Monday, July 31, 2017

Republi(cans) - GCR/RV Sitrep - Monday - July 31, 2017

Received via email from Yosef.......

Well, the American political solution certainly didn't work as the NBTB had hoped in a best case scenario.

Let's call these folks the Republi(cant's).

So the worst case work around plan for delivery of the restored Republic government/USN is now fully in effect.

Let's call these folks the Republi(cans).

And it's now all up to military decision makers--who are on a tight schedule--with Ryan and McConnell sitting this phase out while their elected flocks are on a two week recess--hence the insertion of General John Kelly into the alpha male position at the White House.

Shit got real today.  Ask Anthony Scarramucci.  Talk about don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, huh Mooch!

And if you haven't guessed it already, the burner President aka Donna Trump has also been deactivated from service.  Her part was well played and we thank that transgender piece of shit for her participation -- what a giant hot orange mess of sin and depravity.

And 66 million people voted for that spray tanned tub of goo.  Amazing.

The Elders, General Joe Dunford and his hand picked gaggle of patriotic generals are bringing this beast of a transition home.

Some might even call it a righteous coup d'etat.  I would call it basic sanity being restored by force, but I'm biased as a long concerned civilian and embarrassed yet patriotic American.

Push has come to shove.  Had to be his way. Obama and Elders knew it.  So did Fighting Joe.  Sobeit.

Once the hidden Republic government now begins to emerge from the shadows (it's been functioning for several years now) and into light of day, our USN will be released (in China which speaks volumes about the true status of our sovereignty) and instantly be received worldwide as the nation's legal tender--meaning at the tier 4,5 levels.  And away we go.

When this will occur is a deeper question, one I know you curious about considering.

Is General Kelly really in position tonight for the start of both the public admission of the Republic (all be it soft disclosure) and the actual RV?

Let's just say we believe so from many credible indications.

We believe also Obama intentionally set up the collapse of repeal and replace movement which gutt punched the GOP Republicant's into a much needed self implosion.

Forgive me Fox News fans--but you're all useless idiots and have been since the network's inception.  You accept their lies hook, line and sinker and deserve this slap in the face pre-RV.  It's shameful the hate that network preached and you actively participated.

Check yourselves before you wreck yourselves Zionist ideological Republi(cants).

Seems Commander Barry also intentionally created a bulshit sanctions bill against Russia, Iran and North Korea to hide the remission of higher capital gains tax knowing health care would be a bust--giving currency redeemer's even more profits to work with post redemption.

GESARA compliance is a real thing folks.  Thank you Commander.  When this is all over, let's telepathically connect and have a cup of consciousness together in some cosmic chat room.

Now do the NPTB need two full months of cleaning up the old books before releasing the new books with out much awaited USN and new currency publicly in October?

We believe so, yes.

And would the NPTB wait until and start of the eighth lunar cycle during a full congressional recess and slow international trading month to begin this historic and defaulted asset round up?

We believe so, yes.

Yosef, Is it appropriate to wear white after Labor Day and black before the summer ends?

Sure, knock your socks off.

Either way kids, that elusive RV is rushing down your proverbial money track and headed straight for all your unknowing sock drawers.

Lots of holes in some of those socks.  I know it's been a tough, tough road.  But so what.  The universe doesn't care.  Get busy living or get busy dying, right?  Right.

Once the electronic robo calls go out, and the Bank Board Members and Private Wealth Managers start allowing their secondary lists to begin redeeming, then it's on like Donkey Kong.

The August Gush will be swift and eternal. Whooooooooshhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Wells Fargo has been proved to been a lying fraud of a bank if you've been reading the news.  And wait, just wait, till the Mueller report comes out--it'll spell out the whole cabal political machine going back decades--exposing democratic and republican operatives equally.

Wow.  Talk about hard core disclosure.  It's already written I'm told.  Mueller isn't even investigating Trump or Russia--and never was--that's how well prepared the Republi(cans) are to spring into action now.


Until then, we wait like tired dogs swallowing our anxieties and pride in some limbo-esque perpetual bloated state of surreal anticipation.

Now you all know what's like to survive in Bewdah's small intestine for a decade.  Not a lot of oxygen or light.

We need an RV enema!  But that's another post for another GCR/RV...

In this moment, we (as in us or they) are officially the life of no parties anymore.  A sad, but harshly true fact about being a living and breathing Human Angel.

We serve in anonymity and silence because we must give everyone but ourselves full credit and total adulation.

As our reward is being given the responsibility of healing the soul of the world through endless individual gifts and infinite collective supplies mercy.

Because... nobody else knows what's going on but us.  Nobody else cares what's going to happen but us.   Nobody else believes in what's coming but us.  And nobody else but us can function effectively and rapidly post RV.

We are they.  Raw possibility personified, manifested, trained and emotionally harmonious with God's Will.


And everyone sleep walking through "reality" is unconsciously depending on those of us who got the assignment to have both accurate answers and infinite resources so that they (the unknowing masses) may gently awaken at their own pace, peacefully and abundantly.

Disbursal of unconditional love and limitless blessings is our gig folks.  It's just the business we have chosen with Yeshua's blessing.  Sobeit.

And away we go...

God is with us.