Sunday, August 6, 2017

Yosef (3) Updates - August 6, 2017

Received via email from Yosef.....

 "Stalemate" - GCR/RV Sitrep - Sunday - August 6, 2017

Ok, ok, ok... I got what's going on.  Whew!

The RV was scheduled to go last night--had this from five credible sources.

Trump per his own resignation agreement was to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller and the political and media shit storm was scheduled start.  But it didn't happen, duh.

So why not Yo-Yo?

Suddenly, as if by some spark of divine inspiration, all remaining cabal members of the Senate and House suddenly surrender their last cabal allegiances and asked for both their amnesty and SKR packages returned for passing GESARA reforms when they come back from recess in September.

The Elders through Ovama said yes to the new round of pro GESARA voting (which was originally had the RV hidden in the healthcare bill), but no to the IQD SKRs and that's where we sit today.

A stalemate.

Know the Republic is already GESARA compliant, and publicly approved through the Russian Sanctions bill President Trump signed last week begrudgingly, but the public still believes that the USA, Inc. has autonomous Senators and Congressmen actually making organic laws.

So by not going through the motions of a public vote for new laws already agreed to and signed by the restored Republic internationally, old USA, Inc politicians in essence gave off the deceitful appearance of still being in control of the nation's affairs.

When in truth, they have zero control of anything and are being allowed just to finish out their terms in office so the general voting public and casual investor doesn't panic.

That's how McCain royally screwed with dissenting cabal members.  By not approving the healthcare bill with his thumb, Maverick temporarily stopped the RV yes, but he also wiped out all amnesty packages in both chambers (Republican & Democrat) including all their pre-converted SKR (IQD) currency packages.

He penalized his own kind for disloyalty to the Zionist agenda.  The alternative was voting in the RV to free humanity.  Crazy stuff.

We believe not only did Obama set this up using McCain to decimate the cabal, but he is now re-negotiating a new exit package for all remaining cabal minions in both chambers of Congress with McCain as the cabal's lead negotiator--with a Heaven of a lot more leverage.

Meaning, the good guys not the bad guys held off releasing the RV this time in order to create an even smoother transition from dark to light for us, and even safer exchange environment.

How long that will be we don't know yet.  And probably won't till the 800#s actually release.  But my goodness are we close to pay dirt.

We know how badly these out going politicians all want their money.  And Obama is offering them just their freedom and nothing else.  Not a nickel.

Hence the stalemate.

The cabal had their chance at a peaceful surrender, but McCain made their final decisions for them all on both sides of the aisle.

Just incredible stuff!

There's no need for any of them anymore legally, politically or publicly.  So their all are facing complete irrelevance without the prospect of riches from the RV.

Remember when all the politicians got SKR'd early and at super high contract rates?  This is why.  They were never going to get a red cent because their nature is to lie.

Obama knew the scorpions could not stop stinging and he set them all up to get nothing.

Now they are all begging for forgiveness so they can remain relevant within the new economic system.  But guess what... oh hell no!

Could we go tonight?  Maybe.

Check back around midnight, we should know more about the negotiations as we hear that's their last cut off for taking the amnesty option only... less any money.


I'm so excited I could kiss Martha!  Sober!  With tongue!!!!!!

God is with us.

"Evergreen" - GCR/RV Sitrep - Sunday - August 6, 2017

In botany, an evergreen plant grows leaves throughout the year, hence always or ever green.

This contrasts with deciduous plants, which completely lose their foliage during the winter or dry season.

The ZIM currency / bond notes are thus an evergreen asset.  Whereas the USD currency was a deciduous plant that has dried up.

When printed back in 2008, the Zimbabwe Reserve Bank knew full well that the face values of their ZIM currency was not logical.

Yet, not only did they go forward with the issue, by a well respected German printer, they did so on bond paper.


Who really backed their defaulting currency issue at such high face values?  And why would a well respected German sovereign bond printer take on such an obvious professional risk and run the special issue on bond paper?

The answer is the Chinese Elders.

They fully backed the Zimbabwe government and Central Bank's desire to issue a 2008-2009 currency/bond note, so much so they recruited their own German currency/sovereign bond printer to sabotage the cabal banking families of Eastern Europe known as the Dark Nobility.

