Sunday, July 2, 2017

One Who Knows Update - June 2, 2017

Received via email from One Who Knows....


I wanted to give all my friends and Family Perspective before we embark on our new Life paths.  We have gone through hard times, battling the Cabal and their dark agenda, and suffered lack in every way... But soon that will be but a distant memory.  What did it all mean?  Did it have a purpose and how can we get the most from our experiences?  That is a matter of Perspective.  After all, Perspective is a fancy way to say Meaning, and Meaning is Reality.  So if we can put this all in a great perspective, we can create a Great Reality as a result.

My Personal Experience Yesterday

I will give you my most recent experience with the Cabal as a great learning tool for our Great perspective.  They tried to take me down again in several ways at the same time, a multi pronged approach if you will.  They tunneled again and were blown up in the tunnels just like before.  There were 3 big explosions in my front yard again, I understand that was the three new tunnels being blown up.  Then there were 4 Multi dimensional "Jumpers" coming from elsewhere in the Universe.  They met a dismal fate as well.  Without going into details on how it was done, they were paired off and they each took themselves out. In other words, they killed each other instead of getting me.  In short they all died.

As a side note, I live out in the country where properties are as large as 80 acres apiece, so guns being shot off and things going "Boom," are not uncommon out here and no one reports these kinds of things to the cops.  It is understood that people this far out in the country, have the right to shoot guns on their properties and blow things up if they want to.  So these events that have been happening to me do not draw any attention from the neighbors.    Of course I am fine, as I cannot be harmed.

We Are ALL Sovereign Beings

We all have the God Given Right To Decide our own realities.  NO ONE can create in our realities unless we allow it and co-create it as well.  This means that If I say I cannot be harmed, and I KNOW that is so, then no outside person can harm me.  How could they?   Either I have the Soul/Sole right to control my reality or I don't.  You have been taught that "outside" things can harm you and they cannot.  No disease, no person, and no event can "happen" in your Personal Reality unless you have "prepared a place" for it.  In that regard FEAR is one thing that "Prepares" you for such intrusions and unwelcomed experiences in your reality.  When you fear something, that "Means" you think it could happen, and so it can.  The Cabal have used movies, TV, sports, entertainment and the News to get you to fear that something "could" happen to you, so that you allow it to happen.  That makes you susceptible for it.


Simply put, until I am willing to fear the Cabal, they cannot touch me in any way.  I explained this on the last Zorra Call: @ 1:28:00.  

"Zorra * Zaraya * Jane" "One Who Knows, Q&A and Healingt" June 24, 2017

This is why they fail again and again with me because I will NOT agree to it.  Neither should you.   But this does not mean that I can't forgive them, because I can, and do.


I had a chat with Grandfather the other day when they sent the 40 assassins to "TRY" to get me, and he was upset about it.  But what came up in our conversation was priceless.  He said that he had hoped to let EVERYONE ascend, including the ones who were Cabal.   After all, they were just playing a part, that allowed all of us to grow in experience and wisdom.  He was so disappointed that they were being so difficult and not stopping the game already.  Of course, he meant the ones who were still alive as well as the ones who had perished in the game play.  All of them would be permitted to move up in consciousness to the next level of Human existence.  I really understood the big picture and I want to convey it to you.

Those who tried to kill me yesterday all perished in their futile effort.  If they only knew it was an impossible mission in the first place, they may have saved themselves.  But now they have exited the game under hostile circumstances.  Just for your understanding, when people die under a Not-Working out situation,  they are often "Stuck" on the other side without a body, but not all the way to the "Light."  "Crossing" people over is one of the things I can do.  When I see a ghost story on TV, I just do a psychic check to see if that Ghost is "Stuck" and if they are, I cross them over on the spot.  The good news is they can now "reset" and get on with their soul experience, the bad news is the once Haunted Hotel, is no longer haunted.  Too bad.

But this brings me to my story, that I just today "Crossed Over" all those who tried to kill me recently.  No biggie.  When they get to the "Light" they come out of "Character" and learn what they were meant to learn in this experience.  When I was crossing them over, I told them that I forgave them and that they "Played" their parts very well and that I held no animosity toward them at all.  They all were surprised, but crossed quickly and I got "Thank Yous" from them as their incarnated experience had finally ended.   This is Perspective.  If this is a game, and it is, then we can't hold anger for those who played against us, can we?

To Be Clear I Don't Like Cabal

To be clear, I am totally against the Cabal, their minions and Trolls as much as ever.  But that is still game play.  But for the ones who are dead, their game play is over, and so is my feeling about them as well.  That is a wonderful reset for all of us.  That is the basis of Wisdom earned and gained, after all, that was the whole point wasn't it?  But forgiveness is very much like Letting go... isn't it?

Letting Go

When disclosure comes, we are going to hear a lot of things that are going to make us mad, I know it will piss me off.  But if it is game play after they are dead, why can't it also be game play after they lose and are jailed?   What is the point of hating them when they are dead or in jail?  In both cases it is game over for them, and for us, it is the start of a new life of joy and Abundance.

In my case, I am going to avoid hearing about everything they have done, and instead focus my attention more on what is coming instead.  That is a letting go, that FREES your soul, your mind and Heart as well.  You just let it all go.  I will forgive them.... THEN.  To be clear I will fight them now, but then, when they are in jail, I will let it all go, as the game will be officially over after all the Faces are picked up and all is revealed.  That is perspective.  That is freedom.    After hearing Grandfather's plan for everyone to ascend Light Workers, Sleepers, and Cabal alike, then my Perspective is clear.... Let it all go...  When the time is right of course....

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is we have all endured hardships in this Game.  It was the Fast Track to advanced levels of Wisdom.  When you consider that the "Life Review" we all get after death, is a review of our feelings and the feelings of the others in our lives.  We get to experience all perspectives.  So in that regard, we get our feeling and the Cabal's feeling of an event, and they get the very same, their feelings and our feelings.  So it is easy to see we all get the "same wisdom" in the end.  Why wouldn't we all get to ascend to a higher consciousness? 

It is clear to me that the sooner I let all of this past hurt go, the sooner I will be able to replace that "Space" with Peace, Abundance and Love.  That is a trade I will take any day of the week.  In the end, it is all about Learning and gaining wisdom, and if you can keep our Earth Experience in that "Perspective" you have won the game in more ways than just one. 

What is ahead?  Learning about your God Given ability to control your life and reality to your liking and then getting to Peace, Prosperity and Love as quickly as possible.  The sooner you get there, the better it will be for you and the World as well.  After all, it was the Greatest "Played" Game this Universe has ever seen.  We are victors, let us now focus on our just rewards... and let everything else go.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows