Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Agartha Ambassador of Inner Earth Interviewed by Alfred Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – In a multi-part interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre from Bucharest, Romania, Master Teacher Tamarinda Maassen of the Ancient School of Wisdom, assisted by translator Oana Denbele, shares her wisdom and interactive living connections with Agartha in the Inner Earth, a reported Kingdom of the survivors of Atlantis.

Agartha to Humanity World Symposium,  August 25-27, 2017, Garden City, Long Island, NY, USA.

Tamarinda Maassen states, “We have decided at this point in time in humanity’s history to engage in a mutual diplomatic dialog with the human population – directly – about our culture, technology, and spiritual insights to assist you for the coming changes you will soon experience,” by opening a public dialogue with Surface Humanity at a forthcoming Agartha to Humanity World Symposium, August 25-27, 2017, Garden City, Long Island, NY, USA.

Full details, transportation and tickets are available at the Symposium website at:

Tamarinda Maassen Interview #1: Questions Addressed

Among the questions presented by Tamarinda Maassen in this Interview#1 are the following:

QUESTIONS FOR Tamarinda Maassen

What is the Inner Earth Kingdom of Agartha?

What are its Origins?

Who are its Inhabitants?

What sort of relationships does the Inner Earth Kingdom maintain with the surface Earth Population?

With other ET populations that reside in Inner Earth?

With Atlantis & Mu survivor populations?

With the Reptilian population, including Draco reptilians?

What is the history of Agartha & Antarctica?

With the Nazi and other Secret Space Programs in Inner Earth & Antarctica?

What is the relationship of Agartha to the recent finds in Antarctica. Tamarinda has said The Inner Earth Kingdom of Agartha believes that surface humanity is on the brink of self destruction. Agartha is now intervening to “save surface Humanity’s collective Soul”.

Is this message and mission the primary purpose of the AGARTHA TO HUMANITY WORLD SYMPOSIUM?

How do you envision this message unfolding at the Symposium?

What can participants Expect at the Symposium?

Why is the Symposium taking place in the United States? In New York, the seat of the United Nations?

Aside from Tamarinda, who are some of the expected Speakers at the Symposium?

Are there any proposed Solutions, or common paths of consciousness that Tamarinda and Agartha will be offering to surface humanity at the Symposium and along the road to survival?

What are the expected Outcomes of the Symposium, and what will participants take away from it?

What are the expected next steps after the Symposium?

What sorts of developments would need to come after Symposium and its aftermath that would be of sufficient impact to assist surface Humanity in survival?

Is this process of Agartha’s intervention in surface Humanity with the Symposium and aftermath part of consciousness density Ascension from 3rd density/

How does Inner Earth see the Ascension phenomenon?

3. Apart from the AGARTHA TO HUMANITY WORLD SYMPOSIUM, how can individuals from surface humanity participate and collaborate in the activities of Inner Earth Kingdom of Agartha to helped surface humanity survive?

What is your contact information and a way to stay in touch with updates, etc.?

4. What is the life history of Tamarinda Maassen?

Why was she raised on the surface Earth since 7 years old?

Why in Romania? What is the relation of Romania to the Inner Earth Kingdom of Agartha?

Is she “an Ascended Master”?

Does Tamarinda receive instructions directly from the Inner Earth Kingdom of Agartha?

Is there any literature or sources that interested people, or even skeptics, can read or watch to inform themselves more about the Inner Earth, Agartha, and Tamarinda?