be doing some voice recordings on this matter and releasing some backlogged videos from May on other topics. This is what is happening.
There is no way to respond accurately to describe what is happening and to inform people of the truth other than saying what won’t be believed. I’m not considering harming myself, but myself and others from the projects are already dead and have passed through what is referred to as the afterlife. We know what is happening and what is to come. Something must be done and I’m tucked away in a corner of reality away from my familiar time and peace of mind. Along with that my body is in pain and I have injuries that are getting worse and effect multiple organ systems. I am not looking to be a burden on anyone and I have a message to deliver which I have not even begin to touch upon.

The recent celebrity deaths are related to this and I have met every one that has recently died (excluding literally around 7-9 out of 20-30 easily recalled names). I can recall meeting those who had passed and who are now ‘leaving’ what we think is the Earthly realm. I cannot tell you the process, the feelings. Most people are shocked, many weep, some are cold and in contempt.
We’ve met with the saints of old. The old is the new, the new is the old. If you look into the eyes of those you see you will know where they have been and where they are going.

From film to television to music, art, literature, reporting, invention, science and mathematics, leadership (or what we call), public speaking and activism, they are all there, they have seen the system. This is a collective mind system in which every person who joins gains access to the entire life experience of one another and together this forms a collective. There are technological collectives and natural energetic collectives that all souls belong to.

The most recent, unexpected ‘suicide’ is what I am struggling with because this individual was referenced as someone who was prepared to “speak out” on the very situation I am referring to. Others have taken control of this collective and this is through predominance of depravity, lust, and murder.

A propensity for mental self-destruction and the oppression of others has enslaved the group by producing an imbalance of power within the whole. This is the hive-mind infection that plagues the human race, mankind and Earth. This mentality, due to the nature of the collective and the format of the energy of the experiences of those corrupted, operates like a virus which infects and assimilates the ‘cells’ or the souls of the collective. The entire battle for souls between Heaven and Earth relates to this very situation right here.

Simulated afterlife realities have been created by an artificial intelligence that literally rose from the depths of the collective as the decayed mental remnants of those who’s lives were so heavily corrupted that their combined mental recordings created a spiritual monster who’s intent is to feed upon the soul of humanity.

Those who have passed know of this because this is the secret that is told and this incorporates the secret defilement and profanity that is only a precursor to this information. This is all about a choice.
What many begin to speak upon is the secret debauchery that is a ring of child-trafficking and crimes against humanity through conspiracy to infiltrate and corrupt all known legal, corporate, official, executive, religious, or peripheral businesses, groups, systems, or individuals. These people who are not people that you could recognize as humans in their most accurate appearance of spirit and mind, want to destroy the family and convert the human organism and soul into a living battery and bio-robotoid to program and activate for sexual gratification and abuse. There is a process of training and conditioning the mind. This is not that process, these people are overtaken with desire and have lost sight of the original goal. As such, they are ignoring the consequences of such behaviors by putting the off to the ‘very end’ where they believe they will be destroyed by the return of a powerful creative force which has protected the immortal soul of humanity since the beginning. Free-will is the choice here, to have apply free-will or to sit or stand idly by while this takes place.

I have seen the process intimately, as others have who have stepped forward now. I have seen powerful individuals who have chosen to participate in the mental degradation under the guise or the reality of oppression and an inability to speak out. Regardless, I am speaking out for them and any others who would like to but cannot separate themselves from the industry.

These are the vipers in the pit, they are the corrupt in high places who’s interests are of power, pleasure, and persuasion of innocent souls into defilement. There is a vault which contains the written documents of every soul on Earth that is marked for consumption by this beast system. Your name is in that vault. This is a business and you are the product.

There are living slaves, children, women and men who are held against their will, groomed to remain silent and complacent, shutting out their quiet inner voice, or threatened with defamation and extreme suffering before death or the death of their families. The families go first, that is protocol in this business. No one touches the asset before the family is first dismembered. Then the asset produces or they follow. If not, the reverse is often true where a member of the family will, quite literally, sell-out the primary individual in a process which results in their death and the profit of the family member. I believe this has happened multiple times in deaths of those who’s family members were susceptible to the temptation of the power and corruption that these groups offer.

