Friday, August 25, 2017

Mike Quinsey (Channeling) Update – August 25, 2017 most important events that are waiting to go ahead are dependent on the first move to introduce a re-valuation of the currencies. It is the key to many important changes that have been prepared in advance, that will see elections quickly arranged to enable a new Republic to be established and a new President installed. Meantime Paul Ryan who has already been sworn in will be the President Elect until new elections are held to find a new Leader. The ultimate aim is to ensure prosperity for everyone. It will take time but delays will be kept to a minimum because all of the groundwork has already been carried out. NESARA and GESARA are most important parts of the changes that will totally alter the future so that a Golden Age can commence. Once the present chaos and troubles are overcome the changes will all come into being much quicker than you can imagine. The preparations have long been ready, and those appointed to take charge are well aware of the tasks that lay ahead.

The waiting game will have to go on a little longer but do not despair as you will be assured of benefiting from all that has been promised. For many it will be full of pleasant surprises , well beyond anything you may have imagined. Many of the old ways will have to be changed to reflect a society that has moved on where their level of consciousness is concerned. Peace will become your reality allowing people to come together in a common pursuit for growth, and love that will come from the recognition that regardless of Race or colour you are all One. You will see all Countries start working together for the betterment of all, and settle their differences in a peaceful manner. Re-valuation of the currencies is soon to become a reality and that alone will result in great changes for the benefit of all concerned. The future is planned to give you many pleasant surprises, and it will be just reward for your amazing achievement in advancing into the Light so that Ascension is assured.

If you find the changes too much to understand, please accept that they will result in permanent peace and a great coming together of the people. Clearly many are in high places that are not of the Light and will have to step aside to allow progress to be made, and opposition to them will be to no avail. There are many souls of Light awaiting a chance to help Humanity to experience a smooth move into the New Age, and that includes Beings from civilisations that have been associated with Earth for a very long time. The Pleiadians who are your Forefathers are prominent amongst them and will come out into the open when circumstances permit. With that Humanity will make further progress at an even faster pace than previously experienced. After years of preparing yourselves for the changes, everything you imagined that would come to you is ready and you will experience a wonderful time as you benefit from the changes.

There is great joy in the Heavens that Humanity has at last come of age, and that the trials and tribulations have almost run their course. You have gradually been prepared to take your place in the Cosmos as ascended Beings, and great celebration lie ahead, as such an achievement only occasionally happens. It has required a great effort from those involved to overcome the negativity encountered, as it had the potential to pull you down for eons of time. Yet, you have come through many, many incarnations, and have still been able to increase your vibrations to an acceptable level that has ensured Ascension. You are those who have lifted their vibrations and fully deserve all of the plaudits they will be getting. The harder the challenge the more you have been determined to be victorious, and have gained by overcoming the obstacles placed in your way. It is your strength and determination that has pulled you through and you will never have to walk this path again.

Time as you know it is an illusion but it serves its purpose as a means of evolving slowly, but in a certain way that does not pressurise any soul. Also since time is infinite there is no one rushing you to gain success, and at all stages there is always help if you should need it. In fact your needs are often realised before you do, and those who travel your path with you are there to help. Each soul is highly respected and loved and has little realisation as to how important their achievements are regarded. Souls often feel isolated and alone with their problems, but they may be assured that there are always Beings of Light by their side giving help and encouragement.

Sometimes you take your problems to bed with you, and when you go out of the body into the higher realms you discuss matters with those who are able to give you good and helpful advice. You may also meet with those souls who are related to you and they can be either incarnate or discarnate. For good reason you do not normally remember such meetings, and it is not unusual for answers to your problems to come to mind soon after you awake from your sleep. It is also possible for your Guides to arrange a meeting with someone who can assist you in clearing your problems, that you might feel is coincidence. Be certain however that “chance” meetings are carefully arranged so that there are no mistakes that could lead to failure, yet the conditions can be set up again if necessary. Upon retiring to bed most people think over the day’s events and unsolved problems, and that is useful so that you have a clear picture of your needs.

As you evolve perhaps your path changes as you focus on new ventures, so might your Guides change accordingly. So whatever challenges you accept you will get the best help available. When you feel prompted to go in a certain direction, it is just as likely that your Guides are responsible for it, having a better overview of what lies ahead for you. Sometimes things happen that are beneficial to you and you call it “luck” when it is really set up for you. So much help is given you that you have no awareness of at all, so you can be assured that no problem is yours to solve alone. Simply be aware that if you get ideas or prompting to do something specific it will be for your own good. After all the main function of your helpers is to keep you to your life plan and ensure that you meet your karmic responsibilities.

This month has all the makings of being a special one and could herald some surprising events. Certainly things are coming to a head and politically they are very volatile and literally anything can happen. As has been suggested previously, it will only need one major event to occur to get things rolling. So hold on tight as a roller coaster ride may well be about to commence. It is all building up and more than one possibility is likely, however whatever the outcome it will augur well for all of you in the long run.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light