Monday, July 31, 2017

Yosef (2) Updates - July 30, 2017

Received via email from Yosef......

"Anticlimactic" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - July 30, 2017

Often in life we anticipate key events and build them up great emotion within our own heads and hearts. But when the time comes to actually go through the turnstile of experience, it's a flat moment… even anticlimac​tic in many cases.

The RV is such an event, such an ​overhyped, ​anticlimactic experience.

For those of us studying and diligent here at the very end, which there are less than 5,000 now worldwide, we provide the statistical anomaly in every statistical analysis. The margin of error so to speak. As we are but a proverbial drop in the 70 million or so expected redeemers.

0.00007143% to be obnoxiously exact.

Trump played his part brilliantly. Internationally corralling Israel and the Ukraine into their own demise, while at the same time infuriating remaining cabal politicians domestically to smoke out hidden agents of chaos.

McCain finished off both the American arm of the cabal and Israeli controlled GOP conservative movement in one old thumb turn.

Obama orchestrated everything with Putin, Xi of China and the Elders flawlessly. They played the cabal like fiddles, and have now packed up their evil instruments and thrown them in the trash.

Seems higher intelligence and righteousness always wins the day. And while it took several years to complete their strategy, there was never any question about ultimate victory.

Sadly, the cabal while motivated, was weak and lacking higher end command strategy, let alone coordination with their foot soldiers late in the war.

The Illuminati, Catholic Church and Dark Nobility all folded like a cheap Italian suits. Protecting their own hides when push came to shove. even throwing one another under the bus to get a better amnesty deal.

Bullies have zero courage. Whereas heroes never live any other way.

Now come these massive financial reforms with everything else complete. Now the masses will be allowed into redeem, problem there are no masses paying attention. Just us.

And the digits you've so long have craved will appear with but a whimper of interest globally.

Guess what? The actual exchange appointment will be just anticlimactic. Cold. Quick. Abundant yes, but not what anyone was expecting. No pomp. No circumstance. No parades. No bands. No cheerleaders.

In and out in an hour. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Next.

In the end, it's just a simple little currency exchange transaction any teller could perform, maybe with a few additional personal wires and family trust accounts to set up. Sure a structured pay out program with definitive terms for ZIM holders, but no exotic iron clad NDAs or security challenges like we were preparing for.

This will happen with unthinkable ease and obscurity. It has to. There's no other way.

A clean one hour appointment, anytime you're available. Anywhere you live.

Hey Mrs. RV, why so stealth and low key?

Because she has to be boring, normal, calm and neutral to service the world. To process so many currency holders, at such high amounts, takes anonymity not notoriety. A good lesson to remember if you're buying what I'm selling.

All the air had to be taken out of the RV balloon before redemption "digits" were to be presented. Now that is the case, here they come. Big deal. Just like Zimbabwe announcing the gold standard and re-issuing t heir currency at 1:1… what's the big deal? Imagine if you had gotten that information three years ago? You'd still be doing back flips.

There will be no grand GCR/RV announcement prior to the RV completely, no public rate changes for international observation until well after the majority of all redeemers have been processed.

Just a few 800#s given out to diehards on the Internet, selected Internet sites, who will naturally serve as gatekeepers and share in the span of minutes--to audience of a few hundred thousand--who will eventually share to a larger pool of a few million… and so on, and so on, and so on… until everyone who is going to redeem, redeems.

Honestly, not a large enough volume of humanity cares anymore about the currencies to pose a threat, even those avid fans reading this Yosef post.

The larger currency and financial world is utterly indifferent. The media is 100% controlled. The markets are not only locked down, but shut down for the entire month of August. And yes the military is on high alert, but functioning in plain clothes or up in the sky via drones where no one will ever know without a proper security clearance.

The RV is a totally invisible event to the untrained eye, and less any sex appeal to the trained eyes who have been watching this event for years. It's safer this way. Smarter. Higher intelligent bright wink, wink, nudge, nudge… if you know what I mean.

Well done Fighting Joe. One day we will meet I will explain to you why the Red Sox will never win another World Series in your lifetime because of their ballpark and rabid New England fan base.

Folks, there's no more money. The RV will deliver that fact as truth in your world overnight. There's no more struggle either. No more deadly cabal. No more obstruction to ascension. No more planetary quarantine. No more fake bogeyman.

