Thursday, August 24, 2017

"Survival Tips" - GCR/RV SITREP - Thursday - August 24, 2017

In this unusual age of immanent and infinite sudden wealth, traditional emotional coping mechanisms will be challenged if not thrown out entirely.
​So w
hat to do when overnight our zeros overwhelm our realities?  

It's a fair and serious consideration
​right ​
​  Ho
w do we enjoy our lives given the massive new responsibilities thrust upon all God's Human Angels living among the unawakened?

Below are a dozen
RV Survival Tips that may accelerate your learning curve as well as allow you to consistently access joy no matter how radically different your today may fluctuate from your tomorrow.

Sense of Humor 

Laughing is physically
​known to be a ​
​ act​
, and given all the suffering we had to endure getting to this point, and
​then ​
witnessing all of the suffering you will experience after it... it's critical to keep laughing and doing things that give you genuine happiness.  Whatever that is.  Laughter truly is the best medicine and your entire philanthropic organization will be watching to see if you can laugh
​at yourself and ​
through difficult situations
​, even in the
severity of
​ issues. 
 Leaders lead, might as well lead with a big smile and hearty laugh
​ as it will give permission to the rest of your team to do the same​
​  Makes for a much better working environment.​

Detached Neutrality

​So often we attach ou
 to our projects, our goals, our agenda without looking up to the smell the roses, and or worse, we neglect ourselves.  We do this because naturally we care about others, how they feel, whether they are getting what they need, who else can we help.  But embracing on a career in
​top down ​
philanthropy requires a little more "detached neutrality" in that you'll always be looking to help people as your full time career now, and part time habits don't organically support full time work. 
​To b
e able to distance yourself from the drama of those you are helping like a trauma doctor assessing who needs help first, and how much time
 should spend on each matter before moving on, if it's even worth
 time to address
​it ​
at all.  By detaching emotionally and practicing
​detached ​
neutrality, it will help you sustain your mercy efforts as well as allow you to reach those most in need with debilitating yourself emotionally in the moment.  ​

Elevator Pitch

​People are going to ask how you made your money, what you do for a living, how did you buy such a nice home or care… it's going to happen, everyday.  No sense avoiding this post RV reality.  The counter to their questions is a firm, no more than two sentence answer that both tells the truth without offering up too much information.  It should be no longer than a ride down an elevator, and you should never deviate from it.  This is will those around you feel comfortable that whatever allowed  you to do this is OK with you… and it should be with them as well.  Nothing is weird here,
​it is ​
just my life.  Not answering their questions is weird. 
 answering their questions with some bizarre global financial reset explanation will make them curious, which is not the goal.  Honest, direct, brief, move on… those are make for the best elevator pitches as to what you do for a living.​


​With so many resources, you'll go through your initial gifting lists in less than a month.  And after that, you're really on your own as to how you'll be disbursing funds for worthy causes or situations large and small.  The ability to create something from nothing is important because you were given this philanthropic opportunity to heal the soul of the world, which is very broken in all areas, so all areas need assistance.  Inventing new ways of offering mercy, with an innovative and creative touch will be paramount to surviving the RV long-term because we will never run out of money in our lifetime.  So if you're not a creative person, surround yourself with people who are, because creativity more than education or experience will be more valuable to your philanthropic organization than anything else other than maybe morality.  ​

Group Activities 

​Isolation is a big problem for lottery winners.  They feel cornered by their sudden wealth, as everyone either wants something from them including absorbing their time.  So naturally, people resign themselves to a safe, quiet place and attempt to disappear.  Don't let this be so consistently.  Make sure you engage in normal, group activities like going to church or eating meals with family, participating in a club or recreation sports team… because everyone needs human interaction in stupidly wealth people who bought silly colored currency on the Internet and happened to get fabulously wealthy beyond human understanding.  You're still human even though you're also now an angel, and it's critical you keep yourself plugged into your community and family while learning to manage the opportunity.  ​

Friends & Family

​We all want our closest friends and family to come along on this journey.  Our spouses too.  But honestly, the 
best thing we can do regarding friends and family is to let them ALL go spiritually.  And whomever comes back physically, God wants us to influence.  If they do not, then God feels it's best they don't share in your new experience and find another way to bless them less your presence.  The sad truth is few will come with us, but we need to stay open and honest about who can handle this kind of
​abundant ​
lifestyle because we've gone through too much to adapt to the
​ir 3D needs
.  The
​y are
 gonna have to adapt to us because
​it ​
turns out, we were not only right about the RV, but closer to the intent of God by sheer definition of being given th
wealth of Yeshua to disburse.  Sobeit.