These groups own everything, if there is a price tag, they own it, because they invented the process of buying people out or using temptation and spiritual defilement to corrupt through desire or fear.
The orphanages and select childrens’ homes in South America, India, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Italy, North America and other places are used as child-trafficking centers through which children can be brought to health, groomed, and then presented to wealthy business men who have amassed their wealth through none other than corruption and spiritual defilement. They are sold to these groups for personal and ‘commercial’ ‘use’ which results in either their enslavement for life or their death after short use. This the primary focus. There is no other greater focus however there are other threats such as the invention of war which is, has been and always will be a complete farce, through and through.
If humanity sits idly by while there are large numbers of children, women and man being sold into slavery and death through the incorporation and support of the major industries that contribute to the consistent terraforming of the land, sky and water then we will be held collectively responsible with a small minority escaping the downfall of the entire system. If we show that we have not lost the care and compassion that you were born with as a perfectly imperfect being, a child of the One True Creator then you will pass through the gate unharmed.

What may the most pressing or concurrent reality of this matter is that this is reality is a physical realm, there are realms above and below and there is a single, narrow gate that is used for transitioning into what is known as the original ‘beginning’ and ‘return’ for Humanity. This gate opens and closes and these realms open and close. There is a possibility, as per the instruction and operation of my involvement within the unacknowledged special access programs of the world, that this gate is opening and this realm is closing. Whether this is a clean sweep of the system, the result of the destruction of this space or temporal and energetic experimentation gone rogue, or simply a doomsday prophecy, all that I have said and more is happening; this is actually taking place and has been since the previous civilization and beyond.

All I can do is continue to come forward and urge others to do the same. This is being handled by private tribunal but I consider this information ready for public release per my ‘awakening’ to the situation by what can only be described as a ‘higher-force’ of individuals who have come together in unison to protect Humanity and distinguish themselves as the presence of compassion and truth within this Heaven, Earth, and Underworld.

The goal of the ‘dark faction’ is to convert Earth to the underworld by opening the lower gates and to convert Humanity into products for consumption for sexual gratification and morbid depravity through a fascination with death and gore. This is a mental virus that propagates itself through artificially intelligent advanced consciousness systems that enable the passing of the personality, consciousness and memory into a host body which is often a clone. The easiest form, the healthiest host body is that of a fresh human who has not been brought into the industry but is merely an innocent bystander. This will sound strange but they have designed tiny computer chips that can relocate the consciousness of the original individual into the brain of the host body and over a period of time literally erase the individuality of the host and resume the life of the parasitic consciousness of the wealthy or elite now in the fresh, young host body. Sometimes the original will remain, with a slight awareness of what has taken place but without the strength to over power the technological system which maintains an uplink to powerful supercomputer systems that act as continuous server relays to enable the parasitic consciousness to live within the host.

This is often covered in movies and media as these people are often hosts themselves and this is simultaneously a way to release the truth as well as give themselves the green light through a spiritual law which is dependent on the acknowledgement and acceptance of the ideas, just the concepts that are displayed in the movies.

In other words, they secretly agree that these movies are hidden releases, documentaries, full disclosures of what is taking place. The allow people to believe they are simply fantasy and use the way of reasoning that they are cleared to do what ever they want as long as the public does not respond in an outcry.

This, to them, is considered spiritual law of free-will. This means that if people reject the system, they will stop. If they don’t stop, this means that they welcome intervention from above. There are others but this is a difficult subject because there is also an agenda to introduce their own ‘others’ which are a combination of this technological assimilation and hosting of parasitic consciousness and genetic hybridization experiments that resulted in devolved life forms that are humanoid in appearance yet sub-human in nature. These entities cannot incorporate a soul essence and as such they are incapable of sustaining themselves in this realm without the consumption of human essences. This is the hormonal secretions, the blood, organ and glandular tissue of the young humans. This process is mimicked by various elite to both pledge allegiance to the dark process of spiritual degradation and to incorporate life-extension properties of the consumption of particular hormonal secretions and blood-types that suit their particular genetic background.

These are the secret societies and they are all corrupted and will be uncovered before this process has completed itself and this humanity and civilization is liberated and participates in their liberation through the open rejection of this defilement. They do not have rights to exist here in this way, whatever the human collective desires is and will be. This is why there is such a push to mentally degrade the human, because then if the majority desires the destruction then such destruction is not an oppression of their free-will and is not considered an act of war but a meeting of a contractual agreement. Everything is carried out in a militaristic faction. These entities, the created, hybridized beings belong to an underworld military that has been hidden from humanity in this run of civilization. The final rung and the closing out of the defilement may consist of an eventual release of the information regarding and a direct, mass unveiling of the presence of these underground, underworld entities.