Just peace. Just love. Just abundance. Just enough, for absolutely everyone.

The very definition of an anticlimactic transition of eras, that few to none will ever know or care about on this Sunday summer night in July.

In fact, those reading are the chosen few who will be first in line, so much so, the lag time form first responders to later appointments will be noticeably in redemption centers.

Most currency holders will be asleep, figuratively and literally.

Even those working the event under classified government clearances won't know the whole story. The actually starting day and time will come as a rude shock to their system as well.

This is the energy match we've been looking for with the Chinese Elders. This is the accurate alignment with God's Will.

Emotionless victory. Absolute truth. Silent grace. Anticlimactic existence.

So what did we learn in our time on the wall waiting for the world to change?

The bigger something is, the smaller it must appear. Even to the point of not being seen by almost every human being on the planet. Sobeit.

God is with us.


 "Bedfellows" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Sunday - July 30, 2017

Where to begin… so much…

Let's begin at the end shall we…

You're getting your "digits" and your "RV" and everything that has been projected in the astronomical amounts here on this site and others.

So no worries about any of that.

How and when have seemingly changed because of John McCain's crusty old thumb. Or is that thumb part of Obama's master plan?

Obama and McCain in cahoots together? Wow, talk about strange bedfellows.

Riddle me this Batman, what if the Maverick's "thumbs down" vote in favor of preserving Obamacare, that was utterly shocking for both sides of the aisle and the entire country, even the entire world quite frankly, was done to trap the remained cabal minions in the Senate?

Especially those Republicans who knew what his vote would really mean--the RV release this past weekend--and most went along with the RV just to profit from it and why both sides of the aisle gasped for air when McCain voted no. Did they lose their amnesty and money with the same thumb?

Understand, John McCain always wanted to be the deciding vote on America's future as leader of the Washington political cabal faction; he even negotiated his dramatic thumb's up or down vote as part of his own amnesty package. But did he at the last second change his allegiance to Obama versus the cabal as to force the remaining American faction of the cabal to surrender penniless?

And when he voted no on repealing and replacing Obamacare, did crusty old John McCain actually vote in favor of universal healthcare for all Americas--which makes zero sense if you're a conservative or a cabal member--and certainly was unthinkable if you were both.

Which makes one then consider what was his black eye is really all about--was the Chinese general that hit him in front of the other members of his Republic Senate scared into voting no like he did--when in reality he was struck in a way where he didn't lost his eye but just was roughed up a bit to play into the Obama con?

We can all see that scar is not a brain cancer surgery scar. That's blunt force trauma all day long. So why the ruse Johnny Mac?

And why did you abruptly leave the Senate right before the big vote which effectively released the RV because it rolled back capital gains tax… and actually had nothing to do long term with healthcare? Why also did you so dramatically return, only to vote yes on the floor discussion then to dramatically vote no on the passage of the bill that would have forever killed Obamacare?

I bet few in the Senate or restored Republic knew that switcheroo was even coming.

Keep in mind, Obama eroded John McCain's power in his entire second term as President, making his Senate Armed Services Committee Chairmanship economically irrelevant because it had no new money to spend. Obama killed the cabal's power worldwide by shrinking the Senate authority of the military (McCain) via policy. McCain hated Obama. Loathed Obama.

Or were they secrete political bedfellows setting up one big last ruse for Johnny to secure his fortune and legacy?

In full truth, this week's healthcare vote was really about rescinding a hefty capital gains tax, and thus the beginning of US tax reform which will make the restored Republic GESARA compliant, and allow China to release the USN worried, effectively starting the RV.

The press is saying this equates to a tax break for the rich… but in full truth, it's really a tax break for the currency redeemers per GESARA mandates of a global flat tax.

So did John McCain screw the little guy voting down the new healthcare/tax reform bill?

Or did he screw the remaining cabal politicians that needed to pass the healthcare bill in order to get their amnesty packages made liquid just because they sided with the restored Republic concept?

It's a fair question. Certainly an interesting one everyone on the Hill is asking.

Would crusty old John McCain actually screw his occult nazi loyalists before he was forever banished from public life? Was he really working for Obama as a double agent to penalize the entire Republican side of the Senate who fought tooth and nail to avoid the new Chinese financial system that would replace USD with USN, and effectively destroying all cabal control of the free world?

Now that's an interesting take even if it's radically hard to conceive. Certainly was for me.

