Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"Sushi" - GCR/RV SITREP - Wednesday - August 23, 2017

Received via email from Yosef....

Tuesday's Raw (Sushi) Intel Feed:

- Quantum banking system installation, diagnostic testing and operational stress tests complete as of January 1, 2017.

- Starting FX algorithmic settings began Sunday morning (currency rates).

- Truces in Ukraine and Israel beginning tomorrow Wednesday.

- Minsk Agreement to be enforced per the Normandy Four.  This act is the complete surrender of the Khazarian Empire homeland to the Elders.

- GESARA to roll out after Mercury Retrograde (September 21).

- Trump in a blue tie is the clone, Trump in a red tie is the authentic transgender.

- Republic controls blue tie Trump clone, and that's the Trump that will resign on command.

- Wells Fargo to be announced as sold to Bank of China in first quarter 2018.

- HSBC to absorb 100% of Bank of America branches in fourth quarter 2017.

- Over 1/3rd (2,500) redemption centers are finding their computers dark or blank due to an anticipated lack of exchange participation in specific zip codes.

- Frozen screen rates: IRR 25.00, IQD 20.00; IDR 15.00, VND 15.00; AFA 10.00, ZIM 1.00.

- VP Mike Pence to pardon blue tie Trump after the clone's resignation.

- Senator Ben Sasse to be nominated and confirmed by Senate for VP.

- Speaker Ryan to be inserted into the Presidency per Constitution succession.

- New Afghanistan policy meant to halt Heroine production (opioid epidemic).

- North Korean missile tests were performed by Chinese military to trap Netanyahu / Israel / red tie Trump.

- Red tie Trump's speech tonight on 33rd parallel to gather negative energy.

- Red tie Trump doesn't know when he will be released from office.

- British dossier to reveal red tie Trump's deepest secretes.

- "Fake News" theme only red tie Trump's defense against the truth.

- Red tie Trump can't fire Mueller and looking for other ways to fight back.  Hence Arizona rally tonight.

- Targeted emails and robo calls will issue multiple 800#s for appointment setting.

- All emails will disappear in 24 hours.

God is with us