Saturday, August 12, 2017

Message From Sacred Tree ~ All Life Is Sacred by Victoria1111

Success, Accomplishment, Achievement

Success, Accomplishment, Achievement

Ah, the pleasure it was to head out on this cool night alone, to walk the streets in silence.  Normally I am accompanied by my child, but being she was home totally tuned in (or tuned out) to her movie, I decided to take advantage of the situation.

I had not intended on walking to the sacred tree.  I didn’t really feel the need ~ that is until about 20 minutes into my walk, I felt a gentle nudge to go pay a visit.  So I did.  I stood in front of her, hands together, in a gentle greeting.  As I placed my hands upon her, immediately my left hand began to tremble with an intensity I had not felt from her in quite awhile.  In fact, on the previous visit, I felt she was sleeping/resting.  She was absolutely silent and still.

It was so intense I almost pulled away but I kept my hands there.  The word I felt had an “s” in it.  At first I thought it was “surrender”.  But then felt “that’s only part of it.”

After receiving nothing more, and feeling the transmission was over, I thanked her and continued on my way.  This was new.  Normally I “get it” at the time.  Something told me though the message would formulate with more walking.  Indeed it did.

After a couple of blocks, I began to hear a message.  “Greet the plants.” So I did.  Only I didn’t greet each of them.  Just the ones I found “pretty”.

“No,” I felt.  “Greet the plants.  Every one of them.”

So I did.  And you know, it took effort.  It felt almost unnatural to greet the plants we call weeds.  The dying blades of grass.  But I did.  Kinda faked it until I made it.

In doing so, my heart began to expand and tears formed in the corners of my eyes.

It was then I began to Remember the sacredness in all life.  Remembered it from the feeling space, not just the mind space.

I was able to Remember a feeling from a time so very very long ago when looking at life in this manner was normal.

All life.

Thoughts continued to form in my mind.  I thought back to a piece I read earlier today that spoke of how it is now past time to walk the talk of living in Unity.  At first I dismissed it.  Ego certainly did.  See the sacred in everyone and everything?  No exceptions?  Especially people??!!

Ack no!

What about those who…my ego began, telling all those old stories.

It is indeed getting easier to speak with this part of me and remind her we now have a symbiotic relationship.

Yes, even “those who”.

Every part of life, every person, every being has Life Source in it.  No matter how hidden.  Ignored.  Unknown.  Neglected.

These incoming energies are allowing us to Remember that all Life is sacred.  I feel it.

I KNOW it.

It doesn’t matter what one has done.  Or not done.

All Life Is Sacred.  No exceptions.

Hard to accept at times?

Oh god, yes.

When those “yeah but’s” kick in, acknowledge the story.  The emotions. Then Remember.  Get quiet.  And go within to search for that Light within the other.

I did that today.  It was a challenge.  Ego said all sorts of things but I held space in my heart until the softening occurred.  And it was then that I remembered how wonderful this feels.

So much better than being in judgment and critical.

Doesn’t feel so good in the body.

All Life Is Sacred.

All this means is every living thing has a piece of Source.  A piece of Us.

As we continue to return to this way of Being, it will soften and heal every one of us so that the illusion of separation just drifts away.  Feels like we are being called to fall in love with life again, doesn’t it?  Every piece of it. Makes me wants to just run outside, roll around in the grass and giggle loudly and large, hugging myself.  And everyone I see.  Remember doing this?

Of course you do.

We all do.

Reminds me of the song Blow Away (George Harrison).  All I’ve got to do is to Love (you, me all of it!).  All of us doing this is making for a really beautiful reality.

Peace everyone~

George Harrison – Blow Away

Daniel Mendes