Friday, July 7, 2017

"Africa" - GCR/RV Sitrep - Friday - July 7, 2017

Received via email from Yosef......

How far away are we from the RV?  Hours?  Minutes?

Is that not the question everyone wants answered?

So when would you release the RV?  Before the G20?  During?  Right after?  The fall?

Would you make sure ever world leader was in agreement and ready to move forward into this new unprecedented era together?

Would you make sure there was no military escalation possible against any nation by any other nation?

Would you slowly and carefully bleed out all rogue forces who would try and stop said financial reforms after they rolled out?

Would you make sure all participating banks and security forces worldwide were trained and ready for 70 million redeemers, with multiple redundancy strategies in place just in case unexpected problems arose?

Would you make sure all global markets and media sources were controlled well before the release, as well as neutralize social media and internet blogs to make sure such an event remained hidden from mass awareness?

What day would you release?  What time?  During the weekend when bank traffic is slowest?  At night when people are sleep?  How about on a full moon to maximize the supernatural ramifications?

We'll all of the above questions answer in the affirmative on Sunday July 9, 2017(8) @ exactly 12:07am EDT.

Not saying, just saying.

Look for "death of the bull" news stories linking Putin & Trump in the 2016 election to begin occurring just as Agent Orange is flying back to Washington, D.C. on Brute Force One.

Off-site private currency exchange 800#s will be given to several sources and allowed to be shared.

However, the ZIM toll free number will not be given out--operators will automatically connect ZIM holders to a military call center that will then set up your ZIM exchange appointment.

The less people involved with knowledge of ZIM protocol, the safer the NPTB can keep everyone involved.

All awakened ZIM holders are expected to exchanged within the first 24 hours via the HSBC/Military exclusive strategy.

Thanks Quan Yin, Grandfather and all the Elder Keepers for your benevolent acts of sacrifice over the centuries.

And thank you Africa.  Your miraculous and beautiful continent is truly humanity's answered prayer in this Age of Aquarius.

God is with us.