The Elders knew even then that they would one day be transitioning the financial system to the east, and used the cover of Zimbabwe's looming municipal bankruptcy to hide just how valuable the country's assets were, which would eventually bankrupt all western world cabal nations that had no inherent in-ground mining assets to speak of.

Two birds, one stone.

See, back in 2009 when the IMF shut down the ZIM as a non-good standing currency on the Western Financial System, they never anticipated a 2017 new Eastern Financial System backed entirely in gold that both recognized ZIM currency/bond notes as being of good standing.

The Dark Nobility underestimated the African and Chinese partnership and that miscalculation served as the final death blow for their own Zionistic agenda through fiat currency manipulation.

Meaning, the ZIM currency never actually defaulted on the new eastern financial system, in fact it was the first currency issued by any sovereign nation on it.

That's why they used the same bill design for the recently issued lower denominations in 2016.

Notice how the 3 rock design on each issue of these currency/bond notes are exactly same.  Because all currency/bond note issues are fiscally equivalent then and now.

That's also why the Chinese Elders gave Zimbabwe the honor of being the first sovereign nation to announce that they have pegged their currency to the new global gold standard.

Because the Chinese Elders have the ultimately sovereign legal responsibility to redeem the original 2008-2009 ZIM currency/bond note issue, not the Nation of Zimbabwe.

As technically speaking, there's no difference with these issues and thus nothing historic about the 2008-2009 ZIM currency/bond notes or nothing new about there current lower denominations except their face value sizes.

In summary, when you redeem your ZIM currency, you're actually transferring existing Zimbabwe currency/bond notes to legally valid USN, CAN, GBP, Euro's or whatever the legal sovereign tender is wherever you are physically redeeming.

One for one.

No wonder the white race has been fighting the RV desperately, as it renders their western financial dominance over human beings of color irrelevant and accomplishes the cabal's destruction

So ... if you are currently holding 2008-2009 ZIM currency/bond notes, know that you actually already in possession of modern day cash that has long been acknowledged as being of good standing on the new Eastern Financial System going almost 10 years.

Amazing right?!  It just keeps getting better, and better, and better....

God is with us.


"Fatigue" - GCR/RV SITREP - Sunday - August 6, 2017

This waiting game is just nucking futs!

Another Saturday has come and gone and still no RV release.


This Saturday passing was particularly difficult because the NPTB tee'd up the politics to take down Trump via a special prosector firing--which will ultimately happen, but certainly did not yesterday.

However, the reason this particular Saturday passing without an RV was specifically hard was that if fell at the beginning of the Lion's Gate which opens fully on Tuesday 8/8.

And because it's summer and the trading floors of the world are largely empty, why would the NPTB waste such a slow time to release?

Why not maximize the entire down month of August for at least private redemptions?

The answer is we don't know that's not the plan.  But perhaps there's just not that many of us paying daily attention anymore, and they don't need the entire month of August to process all the private currency exchangers.

We've been told they expect less than one million global private redeemer's, down from three million at he start of 2017, and five million at the start of 2016.

Hey maybe if they wait till the start of 2018 we can all go together in a single party bus?  That would be fun!  Not really.

See a trend?  The longer we are made to wait, the safer it is for ZIM holders in particular as the fewer overall currency redeemer's there are due to deal fatigue.

People all have a "holding on" threshold as it is said "fatigue makes cowards of us all."

What does this say for a release later in the week or month?  Not sure.

How much time do they feel they need?  Not very long clearly.

For we do know all global financial reforms are to complete worldwide by August 21, 2017... which begins a rare total solar eclipse that hasn't happened since the USA, Inc. was founded in the 1870's.

We also understand this exact date as the possible true birth date of Christ. Wow!
Coincidence?  No way.

So we believe there is a firm schedule for the RV release.  Understanding when that may be is the task at hand, discerning exactly what day and time is a science.

Keep a watch eye on the Trump Dump, because as soon as they flush the orange terd.... new leadership, government and currency will instantly begin filling humanity's restored toilet bowl.

How about that visual to start your Sunday!

So stay the course Zimlandians.  Have faith.  And carry on with dignity.  Our glorious time is at hand.  And together we will get there--safely and abundantly.  Sobeit.

God is with us