Thursday, July 6, 2017

One Who Knows - Money Is Magic In Your Pocket! - July 6, 2017

Money Is Magic In Your Pocket!

I was talking with a friend of mine and he was telling me how much he hates money and I realized that we need a change of perspective.  I pointed out that he most likely hated money because of who had the money and what they were doing with it...  He agreed.  The Former money controllers, soon to be flushed from the history of Earth, Cabal Scum, were the ones who had money, and they were hated for very good reasons.  They were the infamous evil ones who printed the money, controlled it and taxed it away from our families.  But those days are OVER!  Money is will now Power Change on Earth and it is "Magic In Your Pocket!"  

You are the magician who wields powerful Healing, Helping and repairing magic upon the Earth and all of her inhabitants.  You see a hungry person.... Abra Cadabra Poof! That person has a meal in front of them and are feasting.  Homeless? Poof! New Home with all the furnishings!  Need a school?  A Church? A Hospital? POOF! They are built and in full operation.  You Are literally walking around with a Pocket Full Of Magic that can make anything happen for anyone at any time. 

Break The Cabal Scumbag Programming

They wanted you to hate money and not try to get any of it.  Money would have given you power to challenge them in court, in business, and in politics.  You could stop their evil ways if you had enough money and connections.  No my friends, you were not permitted to have too much money, because it was so powerful.  Imagine if good people had the same amount of money that The Cabal Scum had?  There are more of us than there are of them... 

Taxing Your Power (In the Form of Money)

If you realize how powerful money is when it is in the hands of Light Workers, you will realize why we were taxed.  Here is a tip:  The Scumbags did NOT tax you to get your money.... They taxed you to keep you from having the money and power it would give you. 

Remember that they had the ability to print all the money they wanted, and they already had hundreds of Trillions of dollars anyway that they could never spend.  They did not tax you for your money, it was to tax you of your power, your ability to make anything happen.  Without money, it was and is hard to create any kind of a movement, or change in the World.  So taxes were created that would allow you just enough money to ALMOST cover your bills, but not have any left over to support any cause.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is that money is magical and powerful, and for the first time in history it is in the hands of Light Workers who know how to use it.  The Cabal Scum, who will soon be flushed from our history like a turd, tried every way they could think of to keep you from access this "Magical Power" to make changes.  They knew that if you had this power, this abundant money, that you would soon fix every problem in the World and they would be finished.... They were right! 

It has been my mission to keep you, the Light Workers, on target to hold on to your currency and transform it into that powerful, magical, form of abundant money to transform the World.   Their latest pathetic effort to "Taint" money with this nonsense of Karmic debt on the USN, oh please! 

As for you scumbags,  Try again!  You are about to be wiped from the Face of the Earth and from our history, and there is NOTHING you can do about it.  Frankly, it is you that has a Karmic Debt that needs to be paid, and pay it you will.  good luck with that! 


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows / Richard Lee McKim Jr. / Star Fyer