Thursday, July 6, 2017

GCR/RV Intel SITREP via DinarChronicles Blog - July 6, 2017


The RV is moving, slowly, but it's moving in your direction.

On Sunday midnight all master accounts were released -- from Asia -- to a new worldwide financial network -- in all tiers -- in every domicile.

On Monday morning all SKRs were fulfilled -- paid for by AIIB -- worldwide -- at any amount -- in every domicile.

On Tuesday midnight all private and retail banks were hydrated -- worldwide -- for transfer into all accounts - at any amount -- in every domicile.

And just like molten lava, the RV is indeed flowing hot, but only by inches here at the bitter end.

What this means is no matter assets you hold... either ZIM bonds (HSBC, US military) or RV currencies (all participating exchange banks)... they are now waiting to perform, hydrated and long released as to access the master accounts via regional retail account authorizations.

Very participating bank worldwide is now ready, willing and able to internally transfer wealth into your new personal accounts.

That's what we needed to redeem structurally. Now all we need is contact information of where and when to do our part. Nothing more, nothing less. Sobeit.

All private exchanges must deposit into new system accounts, but can then transfer new funds to old system checking and savings accounts into any other good standing financial institution per normal.

Whereas public exchangers will exchange into pre-existing accounts created on the old financial system. In part because sovereign rates and investment programs will not be made available to those who were sleepwalking through the monetary reforms.

We will call them the "not chosen" for a lack of a better term.

All accounts -- old and new -- will work flawlessly on the new financial system as all money is asset backed and has been since 2012 -- when technically and legally the western world economically collapsed.

So consider the new financial system "hot" and prepared for mass redemptions in this moment.

The NPTB anticipate nearly 70 million redemption participants worldwide now.

There is something to be agreed upon at the G20 meeting on Friday. Once that is complete, the world will commence in an all-at-once start.

All is well.

God is with us.