Saturday, August 26, 2017

Yosef (4) Updates - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - August 26, 2017

Received via email from Yosef......

 "Deeper" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - August 26, 2017

So much has transpired since that fateful day on November 4, 2016 when Donald J Trump was elected President of the United States.

It's been a rough patch since that occurred.

There's obviously something much deeper going down in real time.  

I think we can all agree on that.

We can also all agree that the RV is pushing all current political and military decisions.  

Everywhere in the world, especially here in the USA, last minute GESARA changes are being enforced.

And while not everyone wants to see Trump removed from office, I believe anyone with an open mind can see the trend certainly heading towards the Trump Administration being removal from office and coming via Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller's investigation.

Hard to impossible to argue these facts, regardless of personal beliefs or political ideologies.

Now Is this removal timed up with the RV?  We believe so yes.  

Does this hurricane potentially complicate or slow down this process?  Possibly... but it can also accelerate the release because many will be paying attention to the dramatic weather event on top of a Trump resignation... and collectively both would distract from any massive monetary release.

It's the end of August, a perfect time to release the RV due to low business / trading volume.  The kids are still out of school, and most families are soaking in one of the last summer weekend before everyone gets back to work post Labor Day.

Of the 70 million currency exchangers expected over the remainder of 2017, 80% are said to be American.

So if we dive deeper, is what's really happening in American politics, along with the sudden weather threat, and including all military issues in North Korea and Venezuela just manufactured distractions for the global RV to begin?  

The economic and banking pump certainly is primed and has been for months.  

So there's no more monetary intelligence that matters anymore other than the actual release moment or "TETELESTAI" (sign up for an alert notification at

If true, then events swirling around Trump matter a great deal more, because his exodus is benevolent cover for millions of exchanges becoming quadrillionaires literally overnight.... tonight?  

We shall see.  We shall see.  But start ready to exchange.  

Is tonight that night?  Quite possibly.  But regardless of the endless pump fakes over so many years or false immanency of off site redemption centers being used yet now being closed down (HSBC has reduced off site locations to less than 50%).

The weather forecast matters because the Republic headquarters are in Fort Hood, Texas... exactly in the pathway for what was Hurricane Harvey (now but a weakening tropical storm).

What nobody is paying attention to is an infinite top down banking event.  Just the way Dunford wanted it.   Safer.  Quieter.  Invisible.  Using final cabal chaos in humanity's favor.

Suddenly, expect to see a Trump resignation or announcement that replicates the "Saturday Night Massacre" a la President Nixon did on October 20, 1973, and the RV to release because it would be the last thing on people's mind--even those holding currency.

That's optimal.  

We know Israel/Mossad has surrendered its pre-1967 boarder war with Palestine, Syria and Iran--courtesy of Russia's military mediation, China's mineral boycott and the Republic's Congressional military aid freeze in the 2018 budget ($38 billion over the next 10 years).

We know Trump & Pence are at Camp David tonight and have been for a second weekend in August.

We know the Ukraine surrendered, and their sovereign bond rating was even raised as a result.

We know the Arizona Sheriff Joe Apario pardon was down to set up a future Trump pardon by Pence.

There's a big fight tonight between a European MMA champion and US boxing champion.  That should consume a lot of eyeballs and attention.  

No matter what, when or how the RV rolls out, do join us tonight in the Church Bank call at 9pm EDT Saturday night.  

Expect all things monetary, RV, banking and Christ to be discussed.

God is with us.

"Non-Profit Organization vs Not-For-Profit Organization" - Church Bank - Show #2 - Saturday - August 26, 2017

Non-profit organizations are the association of persons organized with an aim other than making a profit, such as to promote religious, cultural or educational objectives. In these organizations, no profit is distributed or transferred to the members, directors or trustees. It is often juxtaposed with non for profit organization, which is set up for the welfare of the society and provide service to a particular group or public in general.
Profit is not the primary motive of all the organizations, as there are a number of organizations which are established with an aim of providing services to its members and the public as a whole. These can be charitable institutions, religious organizations, clubs, hospitals, trade unions, welfare societies and so on. Such organization do not carry out any business or trading activity and are under the control of trustees. Two such organizations are a non-profit organization and not for profit organization. 

There is a very thin line of difference between non-profit and not for profit organization, which we have discussed in the given article, take a look. 

Comparison Chart
Basis for Comparison
Non - Profit Organization
Not for Profit Organization
A Non - Profit organization is an organization which works for promoting science, commerce, art or any other charitable purpose.
A Not for Profit organization is an organization that does not distribute its profits to owners but retains it for fulfilling organizations objectives.
Comparatively less
Separate Legal Entity

Definition of Nonprofit Organization
A nonprofit organization or NPO or the company licensed under section 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013 are the companies with limited liability. The organization is formed propagating charity, religion, science and art and can sometimes be operated as not for profit organization. 

The profits earned by the organization must be applied for achieving the objects of the entity rather than distributing to its owners as dividends. 

