Thursday, August 31, 2017

Yosef (5) GCR/RV Updates - August 31, 2017

 Received via email from Yosef, also posted a few I missed from yesterday.

"Urgency" - GCR/RV SITREP - Thursday - August 31, 2017

Timing.  Timing.  Timing.

That's the whole ballgame today as we head into the weekend.

We were told last night that the Elders will NOT let another hurricane (Irma) reach the shores of the US without an RV, which would need to begin this weekend (Irma is expected next week in same area of Texas' Gulf of Mexico shores).

Talk about urgency.

That's why the Mueller investigation is suddenly picking up speed and heading towards dethroning the Orange Trumpet.

Presidential pardons will just not work on lawsuits brought forward in state jurisdictions versus federal.

But make no mistake, we believe Trump has long resigned (we've seen the actual resignation document in a screen shot).

Just as we have seen Paul Ryan's signature as Commander and Chief on military orders in Iraq going back to January 2016.

Pence was put into place to pardon Trump and then either resign or simply not run in 2018, allowing Ryan to become the top Republican after the stormy Russian scandal cloud clears.

All off site redemption centers in Houston are either back up or have been rerouted to Dallas centers who have added the Houston staff.

Freeways in Houston are all back up.

And because Hurricane Harvey headed in land, Louisiana / Shreveport / New Orleans is going to be ok, but Memphis and Louisville are gonna get soaked.

So their making similar nearby city staffing and location changes a la Dallas in place of Houston.

The cabal demon is screaming today.  Fighting with all they have left which honestly ain't much.  They are. It completely toothless, but pretty darn close in terms of stopping the RV.

Remember, the RV is the death blow to 13 millennia of an alien cabal that ruled humanity.

The hybrid minions left to carry out the old cabal master plan designed to dominate the species and planet via a war, media and alien event strategy simply cannot gain momentum traction and thus appears completely chaotic.

So this is the death of the cabal and the rebirth of the Republic simultaneously.

Incredible times we live in.

Keep your eye on the storms, Mueller and Trump and notice where all the storylines peak--that's your RV.

And there will be 800#s and emails to alert the general public it's time to redeem.

Thanks for all the new sign ups for the Human Angel website.  If you have not yet submitted your email for membership or the Tetelestai alert (800#s release) do so now at

We're capping post RV website membership at 50,000 l--and we're already three quarters of the way there and taking in over 1,000 new sign ups a day on average!

So hurry up and get your friends, family and gifted currency holders into the system before it's too late!

God is with us. 


"Dance" - GCR/RV SITREP - Thursday - August 31, 2017

The last weekend in August really matters.

Kicking the RV can down the road is growing dangerous as an even more powerful hurricane is develop in the Atlantic.

Sadly starting catastrophic weather events is not difficult if you have the knowledge to do so.  The cabal does certainly.  Ask the levys of Houston and Beaumont Texas.

The Republic does not want to start these redemptions with children back in school and heavy traffic on the freeways.

The Chinese don't want to start these redemptions with currency traders back at their desks.

The Elders don't want to start these redemptions without enough time to hydrate the world economy before the 2017 holiday season.

It feels like, it seems like, Trump is going down this week.  If so this means the RV will come forward.  Gotta be.  No other explanation for holding back the Mueller investigation.

So is this our weekend?

There is a bank holiday on Monday after  long weekend where nearly everyone gets away one last time before the summer ends.  Perfect distraction.

There's a fiscal year 2018 budget crisis looming Sept 30, 2017 and there's no healthy reason to cut the release of the USN so damn close.

Congress returns on the Tuesday after Labor Day.  So their not being around for the RV would be optimal.

Redeemers having two good months to settle in with this new sudden wealth before the holiday season could jump start the global economy would be enough IMHO.

We know the RV is coming.  They deny there is an RV.  The cabal acts as if they are still relevant.  We know they are dead. Trump acts like all is well.  We know Trump has resigned via a Pence pardon.

September 1 starts at midnight on Friday night.  The month is represented by a 9 numerically, which means completion and death.

The new fiscal year starts next month and is represented by a 10 numerically.  Which means new beginnings.

Until then we will continue to dance the RV dance.  Sobeit.

Thanks for a great Clarion Call call last night.  Here's a link to the replay:

Remember to sign up for Human Angel website membership:

Showme says we should be ready to go, go, go before October 1.

We shall see.  We shall see.

God is with us


"Humility" - GCR/RV SITREP - Thursday - August 31, 2017

Humility​ is not uniformity. ​ ​Humility simply means conforming to one purpose without sacrificing individuality. ​

But humility is only possible when unity exists, otherwise you'll be humble just to yourself.  And what's the challenge in that!

Know humility can manifest itself in acts of service not just for one another, but with each another.

Take for instance people of all walks of life linking arms to serve the flood victims of Houston this week.  Together they ​are ​all ​serving ​humbly ​for a common cause.  Their many glorious acts of humility ​all ​honor God's Will.  ​But no one takes credit.  ​

Only together can we have a significant impact on the world​ at large anonymously versus doing ​great things alone with acclaim.

There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self​ first​.  For without a ​sincere and ​humble respect for others, it is not possible to ​play in a ​truly ​divine ​and harmonic space​, let alone a collectively as we know ​that's simply not possible without humility.

