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One Who Knows Update - What If What You Believe Matters? - July 3, 2017

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What If What You Believe Matters?

We have our little debates here on line where we think it doesn't matter.... But is that true that it doesn't matter?   We take a stand and declare our beliefs one way or the other, that we believe one person or another, as if our beliefs are of no consequence...  But, could that be wrong?  If it is wrong, there is a big reckoning coming...  oops!

How Could What We Believe Matter?

Is that even a question?  You soon to be multi-Trillionaires have the potential to make or break countries, save millions or harm millions if not billions and it all hinges on "What and Who" you believe.... doesn't it?   Actual discernment can make the difference between life and death, a good investment or an act of treason. 

Sure, your misguided beliefs have little consequences right now, you could lose your currency or become wealthier than any Cabal Master ever was.   But after the GCR ends, your ability to discern what is REALLY TRUE and what is not, starts to REALLY MATTER....  Doesn't it?   oops!

How Does Any One Know The Accuracy Of Your Discernment?

I don’t know why I even posed this question because it is so self evident.  Isn't it?  Don’t you realize that the NPTB and the Elders KNOW what is REALLY true and what is not?    Doesn't it make sense that they watch your posts and comments on the various videos and blogs on the World Wide Web to indicate what you believe and don’t believe?  I recall that Yosef called it "Chalking."   Every comment, every post and every statement was recorded and categorized, in essence "Blue Printing" every single person as to what they believe and do not believe.  Doesn't it make sense that those who believe the Lies, DO NOT have Discernment abilities and those who Believe those telling the Truth Do?  oops!

Pretend That You Are NOW, An Elder and A NPTB

O.K. so as an Elder, you have saved zillions of dollars worth of Gold and died for thousands of years protecting it, and now it is time to give it to the World.  You have rebuilt the Bank system to make it safe.  You have stopped all wars, and changed all governments around the World to be good.  Now it is about time to give out the money to "Selected," or should I say "Chosen" individuals in the thousands of Trillions to change and improve the World.   It is the time of "The Reckoning," I mean "Choosing."  Who do you allow to hold that much money, that much power, and that much responsibility?   Do you make that judgment simply by who is holding currency?  Is that smart? Is it wise?  No, of course it is not.  Anyone with half a brain could figure that out.  Wouldn't that be a BIG mistake of potentially gigantic proportions?   So, that means that the people who are "Chosen" as the banks like to say, MUST have special qualities that insures that they will do the right thing with the money and protect it as well.... Right?

Surly you realize that NOT everyone is going to make the cut.. don’t you?   You , as an Elder, didn't save all that gold, for all those thousands of years and fix the World just to give Trillions of dollars to the Next Generation of Cabal operatives, or to people who have no ability to Discern what is true and what is not.   Clearly, that would be a big mistake.... Right? 

As an Elder, would you give that kind of Financial Power to the people who blindly followed Cobra, which was a well known Cabal operation?  oops!  Who else would they blindly follow after they had their Trillions?  That is a scary thought... Isn't it?  Would you give that kind of money to the people who followed Cindy K. Currier, Max Steel, Kent Dunn, or any of the other Fear Mongers...?  oops!  Do we really need multi Trillionaires that are in fear of the World ending or think that the World is Flat, or solid?   Do we trust that amount of money to people who don’t believe in Life elsewhere in the Universe or that there are such people as the Ascended Masters?  oops!  Frankly, if you don’t believe in Grandfather and the Elders, why would you believe in their Gold or their gifts to Humanity?  oops!

It Is A Matter Of Discernment

Remember that the Elders and the NPTB KNOW the REAL truth.  So they know who has ended up believing what is actually true and those who believe what is not.  That boils down to those who have actually have discernment and those who actually do not.  Doesn't it make sense that in this new age, those who got tricked or misled by the Cabal lies, are NOT trust worthy custodians of that kind of Financial Power?  If it were me, I would ONLY TRUST those who found their way to the actual truth, for they will be the ones who will REALLY know what is the best place to invest their Trillions, and where NOT to.   Doesn't it make sense that if you could be tricked by lies now, that you could be tricked by lies later as well?  Do you really think that money makes you smarter?

If You Don't Have Discernment By Now, You Probably Never Will

This was your proving ground, some got it right, and some did not.  This is no time to fix anything.  It is too late for that.  It is go time very soon.  Those who had REAL ability to figure out who was telling the truth and who was not,  have been marked, or should I say "Chalked" as such.  They are truly the Chosen ones, or should I say the ones that will be chosen, from the sea of currency holders.  It turns out that What and Who you believed REALLY did matter.  Who knew?  I did.  But I am connected with the Elders and the NPTB.   I knew the REAL TRUTH and EVERYTHING I told you was the Truth. 

Those who believed me, had real discernment, or maybe they were just lucky, if there was such a thing.  Those who believed the well known Cabal Operatives, Minions and Trolls, demonstrated that they had NO Discernment ability.  Right?  Clearly, they cannot be trusted with that kind of Financial power...  NO WAY!  If you have not developed your ability to discern truth from lies, Light Workers from Cabal operatives, you probably never will, at least not for a long time.  Make sense?  This is REAL "being grounded" Truth and reasoning... isn't it ubiety?

A Recent Case Example

I won’t name names, but I had a recent experience that demonstrates this problem perfectly.  I wanted to post my story of my latest attacks by the Cabal, and my message of Forgiveness and letting go.  Here is the actual post:

That post was sanctioned from the top, by the way.  This person refused my post and went on and on about how crazy my story was and did I get pictures of the attack, and any other hard evidence to back up my story?  Of course I did not.  So this person refused to post my story as he did not believe it.  I get that, it is hard to believe.  But if he had real Discernment abilities, the kind that would be important to have to manage Trillions of dollars, he would have "sensed the truth" in my story.  He would have known that I am a TRUTH TELLER. 

