Thursday, July 13, 2017

Patrick Responds to OWK Accusations "Dinarland Status Report #3"

Website Update - OWK's Dinarland Status Report #3

Dear Readers,

First, I apologize to all of you for this drama. I wish it didn't need to come down to this but there is something that I must address.

I'm sorry Richard, but this must stop. It is getting really absurd.

"Bear in mind that this was not the original Post. They have already made changes to it, and I expect them to make even more once they read this post. The first glaring mistake is that the poster, who was supposed to be Patrick, said they had over 25 years IT experience, which is longer than Patrick has been alive. GOOD ONE, you stupid idiots! Of course we did a screen capture of the original post because we knew they would make changes as soon as they realized what they had done, and they did. However, here is the original "Version:" (This has all been documented by the good guys as well)"

It's called a simple typo... You know, from being tired from staying up all night? My dad pointed it out to me (see below) and I changed it. I do this daily when other posters wish to correct their posts... Including you Richard. You are taking simple human errors and turning them into stories.

You may give my dad an email if anyone is skeptical.

"In regard to the graphics attached you can see not one but two different graphics, screenshots of computer screens. Please note that these computers have different backgrounds. Also note that the title of a post is also labeled in the word document on the task bar. Which happens to be the exact title of a post that was written by a poster. Also on IDC TODAY."

On Windows 7, Right click on your desktop, click on "Personalize" then "Desktop Background". You can have multiple wallpapers shuffled in a time interval. This is simple knowledge folks as seen below...

Yes, in the background you can see my blogger control panel where I handle each post on IDC. You can see this post currently drafted in the image.

"Nicole Frolick is the caller who called in to the RTC. 410 caller who bashes One Who Knows and who has done so before with Fisher. Make no mistake. She has also infiltrated the site with several cohorts such as One who Teaches, Sugarbear, and many others. And people are none the wiser.... Until now..."

I did not know who Nicole Frolick was. It was a post sent to me via email. She has definitely NOT infiltrated my site. This was the very first post I had seen by her. In-fact, her post has been deleted to avoid any further accusations. I do not have time to listen to calls as most of my time is occupied maintaining this site.

I will not quote the post any further. The rest of the post can be read at the link above.

Must I provide physical video evidence of me writing on my own site? Must I now Vlog everything I do? If that is what I must do, then so be it. I'm not playing around anymore Richard, I am dead serious. There is no "Cabal meddling" on my site.

This is video evidence of Richard's post yesterday and this website update as well as my ID's and a quick peak outside my apartment. You will notice that it is currently night time. (Richard, I sincerely hope you do not make another excuse on why I do not show my face in the video.)

Note: I have slightly edited this post since I recorded the video, just to be clear.

Richard, if I hadn't written those comments on your post I would've made an announcement on my site myself that someone is messing with my account. I would then delete that post if it wasn't written by me. I would not just sit here and do nothing about it.

I asked you to show me proof of the emails you have been sending me and yet you ignored my simple request. If you were truly a friend that truly cared about me, you would show me what you said for my sake. Instead, you continue to disrespect me and discredit this site for "Cabal meddling".

I will not tolerate completely false and absurd statements being made about me or my site. This is getting absurd and out of hand. I shouldn't have to write posts like these but you give me no choice.

I have been patient with you but yet you continue to do this.

I gave you a platform to prosper and this is what I receive from you in return...

I will never allow my site to be compromised unnoticed and I will no longer tolerate these false statements.

I have lost my faith in you.

Many of you may ask why Richard left IDC in the first place. Richard, you know very well why with what you wrote about my father and if my patience is tested any further I will be forced to reveal what you said.

Also, I will happily post your positive and uplifting messages but I will not tolerate this. You cannot do this and expect me to just simply accept it. Frankly, I do not know why you are doing this. I suggest you cease and desist these false statements and accusations immediately. If not, then know that from here on out I will ignore any statements made about my site being compromised unless it is absolutely true.

This discussion is over.

~ Dinar Chronicles

P.S. Here's a photo of my family and I.