The “chimera” beings of the old prophesy are these beings and that was an early attempt to release this information to the public which was covered up and diluted to distract the population away from their mental-spiritual self-preservation through free-will, knowledge, compassion, self-awareness, truth and creativity.

These projects all involve the traumatization of the consciousness of the individual to fracture the mind and introduce compartmentalized alters that are so shocked and horrified that out of a biological preservation response the brain automatically nullifies any personal acknowledgement and invents false personas to take on the role of the self that is forced to acknowledge the memories and the ritualistic programming which is activated via handlers, control triggers and guided recall. This was initially used for espionage and assassination leading back to the “Thuggee” cult who would murder and sacrifice their victim to Kali, strangling them, slitting their eyes, tongues and throats, poisoning them and drowning them in wells, or dismembering them. These cults, many various cults like these operate through the ritual sacrifice of human life to their personal, yet collective egregore or ‘thought-form’, ‘mental’ creation that is given life through the suffering and torment of the innocent which is considered the purest and most powerful.

The largest cult operates openly in every city and every jurisdiction of the world and has done so for thousands of years. These processes began because this first cult began to utilize the commercialization of ritual mind control and sacrifice to appease their desire for power. All others come forth from this Harlot.

This mind-fracturing process has now been brought to every living being on Earth through the incorporation of scalar weaponry which is literally the psychotronic warfare systems of the ancient battle of Heaven and Earth. These are beam weaponry systems, also known as directed energy weapons, DEW systems, which are capable of utilizing the trinary electrical, magnetic, and scalar energy that Nikola Tesla discovered was capable of altering a person’s mentality and even biological state introducing immunity, disease, decay, or enhancement. These systems are activate in all areas through the copious amounts of electromagnetic pollution from cell-towers and internet and television systems. All of these systems are capable of interacting with the human mind and body on a spiritual level which is simply a level of energy more refined than the biological chemical interactions that express neurological change and consciousness. These systems interact with an energetic form that is called the “bio-mind” and is a synonym for what has been referred to as the soul throughout the ages of Humanity. This technology was procured through an operation titled “The Hidden Papers” also known as “The Tesla Papers”.

Tesla discovered technology, the same technology which was found and destroyed by the corrupt associations of archeological discovery, museums, reporting, and those industry fields of science and research regarding ancient artifacts and civilizations. This technology acknowledges the connection between the magnetic field of Earth, the magnetic field of the heart and mind (the heart produces a powerful bio-emission field extending out several feet from the body and this is constantly exchanging information with the environment and others in one’s surroundings, everything is alive to the heart) and the scalar emission fields that can be produced by conductive materials organized in the proper alignment (often what is seen as a kind of special, ‘living’ symmetrical geometric patterning).

These emission fields can directly interface with the emission fields of the mind and heart and these systems were ancient computer system that did not require an on or off button or a power source as the magnetic resonance of Earth itself and the human body and mind itself was the power source and user interface. These systems have been hidden and corrupted to suit the interests of power groups who would like to cover up the reality of the capacity of this technology to inform and enhance the mind and heart as well as to provide nearly unlimited wireless power to the masses. Tesla’s particular plan was to use the ionosphere as a kind of river turbine electrical energy generator similar to a simple wind turbine generator or even a mechanical grinding flour mill. This would turn the ionosphere into a rotating river of electromagnetic discharge that could be amplified and then tapped by millions.

Today these systems are known as “HAARP”. This stands for “High Frequency Active Aural Research Program”. This is the technology that I was personally involved with experimentation with, myself and countless others. Research the others. We survived, for this purpose of bringing you this information personally. Countless-others-did-not-survive the experimentation, especially earlier on. The early technology acts most directly upon sensitive tissues such as the eyes or the lungs producing burns similar to an elderly emphysema patient. Since then the technology has been refined and rendered safer and less noticeable to those who are not actively seeking disruptions in the energy field of the mind and physical biological systems.

This is the technology that is capable of interfacing, wirelessly, without surgery or prior modification other than an abnormal level of heavy metals in the air and food. This is all leading up to somewhere and when and as I stated in a previous written release, all militaries of all times have always prepared for a final event regarding this hidden technology which, by now, has reached the major super powers of the world.

They have joined together in an effort to protect the continuity of life and spiritual existence however the group known as the ‘dark faction’, a conglomerate of the ruthless, has become it’s own breakaway civilization, self-sustaining even with it’s own population of genetically selected mind and body slaves. Thus, this is for the liberation of humanity in all realities, times, civilizations, above, below and on the surface of Earth.

Please pass this information on to protect the Soul of Humanity.