Thursday, August 3, 2017

#HATJ - Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf : Context on Where We Are


 #HATJ : Context on Where We Are
This conversation with BZ Riger and Paul Frances McDonald was recorded on 8.2.17 AM PST. This give you some context of All that is currently unfolding. With the One People’s Public Trust 1776, which some refer to as the OPPT filings. The conversation will give you some clarity on the UCC filings, the scope and importance on the filings and what is unraveling right before your eyes.
This is just a short brief overview of some of the points that are This Expansive discussion.
The TDA’s are just the snow flakes on the top of the tip of the iceberg!

Update: 8.2.17
[6:31:56 PM] brian kelly: Comment I made to someone trying to connect the dots to the WH…. When you say what we’re seeing taking place in the white house, what are you referring to exactly?
Message is it’s ALL connected. The big “holy Fu**” development here is that the filings have been officially filed into DC Federal Court. This is HUGE. It simply means that there is now grounds and proper foundation to prove their legitimacy in federal court. If this happens it means full and complete validation that not only is the entire system based in fraud and deception but all international corporations, masquerading as governments, are in point of fact legally and lawfully foreclosed, but also that the accounts are real, valid and undeniable….

What better place for this all to unravel than in the mouth of the beast (Washington DC)…now you see why Heather had to get arrested. It’s all positioning for where we are now. The system has no script to handle this development. There is little chance of back peddling now that the UCC filings are in the court system combined with so much public attention driven by a powerhouse woman who knows the system equal to those who have created it. Liken it to a grizzly bear bitten by a rattle snake…it may run around for a while, powered by its own willpower and adrenaline, but  fateful outcome of thepoison is inevitable.

Now simply replace the poison analogy with the energetic frequency of love and it paints a more accurate representation of what is now unfolding for all to see, in absolute context and perfect precision. This shit can’t be made up. Liberation is knocking at the door. Grab your popcorn because we’re in for a wild ride ;)

8.2.17   NOTICE:  All filings, as filed -

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