Thursday, July 13, 2017

BREAKING NEWS - NESARA Has Started? Access your Strawman Accounts to Pay Your Bills?

Please get legal counsel before you make any decisions regarding the information presented below.

Update#1 - Anna Von Reitz Has Now Made A Statement About These TRA Accounts, please read at

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Update #2 - Here is another site who is explaining TDA in more detail

Hello everyone!  Just got word from Tank and Fisher via the Real Truth Call that the authorities have now allowed citizens of the United States of America to access their hidden bank accounts. It seems that people are reporting that the process to pay your bills from your secret Strawman accounts are working.  I am still researching this but apparently they have converted the Strawman account into something called "Treasury Direct Accounts".  These TDA accounts have liquid funds listed under your personal name.  These accounts were established at the time of your birth or when you were issued a Social Security number.  The cabal used this registration and traded your name/Strawman/corporation in financial markets, making millions of dollars on your name.  Your name always appears in capital letters on all government documents which means you are being recognized as a corporation/Strawman.  I recommend you research Strawman on Youtube for more education on this topic.  From the intel provided it seems that they finally figured out how to access your Strawman accounts now known as TDA. People are paying for mortgages, utility bills, vehicles, student loans, credit card bills, and any other type of debt.  Please be aware that you are dealing with your social security number, so please use caution and you are taking personal responsibility for the information being shared here.  Please also be aware their are two different "camps" offering conflicting information.  Some say this may be a fraudulent system setup to entrap people in the future and the other side is saying this is relief funds to pay off your debts and is a legal process.  It falls upon you to discern what is best for you.  I have yet to confirm any of this, so this is rumor until proven otherwise. Proven means that you personally can access your funds.  Please join the Real Truth Call  for a Q&A session concerning these topics.  Thank you.


Below has the information to start researching......

Please listen to Fisher and Tank intel update that was put out today 7/13/17 around 2pm eastern time.

Listen To Tank & Fisher Intel Update At

Sara M.: Related to the post I made yesterday that Darline questioned...

From another room: We can pay off all of our debts.

The Bureau of Public Debt is a bank that has been set up in Parkersburg, West Virginia. All that you need is the routing number which is 051736158 and your account number to this bank is your Social Security number. You cannot use your Social Security number to pay anyone else's debt. Each person must pay their own debt. You can pay any bills that you have including credit cards, car payments, mortgages, utility bills, phone bills you name it. The methods of payment use are online, over the phone or with written permission forms established for automatic payments.

Any forms that asked for the account holder name you are to put your name and I would suggest you writing each letter in capital letters. This was the Cabal's technique of Monetizing your name by making it a corporation. All capital letters is a connotation of a corporation. If you would like to have a conference call with me for your personal questions or intricate details about how to go about this, if this email if not explicit enough let me know and I will give you a conference number with the access pin.

Thursday or Friday might be good.

The information on the YouTube videos that Harvey Dent created is now obsolete as of this past Thursday. It has all been switched from the Federal Reserve Bank to the US Treasury and this Bureau of Public Debt has the US treasury routing number. It is no longer necessary to consider the alphabet on the back of your Social Security card. There is only one number that's needed for the routing number for everyone in the United States because all of the accounts to that routing number is individualized by the Social Security numbers. This is all tried and true. Check it out for yourselves.

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All US accounts are lsited as ( Bureau of Public Debt or US Treasury). If you Google US treasury routing number…it will give you this information:

TreasuryDirect’s Routing Number051736158; Your ten-digit TreasuryDirect primary account number, without hyphens, followed by the letter “P” (Example: A123456789P); The amount of your allotment; and. Your TreasuryDirect account can be marked as a type 22 (checking) or 32 (savings).

Therefore, the (letter with number) on the back of your card is what you use…example B12345678 is shown on the back of an card. To link account for banking, remove the letter B……and use 1234567822 for checking and 1234567832 for savings. Just that simple! The bank name will automatically populate as (US Treasury or Bureau of Public Debt)!

​Watching the above referenced video, I learned these accounts are not trust accounts - they are individual accounts held a trust account. Factualized accounts, is what I heard them called by Heather Tucci-Jarraf, the woman behind the One People's Trust. She is saying she is working out the glitches causing the reversals .

 Nobody said it was going to be easy. As you know the old is so corrupt and set in there ways, that they will continue until removed. I watched the whole video, was very interesting. You see the only tool left that they are using is fear, don't go there, as that is what they want. The man that bought the motor home did everything legal . They could not get him on the money part, so they turned an old misdemeanor on his record into a felony. How corrupt of them to do that. They are just mad at not being able to stop the flow of the money. So they are playing dirty. By continuing this they are destroying there essences chances at raising there vibration. My guess are these folks will probably be removed. There actions are taking themselves out. Heather is the real deal, she has given us every tool to win this game, but she can't do it alone. We all have to rise up and do our part. If you only knew what she and her group have done in the past. , and up until now. She is one brave woman who fears nothing ever..If we all give up and do nothing , then we are giving back control to them. They know they are defeated , that's why they are now scared and doing