Good Eating 

​Eating right makes sense at any time, but especially now that your infinitely wealthy.  Your health must now be prioritized more than any other event in your day, and what we put in our mouths now really matters to others.  Think about, you'll be supporting massive numbers of jobs, organizations, charities and potentially villages and countries oversees… so you being around to bless all of these people affected by your wealth depends on your being healthy.  Meaning, you're health is no longer yours alone.  Anyone who has had a child understands this.  What
​kind of
parent are you if you're not around?  So what
​kind of
philanthropist are you
​if ​
your eating like crap and taking off years of your life?  Hire a nutritionist/chef and get whatever food preparation help you need to start living life to its fullest potential.  A great number of people are depending on you for the rest of your
​life… accept that duty and alter your lifestyle.


Exercise is also a no brainier.  Getting more oxygen in and out of body creates a healthier you, with more vitality and ultimately more energy to help more people.  No more excuses about not being able to afford a gym membership or exercise equipment… you can buy your own home gym now and work out
​ as much as you desire
 if you so choose… but
​do something and ​
get moving!!!!!!  A body in motion tends to stay in motion. ​ And a philanthropist in motion tends to help more people than they ever imagined.  Again, do it for yourself
​ first​
, but do it for all you will help later in life--that extra decade will exponentially help millions upon millions of people. 


​Less is more.  Popular expression or truth?  I say truth.  The more we acquire, the less emotional space we reserve for helping others. Meaning, it's OK to have nice things, just not too much of any one thing; in fact, because our wealth
​is ​
infinite, the less we own demonstrates our spiritually 
​Because p
ossessions end up 
possession​g us
.  Stuff will never make you happy, and more stuff will just make you unhappier more quickly.  So by all means, when you do buy, buy what gives you joy, but when you feel you've reached your good taste acquisition limit, put down the credit card and walk away.  Less really does 
equa​te to
 more.  A
nd owning less translates into giving more.  Which is what Human Angels were created for in the first place.  ​


​Staying curious is a key to enjoying your new infinite wealth long-term.  Learning and growing, challenging yourself to understand more deeply how and why things and people work, what the problems are in society and what the solutions may be to fix them is a gift that you can give yourself daily.  Sadly, you can't buy knowledge, it must be earned.  And the collection of this knowledge is called wisdom, which takes a lifetime to acquire.  So staying perpetually curious is not only beneficial in the long run, but in the short run its what will define who and what you are as a modern philanthropist.  We can only fly as high as our sky, so unless you are constantly committed to raising your own ceiling, nobody else will, and this historic wealth will not only become a weight around your bored neck, the opportunity will ultimately lead to depression if you're not intellectually challenging your mind daily


​Ok, so you figured out the ZIM and the RV, congratulations.  Now what?  Fire up the jet and travel!  Why not?!  You earned it.  What's the point of having global sovereign wealth if you don't go and see the globe.  Now for some who cannot travel for different physical reasons, see good eating and exercising ​paragraphs above before hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.  But for those of us who went on this invisible adventure,
​more ​
adventure awaits.  Travel in style, travel to the corners of the earth, travel to parts unknown, but travel
  Seeing new and different things
​, cultures and places​
will not only fill up your soul, it will give you fresh creative ideas to bring back to your 
​hometown ​
philanthropies as well as re-ignite old passions
​that have ​
long since
​ been
dead and buried.   


​Surrendering to God on a daily basis is not something on the pre-RV checklist, it's a perpetual action for daily engagement over the course of an entire philanthropic or Human Angel's
​ ​
​constantly ​
need to get our
​ marching​
instructions from Heaven to make sure we are staying on
​ His
 greatest good path for our lives.  So often when sudden wealth arrives, God is ushered to the back of the bus when
​never has ​
​been more needed to drive the bus
​.  Given your
 amazing new responsibilities
​consistently with God the
​ is critical to surviving the post-RV experience.  And
 whatever name or religion gets you
​closer to God
​great, just ​
make sure
​to always humble yourself before the Giver of all Gifts and never
​Who allowed
 to receive such 
​ blessings while
​still ​
​For me that
's Christ Yeshua, all day, everyday.
​Feel free to
His selfless sacrifice as
​ the highest
example of service to humanity.​


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We should eclipse 30,000 members ​this week and anticipate closing off website email membership at 50,000 pre-RV.  Post-RV will be unlimited and we are preparing for a massive influx of digital participation.  It's keeping Showme up at nights:)

God is with us