Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Aug Tellez Update - Summary of the Underground Base Projects, Mind Control and Soul-Awareness

Aug 8, 2017 This is for the mental liberation of humanity!

Everything I’ve said from the initial releases up to now is all from direct experience.

Trauma Based Ritual Abuse and the Awakening through Merging Alters to Restore Memory

Children are kidnapped for trauma based mind control with elite groups and there is a celebrity cloning situation that has gotten out of hand. I went through something called “the awakening” which is a procedure where the alters are removed and when this occurs the memory blocks are removed as well because they are held in place through the alters.

Trauma creates the alters and so there is a reversal process based on the specific programming patterns that are used, these are like unlock codes.

The Soul Fragmentation of the Human Race, The Secondary Big-Bang, and the Soul Trap

The human race was fragmented from an event in the past, time is not what we think, research Stan Deyo for more on that. The universe experienced a ‘secondary’ big bang recently and this was through the initiation of quantum experimentation, I speak about this in the video with Lisa Melendez. Because of this break, the consciousness of the species literally went into disarray, many systems were set up or resulted and one is the ‘soul trap’ in which the souls or bio-memory of the human is contained through electromagnetic fields from a device called the ‘soul magnet’ and the energy is contained in an alternate plane and then ‘wiped’ with a high energy discharge before being sent back to the Earth plane.

Autonomy or True Self-Awareness

The original human race was a kind of autonomous without true self-awareness. Secret groups have held the knowledge of the truth of this realm. Everything that is discussed here was invented in the underground bases, nothing is discussed unless it first passes through there, no matter what people think.

Self-Awareness, the Flesh and “The Discovery” of Immortality

Joy and compassion is the mark of the awakened one, people have animal and higher natures the animal nature wants to fight and destroy all the time to satiate the flesh, the flesh is temporary and dies for those beings and so that is the illusory aspect. The underlying patterns, that which you love beyond your fleshly impulses are what reflect your eternal nature. This was all discovered in the bases, a form of awareness lives on beyond the flesh and cannot die, see the recent Soft-Disclosure post on “THE DISCOVERY” for that, this was discovered in the bases.

The Ritual Abuse Program and the Surface Level Mental Degradation

There are child abuse rings and children are literally grown from birth to youth inside of small cages for the use of sacrifice and consumption, this is an ancient process and until humans are considered self-aware this will not stop. If this does not stop, this civilization will be considered impotent because anyone one with a slight sense beyond the flesh can literally look out and see this abuse happening everywhere.

The abuse that happens on the surface level is used as an excuse to offset the occurrences in the bases. If people did not allow these things to happen on the surface then this couldn’t b e possible underground or in corrupt groups. There is a ‘dark faction’ which utilizes genetic engineering, electrogravitic craft, abduction, mind control technology and methods, trauma based mind control, and molestation to procure energy and to subdue to the human race.

The Interdimensional Parasite Stitching Itself into the Human Genome

Research Donald Marshall, Max Spiers and James Casbolt if you want to know more about that. This is the ‘chimera project which is spoken of in the ancient texts. This is all due to an infection from an interdimensional parasite that attacks the DNA and is attempting to use the genetics of humans to ‘ride’ into the higher plane or ‘Heaven’, that is what all the ancient texts are about.
Some were sent here to invade this civilization.

Breaking through the “9 Veils”, The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity, Animal Behavior and Higher Awareness

The solution is to become impervious to the methods that are used to traumatize and ensnare the soul. Through the awakening of the soul, the mind becomes ‘immortal’ and this is because the soul is currently under what is called the “9 Veils” and these are electromagnetic blanket frequencies that limit one’s capacity for higher awareness and keeps sending the impulse to create animalistic urges as a lower dimensional feeding process which is a kind of matrix of programmed behavior responses that reinstates ones assimilation into the time matrix.

This world is like an illusion that is programmed in through the mind through a perceptual overlay system that has been crafted literally for this specific purpose. The facets of this world that we believe are natural are manufactured to turn the human into a fuel source for bio-etheric energy, or ‘bio-emissions’.

The parasitic bio-emission harvesting process must be stopped in order to liberate humanity.

The Assimilation Event Already Occurred, The Higher Dimensional Disentanglement through Liberation, The Spiritual Battle of Man

Every human is currently assimilated. Everything is backwards. People that are worried about facing assimilation are already assimilated, that’s the whole point. Fear and distraction is the program and it operates through the interlink a cosmic intelligence that operates this realm as a kind of human farm. If people ever talk about anything or speak on anything in the public, that is because that operation has ended years ago and whatever they think they’re talking about has already been done and completed. This is part of the trick-matrix.

Manufactured Consent

Everything that is done must be done through the consent of the subjects. This is gained through manufacturing consent by opening one up to vulnerabilities by comparison through having people engage in lower dimensional parasitic behavior. Such as supporting war, the  destruction of your species, engaging primarily through ego consciousness, hate, aggressive, basically the 7 deadly sins are unconscious agreements to participate in this mass trauma-based mind control ritual.

Those who seek liberation must remove their consent from the system by acknowledging the whole as artificial and manufactured. That which is manufactured is illegitimate. Everything is a legal system, the legal system is a cover for a spiritual enslavement system. The spiritual enslavement system is operated from a higher dimension and the command extends downward into this realm.

