Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Ripe" - GCR/RV SITREP - Thursday - June 15, 2017

Received via email....

Expect to see a lot more military personnel at off-site redemption centers as Humvee processions loaded with uniformed troops have been seen all over the country's highways and should be considered deployed by now.

Something sizemic is definitely happening.

ZIM screen rates are well above double digits--at face value redemptions--with structure program payouts and NDAs optional.

Trump's resignation is overtly mirroring Nixon's 1974 presidential experience for precedents sake.

Ultimately his resignation is scheduled--by design--to usher in the restored Republic and new gold backed currency.

Everyone good and once bad seems to be following the same script finally (even BiBi Netanyahu in Israel, Poroshenko in Ukraine and the House of Saud with its sudden pull back of the blockade in Qatar).

I'm told all those geopolitical situations are completely surrounded and there's no escaping what the Chinese, Russians and world community want to accomplish, peacefully.

Iraq is on the cusp announcing that they've removed Daesh and Isis from their nation completely after over a decade of war, and do so sometime during the back half of Ramadan.  When in truth, they long have and are just waiting for the release moment like the rest of us.

Northern Ireland is negotiating with Britain right now to permanently rejoin Southern Ireland in order to make Ireland whole again.  Wow!

Palestine is about to recognize Israel, and Israel Palestine, with pre-1967 land returning to the Palestinians (including Jerusalem) as Israelites will finally get to live in peace with their Arab neighbors.

It's not reported, but Israel is being shut out financially and militarily until it performs this act.  And there's absolutely nothing BiBi or Likud can do about it in the short or long term.  Double Wow!

Global peace.  What a concept.  And in our lifetimes.  Such amazing grace.  How sweet love does sound.

Are we waiting another week, day, hour, minute?  All of the above?


We just don't know when the NPTB will pull the peach, day or night, time or place, but there's no doubt conditions are ripe for an RV.

Perhaps even worse they are way past due.

The GCR/RV is both real and really happening now.

Sadly, when is an unanswerable question even for our best sources.  They're frustrated too.  Professional credibility and all.

Logic demands a weekend, late at night, over a holiday weekend.  And July 4th is in just two short weeks away, so maybe it would serve as the perfect distraction and theme of restoring our Republic plus include a gold backed new currency

Otherwise, we just have to remain patient and play wait'n see.  Calm is the only prudent emotion anyone can adopt at this late stage in the RV game.

Chaos is no longer a viable alternative as we found out yesterday Virginia when only the perp died by gunshot.

Leave anger, disgust and indifference for someone else.  That baggage is just too heavy.

Making neutrality your new best friend and you'll be much happier.  Promise.

God is with us.