Tuesday, July 4, 2017

One Who Knows Update - Judgment Required & Action Requested - July 4, 2017

Received via email from One Who Knows..... 

Judgment Required & Action Requested

My last post seems to have hit a nerve for a few in Dinarland....  Wonder Why?  Here is the post for those who missed it:

Setting The Stage

Here we are the 6th Planet that the Cabal have infested, and the first one that was able to survive their onslaught.  We, didn't all get killed off, nor did our Planet get blown up.  We have a lot to be proud of.. don't we?  But what made us different?  How was it that we defeated the Cabal?  That is a good question and brings us to the heart of the matter.

We Stood Up Against Them

Simply put, we said NO!  We banded together, learned what was going on and did something about it.  My Friends that was a big surprise to those scummy murderers.  It took time, but with help, we ousted their Pedophilia, raping, murdering and sacrificing our children in their satanic rituals, their poisoning of our food, water, and the air that we breathed.  Make no mistake, they had planned to get rid of all of us.   But how could they do that, if there were so many of us and so few of them?  Good Question!

They Trained Us

The simple answer is that they trained us to allow them to do whatever they wanted to us. Give them free speech, let them teach our children what they want to, let them inject us with what they want to, and do NOT stand up, let the people in charge handle it.  My Friends the people in charge were the same ones who wanted to kill us off and kill our children.  They taught us to Love everyone no matter who they are or what they are doing.  My Friends, I've got news for you, that doesn't work for me.... Does it work for you?

If someone is kidnapping our children and raping them, I say, "TAKE THEM DOWN!"  If someone is positioning our food supply.. "TAKE THEM DOWN!"  If someone is telling us lies that harm us and our futures, I say "CALL THEM OUT, and THEN TAKE THEM DOWN!"  Don't you realize that all those other planets, stood by while the evil, scummy Cabal, their minions and trolls, did their evil deeds until it was too late to stop them?   Don't you also realize that is what makes us different, that we did not let them do their evil deeds? 

We Are Taking Them Down

You already know that we have disabled their ability to kill us off with Nuclear weapons.  We have stopped all wars on the Planet.  We have taken down their HAARP and CERN facilities.  We have blown up their underground bases, taken back the financial systems, the military, and the Governments.  We have taken out their top Cabal controllers, wiped out their Cabal assassins, all their space weapons, and are in the process of reversing the damage they have done to us and our planet.

What Is Next?

Of course one of the big "Events" to come is the fall of the Cabal "Faces."  These are the Cabal operatives that the public see, the "Face of the Cabal."  These are Politicians, Hollywood people, music industry people, business people and all their evil minions.  As I have said, these Evil Scum have to be taken down at the last, since the sleeping public would freak out when their popular TV News people suddenly got arrested, and famous Hollywood, actors and actresses and the rest all go down in a blaze of GLORY, well glory for us, the Cabal infestation survivors.  Of course not everyone survived their attack on Planet Earth.  In that regard, we should remember those who have fallen in this biggest battle the Universe has ever seen against a Cabal Invasion/Infestation.  But is that "Take Down" the "Rest of The Cabal Scum?"  Not even close.


This epic battle against the greatest evil we have ever known, has come to us.   Don't you know that the Cabal know everything?  Do you think that the GCR is a secret to them?  Think again!  EVERY CABAL OPERATIVE, MINION, AND TROLL KNOWS ABOUT THE GCR.   By contrast, a VERY TINY amount of the regular, good people of this Planet knows.  BUT, don’t be fooled, EVERY SINGLE CABAL SCUMBAG KNOWS ABOUT THE GCR AND IS INVESTED HEAVILY.  

Remember that we have taken away their ability to print money and control it.  We have taken over the Banks and Financial systems and frozen all their money.  We have stopped their drug trade and money supply.  We have cleaned up the Governments and stopped all the Money coming from Government corruption as well.  What is a Cabal scumbag to do?  Buy currency of course.  Don’t you know that is the Cabal back up plan to get "Back In Business" after the GCR?   Why do you think the Good Guys have been faking the GCR go time so many times, to root out the Cabal operatives, of course. 

Let's Review Shall We?

First, I am sure we all agree that all the Cabal Scum needs to be picked up and dealt with.. Right?  All the Cabal Faces that committed such evil against us and our children need to be picked up at the very least... Right?  Well that is all being done already...  GOOD!

However, there is one last area that DESPERATELY NEEDS A CLEAN UP...  Do you know where I am going with this?  Yes, of course Dinarland, the last hope of the Cabal.  I wouldn't be surprised if more than half of our numbers in Dinarland are Cabal.  Doesn't that make sense?  After all they ALL know about this, and ALL know this is how they are "Supposed" to get money to get started again in their evil plans.  They have ALL been directed to get currency, but by comparison, we the Good People of the World, were not told about this, we had to find out on our own.  While it was NO secret to the Cabal, it was and still is a secret to the rest of the Good People of the World.