Definition of Not for Profit Organization
Not for Profit Organization refers to an organization whose sole purpose is to achieve the objects of the entity. The company does not work for earning the profit. These type of organizations can include club like women’s club, sport’s club, etc. or an association or any other group formed by people. 

The two entities we discussed above are alike, but still, there are differences between them. The major similarity between them is that both the organization is not working for earning the profit. 

A Non – Profit Organization may work as a Not for Profit Organization, but a Not for Profit Organization cannot function as a Non – Profit Organization. 


 "Velocity" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - August 26, 2017

Whether you are in the path of Hurricane Harvey tonight or just watching on TV, it's best to say a quite prayer for all in eye of the storm.

This is gonna be one powerful and drenching storm over the next several days.

God please protect the innocent and pure in Christ's name we pray. Amein.

But why have you allowed this now oh Lord? Why on the eve of a possible RV? In the primetime of August's end? When global markets and schools are at their calmest for both Central Bankers and students who are still on summer vacation?

And why is a category 4 hurricane suddenly descending directly for the restored Republic headquarters in Texas, somewhere between Dallas, Houston and Austin?

And why are market makers and traders preparing for higher crude oil refining prices due to lack of supply from the American based Gulf of Mexico ports?

Natural disaster or man made sin meant to delay or distract the global financial reforms just a little longer to squeeze more profit out of the arbitrage?

Didn't Hong Kong suddenly just get a major typhoon last week as well?

Is the weather that easy to manipulate?

And why did the US suddenly change their military policy in Afghanistan? Are rare earth elements being coveted in the unmined mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and fought for by both light and dark forces before the RV begins?

Is this why Russia was in Afghanistan through the 80's and the US has been there for the last 17 years without a plausible exit strategy?

Is that why Israel was in Russia negotiating their pre-1967 boarder surrender still? Has China shut them out of all rare earth mineral supplies so necessary to make their high tech products which account for 90% of their national GDP?

Why is the cabal apparently still scrapping for the last remaining crumbs of the earths hard asset deposits? Are they that broke with no updated digital accounts or tangible hard assets to leverage on the new Hercules quantum financial system?

Maybe this is motive for why they may be manufacturing such catastrophic weather events to provide cover for theft operations long planned and just waiting to be implemented by private black ops military groups like Blackwater?

Do they really think the Benevolents, Republic, Russians and Elders don't know of their plans before they make a move?

Do they not understand their lower cabal minions have all turned state's evidence in exchange for amnesty as to their last remaining delay and destruction strategies?

Do they still fail to believe there's nothing secrete left in their playbooks of chaos?

And why is Trump so hot and cold and speaking in public, everyday? Bipolar? Cloned? Transgendered? All of the above? He seems unaware of his surroundings, almost pre-programmed to perform like a mind controlled slave serving a malevolent master?

Why did 67 million American adults voted for a soulless being… and why did 69 million more vote for a women who committed her life to the worship of an Anti-Chirst being named Osiris?

The shame falls upon all of us. Myself included.

Remember, the more chaotic things become means the closer we are to actual real life conversion… and things are pretty nucking futs right about now.

Top that off with a category 4 hurricane just popping up over this last week and heading straight for the Republic's new gold vaults… and I would say we've hit some kind of maximum performance velocity needed in order to begin the RV.

Remember, D-Day was begun in horrible weather by then General Eisenhower. And is the RV not Dunford's Normandy?

Where there's no place to hide a global transition from dark to light, with every sovereign family in the world knowing exactly what's going down and when… as all stake holding actors, good and bad, are long hunkered down and bunkered in, ready to fight the great fight for the soul of the world?

Sure it is.

But Fighting Joe will pull it off, just like Ike did when the German's were dug in across the steep coasts of Northern France ready for the Allies best punch. And Ike still beat them to the punch, surprising them in bad weather after months of pump fakes.

Sound familiar Zimlandia?

Humanity will get this done. There's no other choice. And so will we post RV as human angels healing the should of the world but the grace and mercy of God.

But make no mistake, the final battle has officially begun, hence this insane and constant flow of madness… which will not stop until the RV has completed. Sobeit.

Little reminder that we are capping entry in the Human Angel website at 50,000 members. So please don't hesitate to send in your gmail ( before we close the first wave of enrollment.

There's till time to alert interested friends, family and associates about this "Top Down" philanthropy approach meant for the repair of all that is broken with our beautiful but beaten down world.

You don't need to own currency to participate. In fact, we're finding a growing percentage have heard the clarion call and are fresh newcomers to the community and concept.

Know too that the "Tetelestai" 800# alert sign up is unlimited. Your response thus far to all requests has been humbling and overwhelming for Showme and myself. We are honored to serve this community.

Be reminded we're doing another Church Bank tonight at 9pm EDT Saturday August 26, 2017. The subject will be redefining your "Not For Profit" post RV existence, and will include the likes of Brother Moshe, Showme and the ever complicated Yosef.

Should be fun and informative for all long dedicated or newly interested Human Angels!

God is with us.


 "Weather"- GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - August 26, 2017

Years of detailed planning went into the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944, but success hinged on one element that no military commander could control—the weather.

