Wednesday, July 5, 2017

5000-year-old Skeleton 'Giants' Discovered in China

The media is blowing up with this latest archaeological discovery in China regarding and ancient tomb of "Giants" dating back 5,000 years ago.  Another possible "drip drip drip" disclosure to help ease the public into the history of earth not yet told.  Below is a compilation of all the news agencies that have decided to run with this story.

The Taller They Are: Ancient Chinese Secret Tomb Reveals Giant Skeletons
Sputnik International 36m ago
Complete Skeletons Of Chinese "Giants" Found In 5000-Year-Old Ruins
IFLScience 38m ago
Found: 5000-Year-Old Skeletons of Very Tall People in China
Atlas Obscura 1h ago
Skeletons of 5000-year-old Chinese 'giants' discovered by archaeologists
The Independent 6h ago
Archaeologists discover skeletons of 5000-year-old Chinese 'giants'
The Week Magazine 1h ago
Incredible graveyard of 5000-year-old 'giants' found in China 7h ago
Archaeologists find incredible 5000-year-old graveyard of 'giants'
Yahoo7 News 9h ago
VIDEO: Archaeologists uncover 'giant' human skeletons in China
Pickle 11h ago
Mysterious 5000-Year-Old Race Of 'Giants' Discovered In China [Video]
The Inquisitr 16h ago
Mystery of the 5000-year-old giants: Chinese archaeologists discover ancient tombs belonging to 'unusually tall and ...
Daily Mail 23h ago
Graveyard of GIANTS lost for 5000 years uncovered revealing 'tall and powerful' skeletons
Daily Star 22h ago
China found remains of ancient giants 57m ago
'Giants' graveyard found in China filled with 5000-year-old skeletons nearly a FOOT taller than anybody else living ...
The Sun Jul 4, 2017
Giants' graveyard of unusually tall and powerful people from 5000 years ago unearthed Jul 4, 2017
In China discovered the remains of ancient giants Jul 4, 2017