So now I ask you "Should Everyone who holds Currency be permitted to exchange it?"  Well, that is an easy answer since you know that most of Dinarland is actually Cabal Operatives trying to recover what they have lost. Do you really think that there is even one Cabal operative that said "I won't invest in the GCR?"  Of course not, that is their last and only option that they have left. WE HAVE TAKEN EVERYTHING ELSE FROM THEM ALREADY.

Cabal Agenda

Now that you know just how infested Dinarland is with Cabal who are trying to get their money, position and power back, doesn't it make sense that we stop them?   I don’t even know why I asked that question since it is a no brainer.  Frankly they are desperate and will do and say anything to get to exchange.  We are not going to let the Busch's exchange are we? NO!  We are not going to let the Clintons Exchange either... are we? NO! We are NOT going to let any Cabal member, minion, or Troll exchange either.  Why should we?  So what is their "Play" to keep us from stopping them? 

Their Cabal Agenda and plan, is to say that "Everyone who has currency should get to exchange."  Sorry Cabal Scum, that answer is NO, YOU WILL NOT.  Then they say we should just Love everyone.  NO, CABAL SCUM, I don’t love you, I pity you, and I hope you learn your lessons here on Earth.  YOU WILL NOT EXCHANGE, YOU WILL NOT PASS GO, AND YOU WILL NOT COLLECT ANY MONEY.   We know who you are.  I will forgive you after you are picked up, but until then you are still a danger to us. 

To The Good People Of Dinarland

Yes, Dinarland is full of great people who will be doing wonderful Humanitarian Projects for the benefit of all.  But for all of you, you are not threatened by this are you?  You know who you are, that you are Light Workers and have nothing to worry about.  YOU ARE SAFE, just as you should be.  No worries for you.  However, that being said, there is going to be some house cleaning, and it is going to be DRASTIC, JUST AS IT SHOULD BE.

My Friends in Dinarland, you should know that there are some around you who ARE NOT who they pretend to be.  Is this surprising?  I doubt it.  Cabal are masters of blending in and hiding who they truly are and what their agendas really are.   They are snakes in disguise.   Some are vocal and easy to spot on the Blogs, but the vast majority, lie in wait for their time to exchange and get back on top again.  Sadly for them, that will NEVER occur.  While we don’t know them all, the Elders and NPTB do. 

Judgment Required & Action Requested

Remembering that we live in a Free Will Universe, it is up to us to make the final request to rid our World of these Cabal scum once and for all.  We have already taken down their top Cabal Masters, and soon we will be Taking Down the Public Cabal Faces, and all that is left is to rid Dinarland of the remaining Cabal scum that has infested our beloved Dinarland.  There is no one Naive enough to believe that every person who bought currency is a good guy... FAR FROM IT.  I can tell you that more Cabal Operatives knew about the GCR than Good People did.  They were "In the Know" as usual, while we were kept in the dark, as usual.  Lucky for us, we found out about it anyway, and stuck it out despite the Cabal efforts to keep us from getting involved.

My Friends, in the same way that I am calling on the Elders and NPTB to take down the Cabal Faces, I also ask for Judgment here in Dinarland, to identify the Cabal among us, and to take the Action Necessary to rid Dianarland of this scum.  This is the last place that has this much infestation.   I request that this be done according to divine will, and the will of Humanity, that the Remaining Cabal scum hoping to get their money and power back, be prevented from doing so.  So Be It! 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line my Friends is that we have a huge infestation of Cabal in Dinarland.  It makes perfect sense when you think of the huge amount of money to be made, and all the money they had lost.  It is the Cabal's last shot at staying in power.  But that is not to be.... 
They have tried every possible way to stay hidden in Dinarland, but We kept pointing them out which caused them great distress.  They have done their best to keep Blog sites from even mentioning the word "CABAL" as this is their last chance to get big money and get back in power.  But, that will never happen.  The Cabal in our midst, are finished just as the Faces are.  While they are still standing and yapping, they are marked for removal and arrest...  When it is time. 

My last post and this one, was to bring this matter to your attention and alert you that there will be a cleanup coming to Dinarland.  My Light Worker Friends, you have NOTHING to worry about, but I can tell you that the reaming dregs of the Cabal ranks, will have a big surprise coming to them.  THEY ARE ALL KNOWN AND WILL ALL BE DEALT WITH.   This post is both a notice to my Friends in Dinarland about this clean up, and a request to the Elders and NPTB to take care of this Dinarland clean up for us.  We ask that they use whatever resources they have at their disposal to identify these scumbags in our midst, and "Handle" them appropriately.  In short Judgment Required & Action Requested. Thank You!

How important is this Cabal Eradication from Dinarland?  One Cabal Operative, with just one $100T zim note would have more power and influence, than all the Rothschilds Family ever had, all together, in their entire history. So, They MUST ALL BE REMOVED.

One last point.  Anyone who has a problem with the Elders and the NPTB identifying the remaining Cabal Scum in Dinarland and weeding them out for us, please let us know so that you can be identified.   Anyone who has a problem with me calling out Cabal to be picked up and dealt with, I suggest that you look up the History of Maldek, the once great and thriving Planet that is now just ruble floating in space.    

"Strong But Not Wrong"


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows