Friday, July 14, 2017

"TDA/Strawman Accounts - Peeps are Overrunning the System" by Patriot of the Republic

"TDA: Peeps are Overrunning the System" by Patriot of the Republic - 7.14.17

Honored Elders, Saint G, Commander O, General D and IDC sisters and brother…the skirmishing for control of our future resources is breaking out at the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank, and the current Prize is the Treasure Direct Accounts.

The internet is on fire with a Tidal Wave of patriots hungrily seeking the correct information to unlock the resources that are in TDA’s in their names. Furthermore, the systems of the FRB, the Treasury, 1st and 2nd Tier Banks, PayPal, utility companies and debt collection agencies all over the nation are being overrun with peeps using this knowledge to access their accounts.

The reason for this post is to point out what is so obvious to those of us who are suffering under this system and seeming oblivious to those or the one who has the ability to flip the RV switch and release the #800’s. Take a look around….can’t you see how desperate we are? We have had enough of the platitudes and the reasoning and the pump faking….please pull the trigger already and release the RV or watch the whole damn thing break loose and implode into chaos.

We the people are tired of tomorrows promise. We want results so badly that we are currently engaging the enemy directly. If you do not cut the RV loose, then heaven forgive us for what the awakening peeps will do to anyone and anything that stands in our way. (Reference the French Revolution).

So NPTB….if you really want the transition of this world to happen peacefully then we suggest you finally do what you have promised and cut this whole thing loose and let tomorrow begin…..literally tomorrow.

With all due respect,

Patriot of the Republic