Monday, July 24, 2017

#PizzaGate Update - John Podesta Linked To Deaths of Rockstars Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell

Police have reportedly launched a murder investigation into Chester Bennington’s death with insiders believing it is “extremely likely” the Linkin Park frontman was killed in eerily similar circumstances to his close friend Chris Cornell.

Detectives are looking into whether Chester Bennington was murdered, with the death scene later arranged to resemble a suicide. They have put a team of investigators in place and are refusing to rule out a criminal homicide charge.

Bennington was reportedly investigating the death of Cornell, and a connection to the PizzaGate pedophile sex trafficking ring when he suddenly and unexpectedly took his own life.

New information has come to light indicating that the sexual abuse Bennington suffered at the hands of a family friend growing up, may have actually been perpetrated by John Podesta, with whom his mother allegedly had a relationship. Was Bennington getting too close to the truth about PizzaGate? Did he learn of Podesta's possible involvement in child trafficking and the Clinton Foundation? Did he learn the truth about the death of Chris Cornell? Did he pay for this knowledge with his life? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this bombshell report!

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Chester allegedly supported with CF donations - no source yet

Linkin park in Haiti with Clintons
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Chester's father was police officer working in child sex abuse cases /
Chester himself was a child abuse victim -
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Chester committed suicide on Chris Cornell of Soungarden's birthday and played tribute at his funeral in May of this year, also suicide
Further questions and rabbit hole unto itself death of Chris credit @BlinkAndUMissIt