However this same person published a report called "Reptilians Are About To Attack - David Icke Can Not Help You," and "David Icke - HOT The Reptilian Takeover Happens Now."  I wonder if there was Photographic evidence of this life and death threat?   Could it be that this was a complete Lie?   I haven't seen any Reptilians attacking anything or taking anything over.  What if this person had Trillions of dollars, what would they have done with it, after hearing this report?  I don’t know.  But that is not the point.

The point is Discernment.  Can a person really tell what is true and what is not, who is telling the truth and who is not?  So I told this person who refused my post on the grounds that I did not have evidence,  "don’t publish my story and message...."   But in the back of my mind I thought about who should be given charge over that kind of money and who should not.  Some people are just not the right people for this important work.  Sorry, this is hard truth, but VERY REAL and VERY IMPORTANT.  Future Lives depend on the Elders and the NPTB getting this right.  They MUST Choose The RIGHT PEOPLE for this important work.  Don’t you agree?

Does What You Believe & Who You Believe Actually Matter?

Yes it does matter, more than you ever knew.  There is good news and bad news however.  The good news for all of us who care about living in a safe and stable Golden Age World, the Elders and the NPTB already know who would make excellent stewards of that kind of money, and who would not.  The bad news for some, is that it is too late to change who you are now...    

Here is a moment of pride that matters for me.  Those of you who followed my teachings and trusted what I said, are in great shape, because I have been telling the truth this whole time.   Except for go times, all my other information and data was accurate.  This PROVES to the Elders and NPTB that you have great discernment skills, and are able to "Sense" what is truth from what is not.  It turns out that those skills are VERY, VERY, VERY important when you are controlling enough money to make or break entire countries.    

Don't Believe Me?

Can you see the humor in this...?  I sure can.  I am telling you the truth about what is about to come, and if you don't believe it, you are proving that you DO NOT have discernment.   How ironic!  Sadly, believing me now, is not enough to make you trustworthy to manage HUGE sums of money.  As a simple test, to see where you stand, those who can sense the truth in what I am saying now, are most likely the same ones who realized that all my declarations to the Cabal were true, that the stories of attacks against me were true, that the Cabal amnesty offers I wrote were true, and the Cabal Trolls I called out were true as well.   You are Light Workers with the ability to discern truth when you hear it.  Those who do not believe me now, most likely did not believe me then, either.  You have NO ABILITY to tell what is true and what is not.  Sorry....

Is It Black & White?

Nothing is ever black and white.  But I am sure that a super duper computer was involved in figuring out who you really are and if you can be trusted and depended on to manage that kind of money and responsibility for the Future of our World.  I say Our World, because I am counting on the Elders and NPTB to make wise decisions on who they trust and who they do not, for my safety and our safety as a World.   Whatever it is, it is, and nothing can change it now.   DO NOT EMAIL ME AND ASK WHICH GROUP YOU ARE IN.  I don't know.   Frankly, I have a feeling that each of us knows what kind of person we really are, and so do the Elders who are giving us this gift.    

What Next?

You go to the exchange and see what rate you can get.  What else?  Here is a tip, you have a better chance getting a good rate going in with your own currency than you do having someone else take it in.  If you try to do anything sneaky like send someone else to exchange your currency to get a better rate, you are just demonstrating that you are not trust worthy.   Time to get real, very real.  Go in and get what you get, without any shady business.  If it were me, I would rather get what I could get, than to risk it all by some stupid exchange trick, that will be found out anyway.  Remember the super computer?  Remember that the key is being honest and trustworthy?   Besides, no matter who exchanges the money, they will know where the money is transferred to and if you are not the "RIGHT" person, that will NOT be permitted. oops!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that IT REALLY DOES MATTER WHAT AND WHO YOU BELIEVE.  Don't believe me?  O.K., I am good with that.  Do you want to go on some Troll rant about this post.  OK, go right ahead.   Do you want to block this post from your website?  OK, go right ahead and block it.  Do you want proof and evidence that what I am saying is true?  Sorry I don't have any, but if you TRULY have any REAL discernment skills, you will KNOW what I write is TRUE. Do you think that I am a Cabal operative?  OK, believe what you want to believe, for what YOU believe doesn't affect me, it affects YOU. oops!

To all my Friends and Family, "The Chosen Ones," we have a World to save.  The Elders and NPTB are counting on us, to do the right thing, and to be able to tell what is true and what is not.   They don’t expect you to be 100% right, they just want to see that you are "on the right track."   Clearly, if you never posted, you are not being judged like those who did are.  Also, those who posted out of frustration are very different than those who intended harm.  No worries there.  The good news is that if you stood with me, you are in good company, and the bad news is that if you stood against me, you have bad discernment skills or you are a Cabal operative.  Either way, you pose a great risk having control of that much money.  oops!

To those who may not make the cut:  Your actions right now, will be watched very carefully.  Will you go to the exchange and make your best case for a high rate, or will you try some tricky move that will guarantee that you lose everything?  Are you a good person or bad person?  If I were you, I would go to the exchange and get whatever I could get.  If you try anything that looks tricky, or seems wrong,  you only make it worse for yourself.  Remember the Financial system is completely controlled and there is no way to outsmart it.  Govern yourself accordingly.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows