Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Benjamin Fulford Update - North Korea (a proxy for Japan) - July 5, 2017

North Korea (a proxy for Japan) has 5000 nuclear ICBMs

By Benjamin Fulford July 5, 2017

The fuss about North Korea launching an ICBM “that could reach Alaska,” is fake news. North Korea is a proxy for the Japanese deep state. Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin once leaked that Japan’s leaders, while keeping a façade as heads of a peace loving, non-nuclear state, tell top world leaders Japan has 5000 nuclear armed ICBMs. It is public knowledge that Japan has manufactured enough plutonium for 5000 atomic bombs. It is also public knowledge that Japan is a first rate space power. Put them together and you do not need Boris Yeltsin to spell it out for you. Japan will never strike first but it is also no longer going to allow itself to be bullied. There is a change going on at the highest levels of the Japanese secret government now that David Rockefeller is dead. The demolition of the Liberal Democratic Party at the Tokyo elections is just the first step. The next step will be for a revised Tanaka faction to take over at the national level. The final step will be to remove the Bank of Japan from Khazarian control and thus free the yen to finance a new future for the planet.