Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Government Geologist’s Terrifying Encounter With Extraterrestrials – After Drilling On Top of Their Base 2 Miles Underground

Phil Schneider and Family

“On the Southwest part of the Archuleta Mesa, we built an underground facility the better part of three cubic miles hollowed out underground. And to the southwest of that, we were in the process of the early stages of building, we drilled four large tunnel-like holes, some of them ran two and a half miles underneath the surface. . . . The drilling machines that were used were at the rate of two miles a day, it was fairly rapid. The equipment kept coming up broken. So we wanted to send somebody down there, a human observer . . . to find out what was going on.” 
Above is a quote given by Phil Schneider, who spent two years travelling around the country leaking some very sensitive information. One day, a friend of his named Al Pratt, along with the manager of the apartment complex where Phil lived, found him dead in his apartment. While his death was originally attributed to a stroke, many believe he was murdered for leaking this information.
Phil’s story has gained a lot of attention from UFO researchers, and that’s because his story never changed, and has been corroborated by other people as well. It also aligns with a lot of other information that has been leaked on this subject.
Phil himself claimed to be a government contractor who specialized in engineering and geology. He was tasked multiple times with building underground military facilities.
Now, keep in mind that deep underground military facilities are no conspiracy theory; even in-bottom and under-bottom bases beneath the ocean are most likely a reality. Plans to begin this type of construction began long ago. For example, in 1968, the Stanford Research Institute discussed the construction of dozens of undersea bases in a study titled “Feasibility of Manned In-Botton Bases.”

Programs like these are funded directly by the “Black Budget,” a little-known term that became widespread after Snowden leaked sensitive information about the NSA (and other) global surveillance program(s).  These programs do not exist publicly, but they do indeed exist. They are better known as “Deep Black programs”  and “Special Access Programs.” A 1997 US Senate report described them as “so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress.”
Schneider continues:
To our total surprise, first of all the government knew all about it, they didn’t tell anybody. When I saw Green Beret and Black Beret people encamped inside of our geologist camp, I knew something was up, the gig was up. First of all I knew all about the alien agenda — I’ll explain that in a few minutes. The large alien greys had been encamped there for, as best, as believed possible, for about 4 or 500 years. It had been one of their internal bases, and we drilled holes right on top of it. . . . Well, that’s when all hell broke loose, really.

Phil goes on to describe how he was injured and maimed as a result of this incident. In the lecture, he shows his scars and his missing toes and fingers.

His story also has the attention of several researchers, which says there could be some truth to it, but we can’t say for sure just as we cannot verify his background with certainty. However, the pictures, documents, and support from other colleagues and family in getting his story out there, suggests there is some truth to his claims.

Below is a picture provided from Phil in one of his lectures, where he claims the gentleman in the red circle is actually an extraterrestrial. The men in the back are the world’s most brilliant scientists, and the man to the right of the supposed extraterrestrial is Phil’s father, a high ranking navy officer, Oscar Schneider, who has a verified background.

Phil’s story is a long one, with lots of information and research to do. To truly determine if there is any validity behind these claims, and there very well could be, it’s important to really do your research into this field. A wise man once said “condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” Prior to the Edward Snowden leaks, everybody believed that mere mass surveillance was a conspiracy theory.

When it comes to this subject, with UFOs being verified in the mainstream and talk of intelligent extraterrestrials spreading, it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind. We need to understand that we can entertain an idea without fully accepting it, and we’re living in an age where new information will continue to emerge which challenges and conflicts with old belief systems.

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You can watch the full lecture, which spans more than hour, here.