Thursday, August 17, 2017

"Vice" - GCR/RV SITREP - Thursday - August 17, 2017

Received via email from Yosef.......


The image of an old steel workbench vice comes to mind today as we head into a pivotable weekend for the RV.

If you'll recall this post you'll understand why...

All major world decisions are made based on astrological events.

And why you noticed a rise in senseless violence and endless hate-filled rhetoric recently.  And globally.  Constantly.  On purpose.

The cabal is throwing pebbles at tanks in these final hours.

When most of the minions have long accepted a side hustle versus running the world anymore, there are a few scorpions that still feel a desire to force chaos in the face of complete destruction.

It's so over for evil.  Beyond over.  Sobeit.

Hong Kong private banks are open for business less TRNs.

London private banks are open for business less TRNs.

Zurich private banks are open for business less TRNs.

Lichtenstein private banks are open for business less TRNs.

AIIB is open for business.  All currencies.

IMF is open for business thanks to AIIB.  All currencies.

HSBC is not yet open for business.  Any currencies.

The Republic Treasury is not yet open for business.  Period.  Not until October 1, 2017 when it starts printing new gold backed USN.

The bad guys can feel the cold metal vice grip of God squeezing them out into hell.

The good guys can feel the hot metal vice grip of God squeezing them into heaven.

Both and being pinched by the same cosmic vice.

The ZIM has been confirmed opening at an exchange rate of 1:1--equal with the TRN.

Easy math, but a very difficult reality to suddenly accept as your reality.  Sobeit.

Keep watching Special Prosector Bob Mueller, who holds the match that lights the global torch for the end of all cabal governments, beginning with Donna and BiBi and Poroshenko.

Hmmmm, another Marine placed into power.  Interesting how Dunford choose Marines to make this all go--his second family.  Trusted.  Proved.  Righteous warriors.

Tidbit: Stop looking for rates to change. They will gradually slide not blink into new value me overnight, and if you know about the RV, and get the 800#, you can redeem for higher private rates that are seen by banks only.  The public will NEVER see those as it would cause a dangerous market shock.

Another tidbit: Please Lord, let the whole TDA drama go.  It's a needless distraction based on an illusion that has been rectified in the back of the bank already.  Meaning, all your bills have long been paid off... forever.  Just let it be so and stop forcing the past to become the future.  It never will.  Save your energy.

Yet a third tidbit: Don't make any major purchases until after the new year circa January 1, 2018.  Then go for it.  It'll save you a lot of quick trigger, sugar high "I'm rich bitch!" mistakes you'll have to unwind later.

President Treason is at Camp David this weekend, or so they say.  Wink.  Wink.

Interesting how both he and VP Yes Man Mike Pence are huddled together under military lock and key, while Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Ben Sasse have literally disappeared off he planet.

Nobody knows where these Republic leaders are or may be heading for the weekend.  Poof.  Gone.  Also on purpose.

My apologies for being dead wrong about the RV and impeachment dates, but structurally we got it all right.  This includes limitless sovereign rate exchanges for ZIM... if anyone desires to heal the soul of the world as a human angel--together dispersing permanent  mercy--globally.

Sure hope so because there's a sweet digital homepage being built for you and your people 24/7.  Thanks Showme... when I grow up I wanna be just like you.  Pure.

To join the mercy movement please sign up at

God is with us.