Monday, June 5, 2017

The Homecoming ~ A Bedtime Story Poem by Victoria1111

Youth, Active, Jump, Happy, Sunrise

Once upon a moment
in a time so very close you see,
there is to be a grand gathering, a feast,
to celebrate our return to Unity.

After a most glorious event,
humanity is to be gifted you see,
to be on the receiving end
of a Universal kiss from the most highest of Divinity.

For after thousands of years
of playing the separation game
of forgetfulness and control,
humanity finally will return Home Again.

Home to the heart,
a return to Love.
With freedom and sovereignty
our inherent gifts from within, below and above.

On the day of this celebration,
reunions from all over take place.
Humanity, male, female, young and old
tearfully, joyfully, embrace.

Dancing and feasting.
Laughing in delight.
The celebration continues on,
Long into the night.

And as the break of dawn
takes the shape of a New Day
humanity in its Wholeness knew,
the Love is now to be the Only Way.
Happy Soon-To-Be Homecoming EveryOne