Friday, July 7, 2017

"Sand" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - July 7, 2017

Received via email from Yosef......

Big rocks.  Small rocks.  Pebbles.  Sand.

All fill the GCR/RV jars with infinite hopes and dreams for the world.  But all at different times or segments.

Last night at a secrete G20 meeting (not attended by Trump) world leaders resolved the last remaining geopolitical issues regarding Israel/Palestine, Yemen/Qatar/ Saudi Arabia/Iran, North Korea/South Korea/ China/ Russia/ United States, Puerto Rico/Cuba/Alaska/Hawaii/United States, Ukraine/Russia & Syria/Iran/Saudi Arabia/Israel.

Those were some mighty big rocks that overtime were reduced to pebbles and now thrown into a 100 year geological planning jar as solved problems.

All solutions were announced, presented and voted on by the G20 leaders -- and agreed to unanimously we are told.

And yes, now the sand can be poured into the future of the world as well.  Which would be us via the currency exchanges.

Quite a historic weekend folks.

Look for exchanges to begin after banks close in the US this weekend, during the full moon and continue privately and publicly throughout the remainder of July.

As finally all 209 sovereign nations of the world, including the largest 20 economies making up nearly 90% of GDP, are on board with the new financial system as it relates to GESARA compliance mandates.

So when you redeem this coming week, just know there is also peace on earth -- in your lifetime.  Sobeit.

God is with us.