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OWK Update - Want vs. Need - July 13, 2017

Want vs. Need

I explained the important difference between Want and Need on "Willies Real Truth Call" 7-10-2017 (Links Below).  I thought I had posted on the subject, but it turns out that I did not.  So, I will cover the important difference between them now.  Understanding this, will make the difference between getting what you want or not getting what you need.  When you get clear on the difference between these two perspectives, you will be(come) a powerful Manifester.

Want Is The "Seed/Source" Of Creation

EVERYTHING in Creation came from a Want.  A Want is made up of a "What" and a "Why."  If you don't know what you want, there is NO creation.  If you don't have a reason "Why" you want it (Why it matters) there is NO creation.  So, "Want" (What & Why) is not only good, it is the Seed of creation, and without it, there is NO CREATION POSSIBLE.  So to say that "Wanting" is important to manifesting is an understatement.  No Want, No Creation. PERIOD!   The simple take away from this is "Want what you want" is not only good, it is the ONLY way it can be manifested.  I wrote a Post that explains this concept in much greater detail:

"Want, The Advanced Understanding" - One Who Knows - 4.12.17

What Is "Need?"

Need is NOT a seed of Manifestation at all.  It is a BLOCK to manifestation that MUST be satisfied before the Seed (Want) can be manifested into form (Reality).  Need is a criteria for manifesting.   In short, if you are to have a manifestation, the NEED MUST BE PRESENT or SATISFIED.  If is not, then ther is NO MANIFESTATION.  In other words, Needs are Blocks to wants.  They are not helping manifestation, they are hurting it, blocking it, stopping it, and preventing it. 

When you say "I Need" something to "Get Something," you are declaring that you CANNOT get what you want until, you get what you NEED.  Of course once you get what you say you need, then the criteria was met, and the manifestation of what you want my now proceed.  So that begs the question "Why would we CREATE BLOCKS and Criteria to slow down and stop our manifestations?"  Good question and I know the answer to that....  Cabal Training.

CABAL School

In Cabal school, which includes, actual school years, entertainment, News, Sports, and all other Propaganda perpetrated on Humanity, trained you to NEED, so that you would Block your own Wants.  You have been Literally Programmed For Failure. 

The Lie: You NEED certain things for success

The Truth: You already have EVERYTHING you need from where you are, with what you have, to get what you want. 

In short, there is NOTHING you NEED to get what you want.

How NEED Blocks Manifestation

I am going to use a relevant example here to prove how damaging the concept of NEED really is.  There are many people who are having problems right now, especially financial ones.  I hear all the time "I NEED the RV to happen so that I can get this or that, save my house, pay my bills or whatever else. "  That actually BLOCKS you from getting what you want and here is how:

When you make the "Declaration" that You need "X" to Get "Y" you set up a universal equation that has NO OTHER SOLUTIONS.  How could it?   Can you have "Y" without getting "X?"  NO, you cannot.  After all your are the sovereign creator of your experience by your God Power Free Will, and you, with your own mouth, said, clear as day, that YOU NEED X TO GET Y.   You NEED the RV (X) to save your House (Y).

When you do this, you Block out every other solution possible.  Let's say that you have another solution "A," will that help? NO, you said that you NEED (which translates to MUST HAVE) the RV (X) in order to save your house (Y).  So "A" cannot help you because you still do not have what "YOU SAID" you NEED, which is the RV (x).

This means that the lottery scratch off ticket you bought MUST FAIL, be a dud.  Why? Because no other solution is permitted to occur.  If you won the Lottery, it would MEAN that you could save your house.  While that sounds good and reasonable, it VIOLATES your Command and Declaration to the Universe, by your powerful God Power, Free Will, that "You need the RV to save your House."  What you did not realize, it that means that ALL ELSE IS NOT PERMITTED.  There is only one solution, the one that is NEEDED, that can save you.  After all, if there were other solutions... (Which of course there are), then by logic, you would not NEED the RV to save your house right?

This means that the Inheritance you were about to receive does not happen, the scratch off lottery ticket does not pay off, the neighbor who was about to help you decides not to, and all other funding possibilities now be(come) impossibilities because they would violate your declaration, that the RV is the only thing that can help, and thus is the one thing that is NEEDED.  WOW!  I bet you had no idea how damaging "Need" was... did you?

What If?

What if you changed how you thought about things and what you said and used "Want" instead of the Cabal Failure Program: "Need?"  Let's try it and see how it works with the Universe and your God Power of Free Will....

You say: "I WANT the RV to happen so that I can pay off my House!"   

Right away, we can see that it is a "Want" which is the seed of creation.  It has a "What" which is exchanging at the RV, and a "Why" which is paying off the house with the money from the RV.  So far, we are creating the basis of a perfect manifestation.  But, does this use of "Want" block anything else from happening like the word "Need" did?  NO!

Can you win a Lottery scratch off or grand prize?  Sure, just because you WANT the RV to pay off the house, does not mean that you can not pay it off in some other way, after all the RV is not NEEDED to pay the house off, it could be paid off in many other ways as well.   Now the neighbor who wanted to help, does help, the inheritance that was coming to you does, and suddenly the bank decides to refinance your house for you.  WOW!  What a difference a word makes! 

The Big Lie

Need is the big Cabal Lie.  So, now that we take a closer look at this situation, it becomes clear that the RV was NOT really NEEDED to pay off the house was it?  It actually could happen in so many other ways.   Sure it was "Wanted" but in NO way was it needed.  That was a lie.... But a damaging one.   The Cabal have taught you to use the word Need to hurt you and your power.   If they could talk you into saying you need something, even if it is not true (and it is not), then it STILL be(comes) true, because you used your own Free Will to declare it is so.  You have the power, the God Power of Free Will to decide and declare how your reality unfolds and works for you.  If you say it is NEEDED, then it is.  After all, you have the God given right to say so.  BUT, in reality, NOTHING is actually needed since there are so many other ways that things can happen and manifest. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that "NEED" is a Cabal creation meant to damage your manifesting ability.  EVERY time you think and/or say you need something.... you do, and you limit the Universe, or God, from providing any other solutions, or way for you to get what you want.  When you want something there are millions of "Ways" it can happen.  But when you say that you  NEED some specific thing to happen, BEFORE you can get what you want, then you effectively reduce the millions of different ways that something could happen to just one way, the way you say NEEDS to happen.   Powerful huh?

From now on and forever more, use the word "Want" instead of "Need."  This will allow the Universe, the option to bring you want you want (Seed of creation), from millions of other possible ways it could happen, most of which you would not have even thought of.  There is always (In All Ways) a way that you can get what you want, from where you are and from what you already have.   Remember that your Free Will gives you the right to make declarations of How something is permitted to manifest.  You have the free will (God Power), to limit the Universe, or not limit the Universe, based on whether you NEED something to happen or just WANT it to happen.  The choice and power, is yours to decide, Limited (Need) or Unlimited (Want). 


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows / Richard Lee McKim Jr. / Star Fyer

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