Friday, September 29, 2017

A New Generation of Banks Has Arrived (via Suzi)

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To Patriotic American Sovereign Lightworkers,

A new generation of banks has arrived. They will operate properly, transparently, and be in service to sovereign men and women of the nation states.

As Anna von Reitz has explained in her #736 treatise today (which shares the exciting news of all the worldwide changes that we are on the cusp of) we see that the Bank of Dene is the first new generation commercial bank on this Continent. See

Although at this point this bank has been created to serve indigenous peoples – and it’s about time – I am feeling pretty indigenous today myself…. As explained in the document, the indigenous nations are our true sovereign partners here in the United States of America (Unincorporated).

Secondly, and with forex services particularly noted, the American States and Nations Bank has been on the boards for quite some time. We would expect it to open its doors soon. It is structured as a sovereign international trade bank. See

And note the services of “International Exchange Services, Truly Private Banking, Lawful Money and Precious Metals.” You can place your email on the notification list for opening.

It goes without saying that parts of Anna’s teachings in her #736 really are parallel with what Winston Shrout has been saying about trade vs. commerce, and other topics. Perhaps we should take a second listen to his interviews on the Goldfish Report, and review his website. Also, the topics of trade, commerce, insurance and indemnification can be researched via the search bar at

No, these are not sexy topics, but knowing the basics is key to our rediscovered freedoms – and that makes them beautiful!!!!!




Investor/Lightworker Community,

In the last few hours Paul Stramer and Judge Anna have each published "A Brief Report For Those Trying to Understand the New World" IN WHICH JUDGE ANNA BEGINS TO PROVIDE STATUS in a fashion more easily consumable by her mass audience.

Her #736 is produced in English and Spanish versions.

A Brief Report for Those Trying to Understand the New World.


Also, please go to to the article entitled "Are you an American National..." TO SIGN UP FOR EMAIL ALERTS TO ANNA'S NEWS. Also at

Happy reading.