Yet, right after the vote Reince Preibus happily resigns, and in his exit interview with CNN, has nothing but praise for Trump and new Chief of Staff John F. Kelly.

The reason here is the real RV release plan has now taken effect that is soley military and must also bring in the restored Republic government. As the RV and Republic are one in the same. This is why a former Marine 4 Star General like John Kelly was placed into the white House after the healthcare vote… because the cabal wing of the politics had effectively been eliminated.

And why we believe John McCain was working with Obama, who we believe gave him an even sweeter amnesty package so she would appear to have taken a beating for the cabal in defiance of allowing Obamacare to rule as the lone healthcare plan of the country.

Crazy, crazy stuff. Yet here we are, living it everyday. Sobeit.

And just remind everyone reading this that Donald Trump is not, nor ever was, President of the Republic of the United States of America,. Don't believe it? Can't believe it? Well, here's a look at his cabinet being sworn by VP Mike Pence, which is perfectly legal, but odd that all are jointing the Trump Administration yet not being sworn in by the President, especially given that he is so insistent on family loyalty.

Look, it's obvious the whole Trump is President ruse is ending swiftly thankfully after two years of campaigning and 6 months of a bogus faux administration, but what a horrible orange stain it has left on our country and souls. Yet the obese one, aka Agent Orange, served an invaluable purpose of absorbing all the negative press away from President Ryan and Vice President Pence while difficult but necessary GESARA compliance elements were enforced and sadly disrupting millions of lives in the process.

Trump was more like a national bad global press tampon versus some unprecedented national social media treasure.

And if you want to have a serious discussion that maybe Primma Donna is actually a benevolent being that walked into the Trump transponder shell, well that's a conversation worth having. But not that this spray tanned hell raiser is a real American President. Just don't insult me or you with that talk anymore. It's clearly an illusion.

Yet either way, Trump ain't who either of us thought he/she was and it's time to come to grips maybe with the fact Trump really was a burner actor President and maybe, just maybe Paul Ryan is the restored Republic President and has been for nearly two years now.

Because now that real legislation has to be signed into law like the Russian/Iranian/North Korean sanctions bill, which oh yeah, now quietly includes that same capital gains roll back provision in the health care bill, the RV will begin just as soon as Trump is out and acting Republic VP Mike Pence along with acting President/House Speaker Paul Ryan step in and remove Trump as being unfit to lead, which is their constitutional right.

That immediately transfers power of the Republic to Pence, at least until the House can vote in a new President (Representative Paul Ryan), and Senate a new Vice President (Senator Ben Sasse).

This move also effetely lowers our post RV tax rate for any interest gained off our suddenly massive tax free sovereign currency exchange/bond redemption event. Hallelujah! It just keeps getting better! Somebody pinch me!

Ok, so when? How?

Keep watching. We've been on a minute by minute standby all weekend for the chain reaction to start releasing the RV flash bang, which mans Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will issue a supeana for President Trump to testify under oath, which will of course trigger his immediate firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which will force Trump to go to the third in command at DOJ, Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, who will fire Mueller, and force Pence and Ryan to step in and stop the nonsense.

Understand the NPTB are identically mimicking the Nixon Watergate scandal playbook as to assure everyone there's been precedent set to removing a "sitting US President," including the bringing in of a military general to oversee the white house during what could be a chaotic, martial law invoking event given that Trump's base is nearly 100% older white, nationalized, uneducated and openly racist Americans. The first was Alexander "Al" Haig in 1973.

That was also the first time the Chinese Elders threw out a bogus US President from office in order to reclaim the financial system after Nixon took America off their gold standard… given that they lent us the gold in the first place to start our nation, and they did so again in 1946 to save us from the bankruptcy we self-imposed upon ourselves as a nation in 1933.

History has a funny way of repeating itself… especially given the satanic idiots believing they ran the world for 13 millennia. Hilarious.

Boy, are things going to change fast and furious now. Best not to hold onto the rails of this freight train because it's hurling at us all with unprecedented speed.

Nothing and no one can stop this level of planetary ascension. Simply awesome to witness. Hey Gerry McQuire, pass one of your depends diapers… we're all in for a bedwetting uncomfortable few nights here at the end.

Enjoy your blessing, folks. Remember to go slower than your thinking now, this is my last piece of brotherly advice.

God is with us.