Monday, September 4, 2017

Another Collective Call To End Financial Struggle NOW and Bring Forth Financial Liberation and Abundance and Freedom NOW

                         LOVE IN ACTION NOW

I got on social media today to share a brief request of energetic support as I witness much in my life fall apart.  I did not wish for energies of sadness but energies of strength and encouragement and abundance.  No sooner had I done this but I began to scroll through my feed and saw numerous posts by other beautiful souls saying the same thing.


A collective call resulting from a collective experience – for many on-going.


The Source In Me Says NO MORE.
We will not have this suffering and lack anymore.

We ARE remembering our power again and in that state of Being we shout out and intend a resolute

We will not be over-powered any longer.

We will not be controlled any longer.

We will not be told what to do where to live how to live.

The Source in me says the following:  I absolutely will NOT allow for one more person to struggle financially.

I absolutely will NOT allow for one more person to be faced with homelessness or health issues needing healed but lacking the funds or insurance coverage to do so.

I absolutely WILL NOT allow one more second to pass while technologies and funds remain held up by cowardly, spineless ones who have NO positive intentions other than seek to control and dominate.  TIME IS UP.

I can forgive.

But I will not forget.

Forgiveness will come when I am at the energetic state to do so.  Those claiming we need to forgive FIRST before we receive this technology and blessings or that system was put in place so we can learn lessons need to take those thoughts to another timeline as they do NOT belong on the timeline of L O V E.

We know what LOVE is.

We do not need to be hammered down by slave masters and abused by financial controllers and denied our INHERENT rights of freedom and abundance in order to know what LOVE is.

So again, the shift to abundance and freedom for all is NOW.

I, Source In Victoria’s Physical Body deems it so.

And so it is.

Thank you.