Sunday, August 27, 2017

"Enslavement" - GCR/RV SITREP - Sunday - August 27, 2017

Received via email from Yosef..........

People ask me why currency is still being sold online if it's so valuable?

To put more money on the streets?  Yes.  But no.

To discharge all bad debt as to covert it into new digital credits to hydrate the new system?  Also yes, but also no.

The reason is to teach the life mastery lesson of enslavement.

The Elders are releasing yet trapping as many white males as possible with the blessing of infinite wealth, and at the same time burdening them all with the unknown bondage of controlling the world's wealth.

Yosef, you done lost your mind.  Best to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Still I propose they are teaching the entire western world (Anglo-Saxons) a life mastery lesson about the illusion of monetary blessings with the burden of managing Christ's wealth (aka spiritual enslavement).

Just as they were once asked to endure the same burden when accepting protection responsibilities for the global collateral accounts over 400 years ago.

Think about it, who owns the vast majority of currency globally--white males including over 67% from North America or Europe alone.

Then consider the plight of the mega lottery winner (any gender and color) who suddenly has so much wealth it throws their entire world into a tailspin until they fall face first into substance abuse, jail or poverty.

That's not to say the Elders don't want this money on the streets because they do,  and they must give it away, but most to all redeeming ZIM will be instantly enslaved the second they redeem their currency.

Regardless of color, culture or gender, that scope of burden will destroy them because it's like winning the lottery... everyday.. for the rest of your life... and for all the generations that follow.

But again, white American, Canadian and Christian males have it all figured out--just ask them.  And they account for over two thirds of all the ZIM purchased on-line and/or gifted.

Yet aadly, they have no clue they are in store for a service contract for the remainder of their lifetimes.

And service to the poorest of the poor.l--who don't look, act or think like them at all... just by sheer default of their volumous of new wealth.

Incredible that such an infinite blessing also comes with infinite burdens--but in truth, that's what the ZIM opportunity truly represents.  Lifetime enslavement in economic mercy for generations.

Pure realized and unconditional love.  Christ.  As He was promised and delivered and now returns again.

Knowing this fact, who in their right mind would go to such a redemption appointment in order to spend a lifetime in service to the world's poor and oppressed peoples of color?

The chosen ones that's who.  Not the 99 percenters.  And definitely not the profiteers.  They will all be destroyed in time by redeeming the ZIM.

Mark those words.

Most white males simply do not understand this as fact however.

Yet that's the whole RV deal, and why ZIM currency continues to be sold on-line; as all who redeem will ultimately be economic servants of third world populations and nations ... just as the Elders have been and are no more, and why it's taken then so damn long to deliver upon the RV.

Is that kind of career servitude you want for your life?  Is why you got into the bonds or currencies in the first place?  Are you really a global economic minister of mercy committed to a philanthropic way of life for the rest of your life?

Sure hope so.  I really do.  Because if not, don't redeem your ZIM.  In fact, burn it.

As redeeming even one ZIM bond note automatically enrolls you into such an earthly enslavement, disbursing perpetually the wealth of the Messiah.

No small thing.

Also, if that is what the actual ZIM blessing / burden metaphor represents, both a permanent release of colored races from earthly enslavement, and the instant enslavement of Anglo Saxons who foolishly think they know more about managing Christ's wealth than ancient Asian Keepers who have lived for hundreds of years with such a burden... then this really is a transition of destiny's versus a transaction of commerce.

Most Anglos in general have no clue as to the burdens attached with disbursing the true love of Christ.  Yet most to all believe they got a pretty good handle on things.

Many will quickly find out they don't and never had such a spiritual grasp.  But the choice is theirs to make by universal law.  Sobeit.

So to all the Anglos reading this post, you would be wise to remember the famous quote of South African Bishop Dr. Desmond TuTu, who said:

"Be nice to the whites, they need you to rediscover their humanity."

Perhaps the ZIM is such a rediscovery mechanism, and by assisting in the delivery of economic mercy from a top down versus bottom up approach, the white race will finally learn the most important lesson... we are all equal in the heart of Yahweh.  One.

God is with us