Saturday, July 15, 2017

One Who Knows Update - Heart Centered Life - July 15, 2017

Received via email from OWK....

Heart Centered Life

We hear a lot about being Heart Centered and the fact is that we already are.  We can "Think" all we want to, but in the end, we are guided by our "Hearts" for the good or the bad.  It is not the mind that is Good or Bad, Benevolent of Malevolent, but the Heart, the compos, the guidance system.  We talk about those who live Heart Centered, meaning good natured, but there are also those who have evil in their Hearts.   No matter which one you are, we all Live a "Heart Centered" Life.

We Are In A Time Of Armageddon

Armageddon is the Revealing of Truth.  Light Hearts and Dark Hearts alike.  No matter what you do, you will be revealed in the end.... and it is NOW THE END.   There is no worries for the Light Hearts as they will finally be Known for who they truly are, delights of the Universe, wonderful beings of Light. 

However, for the Dark hearts, who hide in a veil of deception, they shall be revealed for all to see in a most spectacular way.  For even now, their deceptions are known, and ironically, they are the only ones who are still deceived.   How appropriate that the Deceivers are deceived by their own illusions?  In their minds, they are safely hidden from view, and yet in Reality, they are standing in full view to those with eyes to see. 

It Is Fun

How fun for those of us who KNOW, to watch them squirm as the realizations hits them that their time is up.  For me, it is an interesting case study as I watch their World fall around them.... and they don't even know it.... not yet anyway.  But we are living in a time of a Heart Centered Life and those with Light Heats shall reap the rewards so richly deserved, and those with Dark Hearts shall get their Just deserts as well.  For the judgment does not come from the "Outside" but from the inside, to each as they "TRULY" are.  Nothing could be more just, or more appropriate.

The Bottom Line

To my Friends and Family of Light Hearts, you shall receive all you so rightly and justly deserve.  However, my message for the Deceivers among us, you shall also receive what you so justly have coming to you as well.   The ONLY difference, are those who are NOT Deceivers, have eyes to see all they have coming to them, and it is wonderful in every way.  But, those who practice to Deceive, are themselves deceived, and they shall not see what is coming to them until it is too late... and it is already too late.   For we all live and die by who we TRULY are, who we are in our Heart of Hearts, and by that measure, JUSTICE is Precise, Efficient, and EXACT.   May we all get EXACTLY what we have coming to us in ample and abundant measure.  So Be It!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows