Monday, June 19, 2017

One Who Knows Update - The Choice You Made.... - June 19, 2017

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The Choice You Made....

Your life is all about choices.  Every minute of every day you choose one way or the other, to go, to think, to do, to be.  EVERY choice has a result, a consequence, an outcome.   This life you are in right now was one of your choices.  But, was it a good one? Was it the right one? Was it the best choice?   You decide......

One Path

There is only one path in all of creation, and that is Ascension.  That is all there is.  That is all that is "in play" at any given time.  That is the point of your existence over eons.  NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.  There is "ONE PATH" and that is moving from where you are now, to a Higher Understanding, Higher Consciousness, Greater Wisdom.  That's it.  That Path is "Ascension" the rising up in Consciousness, the gaining of Understanding, Accumulating More and more Wisdom, from your experience and perspective.  In the End, Ascension to a higher consciousness, gives you more capability and abilities, which then leads to more and more complex and advanced experiences, which leads to greater understanding and even higher Consciousness and more Wisdom.   It is a never ending upward spiral of greater consciousness and ability, until you are able to create your Own Universes.  Could you create Universes right now?  You could if you knew you could, if you were conscious of that ability, but you are not, and so you can't... not yet anyway.

Every Level Contributes

Clearly, it makes no sense to have a low level Consciousness Being, wielding the power to create Universes.  But they can wield the power (Will Power, Creator Power, God Power) at their level of consciousness as much as they want.  It is a proving ground to experience and learn within the bounds of the Consciousness level that you are at, the "Dimension" where you are. At every level of Consciousness (Dimension) there are lessons to be learned, wisdom to be gained, and mastered.  At such a point that you have mastered that Level, Dimension, Consciousness, ability, you naturally "Drift" up to more capabilities. 

You are not controlled by your reality, but instead you control it, and by doing so, you become more conscious of your ability and thus rise in frequency, dimension, and understanding.   Someone who still thinks that their reality is controlling them, is not "Conscious" of the idea that they can control their own reality, so, as a result, they cannot.  But, once they realize (Make Real) that they are the Masters of their own fate, and are Conscious that they have the power, the God Power, Creator Power, to alter reality, they can and do.  Clearly until you know you can, you can't. 

You Have Learned

You have learned this powerful and important concept.  All around you the Cabal showed you that they held all the power, that you had NO power, and still you expected to win, to change your reality to working out.  You held the "Light" and conviction that you could and would win, and successfully altered your Reality, to your liking.  You will soon walk into the World that you created from your Thoughts.  You have realized your power to alter your own reality and control your World. 

Now that you are Conscious (aware) that you can take on the Mighty Cabal, and no matter how powerful they seemed, you held more power in your conviction, KNOWING, and determination, than they did with their governments, and military.  There is NO POWER greater that what you were born with.  For as you stand in your KNOWING and "DECIDED-NESS" no army can defeat you, nor move you.  This is one of the Highest lessons there is to learn and experience in this dimension. 

You Have To Walk The Path Yourself

I can write all day long on this, and preachers can preach, but until you walk the walk and learn for yourself that you have this power, you do not.  Until you are fully conscious of how the Universe works, and how reality is created and changed, you are not the master of your reality, you are the victim of it.  While you can have understanding, and knowing, proof and experience are the greatest teachers which lead to the greatest wisdom.   You have to walk the path yourself, to get the wisdom.

The Game

The greatest hardships, beget the greatest leanings and result in the most powerful Wisdom.  Powerful wisdom is higher consciousness.  Is it any wonder that we are in a game of Light vs. Dark?  Is it any wonder that the Annuniki were created on purpose to be the evil self serving beings that they are?  Is it any wonder that the Galactics do NOT interfere in the Game, but are content watching?  Do you realize (Make Real) that this is all about experiencing an unwanted reality, that you then discover and learn that you can overcome, and change to your liking?  How would you learn that, and gain that wisdom without this game?  Do you realize (Make Real) that there is NO downside to a game, in which you have infinite lives to play it?  Even death, is just taking you out of the game, for you to just jump back in from another perspective.