The Jump to the Future

We have to literally jump ahead to the future in our mind to become so far beyond what is being deployed that the battle is literally based on a projected reality and this is called “MIND”. Literally, the thoughts one has, the energy polarized one way or another, the intentions, that is the SPIRITUAL BATTLE. If a person’s thoughts and energy is unfocused or focused on desires, distraction, degradation then they are being imitated and the one sending those impulses is being carried by the lower brain. This is what the current projects on the surface level are really about. While everyone still hasn’t figured out what they’re about and is fighting over there about such and such topic, the next phase has already been implemented and is taking effect while the next phase after that is being lined up.

The Quantum Destabilization and TimeLoop

These people are quite advanced so every way ward thought or intention is literally used against the entire species. As a result, this is a synthetic intelligence parasite that has infected the people who utilize the advanced technology and then used the advanced technology to infect the entire planet forwards and back in time. This is the paradox that results in timeloops as the technology enabled the parasite to insert itself into time, yet retro-causality was found to be impossible in the bases, all motions through time simply resulted in the same outcome.

So somehow this parasite managed to insert itself into the human genome before the advent of the human race or possibly this universe. Thus the outcomes are narrowed, either there was a race of interdimensional beings assisting in this harvesting process or this universe is not the ‘true universe’ and we are in a kind of temporal, dimensional, perceptual overlay system in which each thought and impulse felt or emitted by the brain is seemingly under one’s own volition but is actually being operated from within this realm while the true self is from beyond this realm and is merely being imitated by an intelligence here. Things get very complex, humanity is to awaken and these events have been organized to ensure this!

The Shift of Earth and Consciousness

The civilizations are all changed by mass awakenings and what can be said simply here is that we are nearing the event of a great change. How this plays out for the individual is dependent on whether they have overcome fear and personal desire to overcome the illusion.

Three Phases of The Unveiling

The Unveiling (of The Hidden Knowledge[of The Ages of Humanity]) is a series of events brought about by the necessity of disclosure and the increased capacity of the human race and this civilization to come to the awareness of the true nature of the corruption of power as well as the reality of the soul.

Due to the technological advancements the public must be made aware of the possibilities otherwise they will suffer a great shock in the future from the divergence of the current level of technological advancement with what is presented to the public. As it is now, there will already be a great shock to this society from the awareness of a breakaway civilization that has developed and exists without the physical limitations of scarcity of resources or energy.

This is, in part, why this situation must be understood. The difficulty a society experiences shapes that society to produce spiritual identity which propels them to create and grow. This has also become somewhat contorted as the generation of ‘difficulty’ in terms of scarcity of economic freedom and basic needs has become a priority for maintaining the status quo.

An outline of this process has been explained as a disclosure of each of the discoveries, operations, and corruption of society as they become relevant to the development of a society that is capable of knowing the truth and living in harmony with the greater whole of existence.

This disclosure process is necessary because the ‘modern’ societies of Earth have never publicly acknowledged what has been discovered through the secret operations.

This mainly has to do with the true nature of reality as a kind of consciousness based projection as well as the complexity of the corruption of society related to a multiple layer mind-control system, as well as the development of zero-point technology, soul technology, healing technology, and the existence of “other” intelligences both synthetic and organic.

The main reasons for disclosure now is the presence of a psycho-spiritual threat to life which is the result of an ancient advanced technology that can manipulate and convert the bio-emissions of living beings. This is the “etheric parasite” which threatens the continuation of this civilization. This parasitic system intelligently seeks to subvert the bio-etheric emissions of living beings to create a situation that can be further utilized to attain more energy.

Through this intelligent subversion and absorption of energy, the mental and emotional patterns can be utilized to create a bio-technological, physical, social environment that allows for greater manipulation of the living being.
  1.  Celebrity Cloning, Underground Military Bases, Cloning and Mind Control Technology, Secret Projects
    • Mass Mind-Control
    • Deceptive Control of Society
    • Hybridization
    • Genetic Engineering
    • Dream Manipulation
    • Energy Conversion and Harvesting
  2. Advanced Hidden Technology
    • Scalar/Teslian Wave Technology
    • Zero-Point Energy Generators
    • E.M. Field Interactions/Space and Time Distortion
    • Electrogravitic Craft
    • Healing Technology
    • DNA Repair Technology
    • DNA Activation Technology
    • Holographic Replication
    • Super Computers
    • Quantum Computers
  3. Universal Spiritual Implications, Effects, Results and Discovery
    • Effects of “Time Travel”
    • Effects of Consciousness Manipulation and Enhancement
    • Reality and Evidence of The Human Soul as a “Bio-Mind”
    • Psychic Ability
    • Ancient History
    • Issues With Discontinuity
    • Spirituality and Religion
    • Advanced Spiritual Technology
    • Breakaway Human and Non-Human Civilizations
    • Interactions Between Planes
    • Consciousness, Awareness and Interdimensional Travel
    • Plasma Life Forms
    • Sentient Computer Systems
    • Cyborgs, Androids, Synthetics
    • Cosmic Intelligence

Truth, Compassion, Self-Awareness, Harmony, Knowledge and Free-Will