In the days leading up to the invasion, Allied meteorologists delivered the most important weather forecast in history. If they got it wrong the Allies might have lost tens of thousands of men and World War II might have been lost forever.

In contrast to the bright morning about to dawn over Portsmouth, England, on June 4, 1944, gloom settled over the Allied commanders gathered inside Southwick House at 4:15 a.m.

Years of preparation had been invested in the invasion of Normandy, but now, just hours before the launch of D-Day operations, came the voice of Group Captain James Stagg urging a last-minute delay. As Operation Overlord’s chief meteorological officer, the lanky Brit was hardly a battlefield commander, but the ultimate fate of D-Day now rested in his decision-making.

Allied troops packed tightly into an aquatic landing craft wait for their turn to face the Germans at Normandy.

The disappointed commanders knew that the list of potential invasion dates were only a precious few because of the need for a full moon to illuminate obstacles and landing places for gliders and for a low tide at dawn to expose the elaborate underwater defenses installed by the Germans.

June 5, chosen by Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower to be D-Day, was the first date in a narrow three-day window with the necessary astronomical conditions. The massive Normandy landings, however, also required optimal weather conditions. High winds and rough seas could capsize landing craft and sabotage the amphibious assault; wet weather could bog down the army and thick cloud cover could obscure the necessary air support.

The critical, but unenviable task of predicting the English Channel’s notoriously fickle weather fell to a team of forecasters from the Royal Navy, British Meteorological Office and U.S. Strategic and Tactical Air Force, and as D-Day approached, storm clouds brewed inside the meteorological office. Observations from Newfoundland taken on May 29 reported changing conditions that might arrive by the proposed invasion date.

Based on their knowledge of English Channel weather and observations, the British forecasters predicted the stormy weather would indeed arrive on June 5. The American meteorologists, relying on a differing forecasting method based on historic weather maps, instead believed that a wedge of high pressure would deflect the advancing storm front and provide clear, sunny skies over the English Channel.

​In the early hours early hours of June 4, ​British General ​Stagg believed foul weather was only hours away. He sided with his fellow British colleagues and recommended a postponement. Knowing that the weather held the potential to be an even fiercer foe than the Nazis, a reluctant Eisenhower agreed in the early hours of June 4 to delay D-Day by 24 hours.

On the other side of the English Channel, German forecasters also predicted the stormy conditions that indeed rolled in as Stagg and his fellow Brits had feared. The Luftwaffe’s chief meteorologist, however, went further in reporting that rough seas and gale-force winds were unlikely to weaken until mid-June. Armed with that forecast, Nazi commanders thought it impossible that an Allied invasion was imminent, and many left their coastal defenses to participate in nearby war games.

German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel even returned home to personally present a pair of Parisian shoes to his wife as a birthday present.

German Luftwaffe meteorologists, however, relied on less sophisticated data and models than their Allied counterparts, says John Ross, author of “The Forecast for D-Day: And the Weatherman behind Ike’s Greatest Gamble.” “The Allies had a much more robust network of weather stations in Canada, Greenland and Iceland; of weather ships and weather flights over the North Atlantic and observations by secret agreement from weather stations in the neutral Republic of Ireland,” he says. Those weather stations, in particular one at a post office at Blacksod Point in the far west of Ireland, proved crucial in detecting the arrival of a lull in the storms that Stagg and his colleagues believed would allow for an invasion on June 6.

As rain and high winds lashed Portsmouth on the night of June 4, Stagg informed Eisenhower of the forecast for a temporary break. With the next available date for an invasion nearly two weeks away, the Allies risked losing the element of surprise if they waited. In spite of the pelting rain and howling winds outside, Eisenhower placed his faith in his forecasters and gave the go-ahead for D-Day.

Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower speaking with troops before the invasion of Normandy.

The weather during the initial hours of D-Day was still not ideal. Thick clouds resulted in Allied bombs and paratroopers landing miles off target. Rough seas caused landing craft to capsize and mortar shells to land off the mark. By noon, however, the weather had cleared and Stagg’s forecast had been validated. The Germans had been caught by surprise, and the tide of World War II began to turn.

Weeks later, Stagg sent Eisenhower a memo noting that had D-Day been pushed to later in June, the Allies would have encountered the worst weather in the English Channel in two decades. “I thank the Gods of War we went when we did,” Eisenhower scribbled on the report. He could also have been thankful for Stagg overruling the advice of the American meteorologists who wanted to go on June 5 as planned, which Ross says would have been a disaster.

The weather over Normandy contained too much cloud cover for Ike’s greatest strategic asset, the Allied air forces, to effectively protect the landings from German armor, artillery and infantry reserves. Winds were too strong for the deployment of paratroopers to secure bridges and crossroads inland from the beaches thus preventing German reinforcement of coastal positions. Waves were too high for landing craft to put soldiers and supplies ashore.

The key element of surprise—location and time—would have been lost, and the conquest of western Europe could well have taken another year.

Stay alert during Hurricane Harvey. Never waster a good natural disaster, right? Right.

God is with us.