Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Commentary On The Prosperity Funds Drama from Victoria1111

House, Blockhouse, Tree, Balance Beam

I had not wanted to comment on this subject, but given some of the drama and judgment being tossed around, I have chosen to speak out.

I feel most of you know what I am speaking about.  I do not want to assume though.  I am referring to not only Nesara/Gesara and the currency re-evaluation(s) but the various trust accounts and prosperity packages.

At this point, I only see one actually being implemented and that is the OPPT, or the One People’s Public Trust.  I will not be going into detail about this, mostly because this is all pretty new to me as well.  You are free to google it yourself.  You can get some basic information from this site.

The OPPT, taking steps to roll on out, has now become the target of others who have been promoting their own version(s) of financial jubilee.  I am not saying any one of these folks are “wrong”.  For me to know for sure I have to see it with my own eyes and feel it with my heart.  However, it find it highly suspicious that these folks are all crying “foul” about the OPPT and yet they continue to tell humanity we just have to continue to wait until the right time for THEIR people to give us money.
That’s essentially it in a nutshell.

All the while, those behind the OPPT continue on without engaging in finger-pointing or pleading with humanity to believe in them, follow them.  In other words, quietly going about their business.
Just something to think about…  (It would be beautiful to see all of these “let’s liberate humanity with abundance” work together, wouldn’t it?  A refresher course in Kindergarten education could be quite useful.)

For now, I am remaining the Observer, watching things play out.  I know one thing that has made itself clear: the masses have had enough.  People have had enough with this financial slavery system we all have lived under.  People have had enough suffering.  Enough struggling. They have made a collective cry of “NO MORE”.

There are stories of people paying off debts.  Paying for utility and hospital bills. Then there are some of people who are buying Tesla cars. Successfully.

And some not successfully.  It does seem to be a hit or miss and one needs to know what they are getting into if they choose to participate this early.

One thing though, more than anything I have mentioned above, that is bothering me, are the judgments coming from many private citizens on social media.  I have read comment after comment from folks who are judging people who are buying the elaborate items.  Comments range from “these funds are not to be used to make yourself rich or not have to work again” to “you are to use these funds to serve others, not yourself”.


Here is where my comments come in.
  1. Who has a right to tell someone how to spend their money (or money that is in their name)?  (answer – NO ONE)
  2. What in the heaven is so wrong about wanting to live a lavish lifestyle?  (answer – NOTHING)
  3. Why is it not appropriate for someone to want to quit their meaningless job or not NEED nor want to have to work for a living again?  (answer – it is absolutely “appropriate” to hold any of those thoughts)
  4. Why can’t people use these funds to serve themselves?  (answer – they can)
  5. Isn’t it possible to serve ourselves AND others?  (answer – of course!)
  6. And lastly, if these funds are to be used by ALL – then doesn’t that make rather moot the point that we need to share our wealth with others?
The comments I have felt both stinging and coming from the most in my heart are the comments on how some are choosing to spend their money (on otherwise perfectly legal ventures and items, just lavish in nature). When we think of ourselves as not worthy or deserving of what we desire, we serve no one.

Let me repeat that:
When we think of ourselves as not worthy or deserving of what we desire, we serve no one.
We are each worthy of and deserving of having everything our heart desires, in so long as it does not cause any undue harm to another or violate another’s inherent worth and freedom.

And when the desires are from our hearts, our choices will do none of the aforementioned.

For far too long we have been conditioned to believe we have to work hard in order to prove our worth to have the nice things physical reality has to offer.

We have been programmed to think small.  Believe small.  Be small.

Sweetheart, we are Source in physical form.  Every single one of us.

Source does not “do” small.

We are GRAND.



Worthy.  Oh, so worthy.


Just by being US.  You.  Me.

True worth is not about proving ourselves to anyone in order to obtain our hearts desires.

Not to some internet troll or still-programmed individual (unaware of their programming).

And most certainly not to the very controllers and creators of this game of deception.

This is a grand time for ALL of us to individually and collectively go within and purge out those last remnants of “worth” programming.  For I do believe standing strong and solid, quietly (or not), in our worth will absolutely help bring down this house of cards and return the decision making back where it belongs:

In Our Own Hands and Hearts.

Love and Abundance and Prosperity to Every Single One Of Us.