Monday, June 5, 2017


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PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT EXPOSES PLAYERS ON BOTH TEAMS AS TOTALLY CLUELESS some may call President Trump's move to abandon the Paris Accords regarding climate change, as sound, even "brilliant", the facts underlying the conditions on Earth will require much more scrutiny than those being used by all of the parties;

BRILLIANT!! Exiting the Mad Hatter's Climate Tea Party;read=76821

On the surface, the review makes one wonder how long the delusional energy "time warp" will continue to blind humanity to the vast and staggering adjustments that must be made in viewing the new technologies that remain suppressed. Those technologies that carry with them the REAL solutions to clean, abundant energy.

While appearing to seek out these new technologies, the other team, who are the supposed proponents of the Paris Accords begin to react to President Trump's move away from the consensus of other nations as seen here by Elon Musk of Tesla Motors;

Elon Musk to Trump: You quit Paris, so I quit you - June 1, 2017

While I remain somewhat amused by the disingenuous narrative on both sides regarding the public relations battle, I maintain that both teams are concealing the REAL solutions to the energy equation of the future. Those solutions that will employ all of the kinetic and ambient energy forces yet to be harvested in lieu of "carbon credits" or "petro/dollar" reserve currency schemes or "oil depletion" tax avoidance moves in the past to hide the ball.

So now - take that free ride to the source and consider just how far we must move to make the future work for us. Quite simply, everything you thought you knew from "ground up" must be re examined and clarified - scientifically proven, not concealed.

Both teams very soon will be required to play on a new field.

And yes, it's going to be a whole new ball game - for everyone.

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Paul Leo Faso