Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Winners" - GCR/RV SITREP - Tuesday - August 22, 2017

Received via email from Yosef.....

The assigned release time was given out over the weekend to 209 sovereign nations and their military liaisons well before the completion of the solar eclipse on Monday.

The final algorithmic rates were locked and made available for front screen redemption bankers to perform exchanges.

They are very high.  

Higher than you've heard in and the past and elevated at the very end to motivate all currency holders to exchange asap.  

The ZIM is opening at 1:1.  You can negotiate up or down from there.  But that's the screen rate.

Nothing else has changed.  

The RV is still teed up and immanent.

TRNs are active tonight and available for global trading starting this week Tuesday morning 3am London time.

Paymasters will at a moments notice have their accounts cleared for client SKR release.  

Millions worldwide are waiting on these accounts to hydrate.  

When they will release relates to the inter working is the international business week which is still an unknown given the new Hercules System.

Frustration over personal circumstances causes all the indivisible lasting out.  Then and now.

Shooting intel messengers is not a show of strength but one of continued desperation.  

Trump has resigned.  Ryan is Republic President and has been since October 1, 2015... and may be until 2028.  

Those are all facts not opinions.  They are just facts not yet known to most reading this post.  

I believe all deserve to know what's happening in their world--RV or not.  

So I share.  

Much of these facts are difficult information to first hear.  Still I share because I know nobody else will tell you.

See history is all scripted and written by the winners.  

The Elders have won, and this new reality is the historical pathway they choose.  Trump. Ryan. TRNs. Immigration.  Military.  Gold.  GESARA.  

If you don't agree politically or religiously, or even if you do, that's completely irrelevant as it relates to fact.

Know that those with the vast majority of gold are again making the golden rules, and doing so from a top down methodology.

Most reading these posts are dealing with everyday life from a difficult bottom up reality.

Those are opposite polarities, but yours must adjust to theirs because that's where your new reality is being created until you RV and regain your sovereignty.

Hence I understand your aggressive nature as some of this information is very confusing given how we have all been raised as young Americans and what we have experienced as American adults.

Understandable but your rage is annoying to all... including yours truly.  It's simply not logical and thus inefficient.  Also a fact. 

Ask yourself why Paul Ryan was given an hour on primetime TV tonight right after Trump got thirty minutes and delivered no formidable policy agenda?  

Whereas Ryan delivered 100% of policy specific responses as to contrast the sitting "US President."  


Makes zero sense unless Ryan is already the President of an incoming Republic government.  

And this was the second time Ryan did such a town hall, so tonight wouldn't feel as if he were forcing himself into power and leapfrogging Trump.

Do you not see this Zimlandia?  Their not even hiding it anymore.

Not only have the last four years (since the USA, Inc defaulted on August 2013) been historically scripted for us, but so have the next forty years as it relates to the rest of the world's desires with a more balanced and neutered United States of America military.

Americans don't like to hear such rhetoric because the rhetoric they have been fed their entirely lives, for generations, is the exact opposite of fact... which was also immorally scripted by the cabal media.

The script writers just changed not the delivery mechanism.

This was done because the mind control schemes run so deep, Americans, especially uneducated, gun carrying, deep southern Anglo-Saxon Americans, would rather kill their fellow citizens of color or go to war against people of color without a reasonable military need... than admit their own brainwashing and ultimately acknowledge their lifelong mental enslavement.  

But I'm the asshole pointing out such facts.  Perfect.  

You know people wonder why I don't respond to negative bloggers like this often.  

The reason is most to all are so deeply embedded in the cabal's vortex of enslavement (i.e. The Matrix) it's not worth my energy to respond because they cannot hear what I say, nor will they consider another reasonable opinion even if it is accurate--because it's painful to change your mind let alone your living habits.

Raw possibility is just very scary. 

Especially to those who have been mentally imprisoned since birth yet believe they are totally free.

Hopefully the solar eclipse wiped clean such programming.  We are told it did. I pray it is so.  Sobeit.

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God is with us.