Now because we are full of pride, there may sometimes be no room for humility.  ​That's when we must dig deeper and find some!​

Author C.S. Lewis defines humility in this way: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”  So to be humble in any relationship, we must be mindful of the other party just as much, if not more so than ourselves.

We must start from a state of selflessness to move in a spirit of unity though a mechanism of humility. 

This is what it means to be living and acting in the Christ mind.

Once we begin stripping away pride as we work side by side to go serve others. It’s like paying it forward twice.  Our minds move off of ourselves and onto those in need, as well as helping those we serve with.

What we can achieve as individuals, is nothing compared to what a united philanthropic organization can accomplish​ together​.

In famously quoted scripture 2 Chronicles 7:14, God told Solomon, “If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Serving together therefore is a way to “humble ourselves" ​before God ​in order to hear His ​clarion call and ultimately follow His ​all powerful voice.

Naturally, as individuals prepare to go and serve others in our communities, the Christ mind is on the service about to be carried out and how it will help those being served.

But as new leaders of a global philanthropic movement, we also must be mindful of the needs of those whom we are serving with. 

Only if we consider and assist each individual’s role and responsibility, cohesive and effective service can take place.

This ​last critical and ​practical step of serving the service works, positions us individually or corporately to be in a constant place of humility--by our own choosing​--and like a jealous shadow, unity will always follow humility where it goes​.

That is a powerful place to exist because “God rejects the proud BUT gives His grace to the humble.”

This is why it's healthy to be so passionate about leading your own philanthropic movement into any city or country because you'll be serving alongside one another equally no matter where you go.

And the synergy of ​such a humble ​fellowship elevate all who partake.  Both those in need, and those disbursing the mercy, equal.  One with Christ.

By serving together, we are positioning ourselves to receive an outpouring of God’s grace. 

Imagine what could happen if we all bonded together as a unified and humble team committed to stamping out some common scarcity or sickness that plagues all peoples everywhere in the world?

No plague could last against our humble and unified intent to eradicate it. ​ ​Not a chance!

By consciously living this such a divine circle of benevolence, we consistently allow ourselves to see evidence that from our humility we can that serve freely as god's chosen human angels on earth as in heaven. 


In summary, the act of humbling oneself makes unity possible which allows us all to experience God’s grace--individually and collectively--in us, through us, as us and among us all, which ultimately brings the greatest glory to God.

What's better than humility?   Nothing that's what!

God is with us


"Monsoon" - GCR/RV SITREP - Wednesday - August 30, 2017

 There's going to be some difficult meetings with our shared Maker coming up for politicians, bankers, elites, sovereigns and wealth keeping Elders as humanity is responsible for the two dozen plus deaths in Houston.

Our inability to surrender to God's Will has delayed the RV, and permitted this last ditch effort by the cabal to stop progress.

Ego, pride, greed and ignorance have all played a role.

The currency community was long ready to help any natural disaster anywhere.  But we don't control the RV, yet we are equal participants in the disbursal of these humanitarian funds that have yet come to pass.

Something ain't right.  And the waiting is deadly.

We don't know how many highly dangerous attempts at cabal disruption have occurred to date, nor their severity, but we can see Houston underwater.

But far worse in this moment is what's happening over in India and Nepal where 1,200 have died this summer due to constant monsoon season flooding.

If currencies must now revalue so we can all be blessed, so to must our understanding and compassion for the world's poor if the true problems facing our world can be addressed and harsh burdens eliminated to heal the soul of the world.

God is with us.


"Maps " - GCR/RV Update - Wednesday - August 29, 2017

 I love maps.  I do.  I love maps.

They let me travel without the jet lag.  And they allow the Elders to buy up all kinds of sovereign mineral reserve rights in such categories as precious metals, high density rocks, rare earth elements and crude oil assets the world over.

Those raw assets kinda make everything important now and in the future.  Control the rocks and control the world, right?

That's why all remaining nation states with pre-GESARA issues have one thing in common--long-term natural asset value--and why they are all still suffering in limited chaos.

For they are being hoarded by two superpowers at the very end of our disappearing 3D reality.

The last thing the Elders want to do is give the cabal a chance to get "back into the game" financially, so they have silently been at war in certain countries mapped out below in order to protect humanity's remaining free radical rock supply.

Which has ended with a "loose ends" global treaty and sovereign boarder addendum treaty at the big boy table in Beijing.

Literally countries like Afghanistan, Qatar, Yemen, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela were all being horse traded like baseball cards in terms of who gets what to mine in exchange for half the profits and some kind of on-going military protection commitment.

It was agreed to that the United States will claim mining rights in exchange for military support to Venezuela & Afghanistan, and some combination of China/Russia/Iran will get long-term mining rights to every other nation geographically located the Eastern Hemisphere: North Korea, Syria, Qatar, Yemen.

We're told this last minute global deal just got hammered out tonight early morning Wednesday EDT, and that's what was holding up the street level RV.

Venezuela was not happy at all, neither was Pakistan about a continued American presence in Afghanistan.  But so what.  We weren't happy about waiting an extra two years either.

See everyone hates the west.  Yet the  west is still a major geopolitical and economic power player in the global puzzle, and would not back down an inch even though they were negotiating from a starting point of being recently bankrupt, as well as trying to aggressively bankrupt the rest of the world into an irreversible poverty position.

Little thing like that.  Global domination by fear, deceit and murder.

The mapped countries below are who and what we were all made to wait on.  Sobeit.