You Made A Choice

Earth was the "Advanced" course.  This was the Hard road course, but, at the end, it was a faster "Path" to a much higher Consciousness (Dimension).  You chose to be here in this fight between Light and Dark, so that when you finally won, finally became aware (Conscious) of how to win the game, your newly gained wisdom would catapult you to a much higher dimension, consciousness, and greater abilities.  This was the fast track to advanced wisdom.

Had you taken the beginner's course, you would have incarnated on a World that was easy going and not problematic in the least.  It would be so easy to live and exist, but without the "Challenge" you would NEVER have learned your strengths, your powers, you ability to alter and change your reality.  Quite simply, there would have been no need to do so.  Your consciousness would have remained about the same.  In short, incarnation on Earth at this time, was the super fast road to higher consciousness and highly advanced wisdom.

The Final Exam

You have chosen the Advanced Course and faced the Most evil and diabolical villains the Universe had to offer right here on Earth.  You took a stand, DECIDED it was going to work out, and had confidence in yourself despite the odds and forces against you.  But, look around.... The seemingly unstoppable Cabal, are all but gone and no amount of fighting can save them against the Light of truth, and your confident expectation.

Reality creators and reality shifters, learn to have confidence in themselves and their creations.  Your final exam was: "Could you hold your expectation that the GCR would come soon, that everything we wanted would come to pass?"  Only a powerful Reality creator would pass this test and KNOW they could and would MAKE it happen.  They would be Conscious that they could, and so they would.

The cabal tried to make you fail your final exam.  They gave you every reason to doubt that you could create the reality you wanted.  They told you it would NEVER happen, that it would be delayed, that you would lose.  It came down to a simple question:

Is it true that You can make & alter your own reality?   Or...

Is it true that the Cabal outsiders have control of your reality? 

Those who stood firm in their resolve, passed the test and ended up proving that they were in charge of their own realities and no army, no power, no force could stop them from getting what they wanted and expected.   Those who believed in an outside power, failed and fell by the wayside.


It is now graduation time.  The proof of our abilities and power is all around us.  We have defeated the mighty Cabal with our resolve alone.  We held the Light of hope and expectation no matter what they tried to do to us.  We have gained the wisdom that the power of Love, confidence in ourselves, determination and expectation can defeat any foe.  We have done it right here on Planet Earth.  We are now way more conscious, and powerful than we ever knew we could be. 

Earth was the Advanced course, and was the fast track to higher consciousness as well.  Not only have we defeated the Cabal for the first time in the history of this game, we will now be ascending, rising up in consciousness as a whole Planet for the first time in History as well. 

It is graduation and we are being given energies to raise our consciousness and abilities to another level, and a higher dimension, as a reward for passing the hardest test the Universe had to offer.  Those of us who took the hard course, got the big rewards as well.  Incarnating here on Earth was our choice, because we knew what the rewards would be once we succeeded here.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this whole life, is just the final experience in this game we all started playing thousands of years ago.  In the big picture, it was no accident that we incarnated here, we chose this.  You should know that the entire Universe has sent ships here to watch us play out this game.  It is live action, real life drama of Light and Dark, and of course we have won.  We are the Home Team, and the favorites of the Galactic Federation. 

However, there are many other Planets that are still playing this game.  Will they win and ascend, or will they go another round to finally get it figured out?  Who knows?   I just know that as far as we are concerned, we have graduated and our graduation gift, is higher consciousness, more abilities, and all the perks that come with that.   

I am so proud of all of you.  We were tested and challenged by the best the Cabal had to offer.  We stood our ground and believed despite what it looked like.  Did we make the right choice to incarnate here on Earth at this time in history?  YOU BET WE DID!!!!   It is almost time to receive our graduation gifts, abundance in every way, perfect health, long life, advanced abilities, freedom, intergalactic exploration, and LOVE beyond our ability to imagine. 


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows