Tuesday, July 4, 2017

One Who Knows Update - Stay In Your Joy-Spot! - July 4, 2017

Received via email from OWK.....

 Stay In Your Joy-Spot!

I have been hearing a lot of people who want to be "Good" but talking like they are still programmed by the Cabal.  What is being good anyway?  I can tell you that Being in Lack is NOT being "GOOD."  All this non sense talk about how humble you are going to be after the GCR and not buy anything for yourself.  WHAT?  My Friends they call it the "Golden Age" for a reason.   What part of "Abundance" did you not understand?    Your ONLY "Target" is Joy!  Your only job is to stay smack dab in the middle of your Joy Spot.  That's it!  But what is your "Joy Spot?"  Now that is a good question.... lets' figure that one out... shall we?

I can start this conversation out by saying that "LACK" is NOT in your Joy Spot.  Why would it be?  The Cabal kept us in Lack to keep us down... the last thing we want to do now is stay in Lack of our own accord.... Right?  BREAK THAT HABIT RIGHT NOW!  But what is Lack anyway?


Simply Put, Lack is a state in which you don't have what you want.  Clearly this means that Lack is different for everyone, just as what people want is different.  So, if you want something, be it a thing or an experience, and you don't have it, that is Lack, pure and simple and it is NOT A VIRTUE!  Get over that Cabal training already.  They wanted you to think that NOT having what you want was somehow "Righteous, or Virtuous" but it is not.  Why would it be?  Who says so?


It is so funny that the Church supposedly says that humbleness is the way to be as they preach from gold podiums.  By the way, the thing about a Rich man going to heaven and a camel going through the eye of a needle was NOT ABOUT YOU.  Remember that back in those days, and even in these recent days, the ones who were rich were CABAL.  That is going to change very quickly.  We will be the RICH ones and I can guarantee you that we are going to heaven because we are NOT judged by the money we have but by our Hearts. 

My Plans

For me, I am going to get a Lamborghini, a Yacht and big house. SO WHAT!  This is the Golden Age and it is time for us to have the nice things as well.  Having a Lamborghini doesn't stop me from doing good works, I just get them done FASTER!  It is all about being in your Joy Spot.  My Joy is driving fast, helping people and enjoying the nice things in life.  After all, I am the Guru that says you can have it all, and you can bet I am going to walk my talk.    Don’t come to me and tell me that having a fleet of super cars and a 750 foot Yacht is somehow NOT Godly or not Righteous... Please.  Take that Cabal programming somewhere else, because I am embracing my Abundance and Lack is no longer in my vocabulary.  I do what I want to do, get what I want to get and help all those I want to help.  That Keeps me smack dab in the middle of my JOY SPOT. 

If I stayed "Small" and only lived as if I had no money, I would be violating the law of Abundance which says you can have EVERYTHING you want and that is O.K.!  The minute you hold back from having or doing what you want to have or do, you have moved out of the Vibration of Abundance.  So, are you in the Vibration of Abundance or Lack?  That is up to you....  But I can tell you the path to Ascension goes right through ABUNDANCE. 


The Elders are doing their best to FORCE you into Abundance to get you on the fast track to Ascension.  They are giving you so much money that you will NEVER be able to spend it all.  They want to wipe out CABAL LACK PROGRAMMING and I can tell you that once I walk out of that exchange center, my feelings of Lack will be gone forever.... Just as was the plan.

What Am I Saying?

Am I saying that you should get expensive things and "Flaunt" them around town? No, that has nothing to do with the topic of Lack.  Am I saying that living a life of very expensive things is the way to live? NO, that has nothing to do with lack.  Then, what am I saying EXACTLY?   Easy... I am saying that if you want something or some experience, don't hold yourself in Lack by preventing yourself from having or enjoying that experience.  Don’t you know that JOY is the high point of Human experience?  That Joy is different for every person and NO ONE can define it?  I can't even define it for you.

For me, driving fast in a Lamborghini on my way to my Yacht for a weekend party is in my JOY SPOT.  For others, it might be riding horses in the country, or climbing a mountain, or swimming with the dolphins.  What I am saying is whatever is "Joyful" for you MUST be allowed to be and happen for you.  The shame is not in doing and having what you want, it is in thinking that you shouldn't and keeping yourself out of joy just as the Cabal have programmed you to do.  BREAK THAT PROGRAMMING RIGHT NOW.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Joy is the High Mark to success.  Do the projects you want to do that bring you the most joy.  Don’t worry about the other projects, they will be done by others whose Joy is to do them.  In the end everything that needs to be done is done by those who want to do them and are in Joy doing them. How perfect is that?  Joyous!

My friends, you can have nice things and fast cars... that is called enjoying life.  ANYONE who tells you what is the "Right Thing" to do or not do, is out of bounds.  They cannot say for you, and neither can I.  I can tell you that I am going to enjoy life to the max!  My Joy is going to be off the charts.  I am going to have all the things I want to have, do all the things I want to do, including Teaching others How To Use Their God Power® to get everything they want and to live the life of their Dreams and plans.  I will be building Universities and establishing publishing companies all over the World to distribute self empowerment materials and new age information.  My Friends, I will be SO IN JOY, that You will be able to feel my Joyous Vibrations all the way to the Central Sun.   Feel Abundant, be Abundant, and Live Abundantly.  Get in your "Joy-Spot" as quickly as possible and stay there!  So Be It. 


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows / Richard Lee McKim Jr. / Star Fyer