Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"Frequently Asked Questions" - GCR/RV SITREP - Tuesday - September 25, 2017

Human Angel Services 
Frequently Asked Questions

Aloha Human Angels,

We've received a few hundred emails today requesting to know the difference between member and subscription plans--plus other relevant funding, project and compliance oversight questions.  As such, HAS put together a FAQ sheet as to answer all your repeating questions.  

Again, we thank you for your sincere interest in Human Angel Services (HAS) and appreciate that you care enough to inquire about how and why we do what we do.  So here goes:



The term "Member" means that you shave sent your email into the Human Angel Services website or Clarion Call/Church Bank website, and/or registering your project or showing your desire to receive the Tetelestai alert notification.  

Being a "Member" allows you partial access the HAS website (not including projects, volunteers or archives sections) at no cost as well as free viewing of our on-line daily digital philanthropic publication named "ethic magazine."

And while "members" can investigate our website and subscription plans should you desire to get involved in the HAS Tier 1 debt relief or  Tiers 2-8 project funding opportunities, there is a subscription fee required for that level of participation. That's why the "Member" level was designed, as to service those less fortunate who cannot afford to subscribe, yet still want to participate at a basic commitment level with the Human Angels mercy movement.  

There are currently over 56,000 non subscribing members in the HAS family going back to August 1, 2017.


The "Founder" plan is a quarterly billed $25 subscription service that includes full access to all areas of the HAS website, debt relief and micro project funding submission opportunities at the micro level (Tier 2, 3 & 4).  And while no project is ever guaranteed for funding, we do look at Founder projects with a more open mind because in our estimation, micro finance is most important segment to be funding. These type of grants include start and small businesses, impoverished neighborhood funding and post-natural disaster businesses.  

A "Founder" plan also includes a debt relief account up to $100,000 that will pay off bills directly to the issuing debt organization.  And while it's not straight cash in hand, direct bill paying can free up cash in other areas of your life as to improve the quality of life for every human angel and their family.  Not a bad thing for $8.33 per month for three months with no long-term commitment.

Be advised the "Founder" plan currently yields a 35% subscription rate for HAS.


The "Cornerstone" plan is the annually billed $100 subscription which gives you 15 months of worry free access to all areas of the site, and qualifies every Human Angel to participate at any level of funding HAS offer up to $100 million.  And do so for less than $7.00 per month taking each "Cornerstone" through all of 2017 sand 2018 worry free about both the RV and having a back up funding mechanism (Historic Bonds already SKR'd with Bank of China) should the RV persist well into 2018.  

In our humble estimation at HAS, the "Cornerstone" plan is by far the best value and why it's currently our most popular subscription plan 
yielding 60% of our initial subscriptions.


Our "Benevolent" plan is a charitable gifting subscription.  It's an annually billed at $1,000 up front but includes "Cornerstone" plans for 15 Human Angels--some who may hold currency, may not or have no idea that an RV is even happening.  

Imagine giving 15 people "Cornerstone" gift certificate during the holiday season and making them eligible for $100,000 in debt relief and up to $100 million in project funding through 2018.  Not to mention all the informative humanitarian information and support aspects of the HAS website via project funding, project compliance, volunteer portal and philanthropic archives to access in full.  

Making the "Benevolent" plan the greatest good for the most people should you have the resources to bless others.  This plan is now yielding 5% of HAS subscriptions thus far.


People consistently ask about our funding capacity, and our response is the same every time: we are a private organization that by NDA must keep our funding status between ourselves and the banks we do business with.  Thus, HAS will never reveal our current or future funding capacity at anytime, for any reason.  That said, please continue submitting your projects up to $100 million.  We can take up to 10,000 on our Project Funding Exchange (PFX) and currently have 4,120 as of Sunday evening at midnight.    

Remember, HAS is not a currency website here to reveal the ins and outs of the GCR/RV.  And while that may be where we first met, HAS is a Post-RV performance project funding and compliance mechanism--built to manifest consistent project creations, as well as deliver a full array of other humanitarian resources for the entire global humanitarian community… so we may all begin "healing the should of the world" together.


Many are upset they will be put through compliance protocol in order to get their project funded. 

However, if you understand the legal ramifications of granting funds at any level, you'll not only understand how and why compliance must be done to release monies, but be grateful HAS has created such a grass roots compliance element that can safely and digital red-line construction ready projects through a proven compliance platform, that frees up project operators and funding parters who know what it takes to be successful.

Now if you have your own funds through say a currency redemption then by all means you may do whatever you want at any amount, at any pace you desire, less HAS compliance.  However, if you're going to use the HAS funding mechanism for future humanitarian or job creation projects funding or even running your projects through our compliance platform regardless of currency redemptions, then yes an appropriate and rigorous level of project compliance will be mandatory.

As HAS feels eventual all will see the need for such compliance and HAS will become one of this Human Angel community's most valuable Post-RV tools to achieving your philanthropic goals because everyone who uses HAS compliance will enjoy consistency, credibility and peace of mind about where, when, to whom and in what amounts their money is going.  

Hard to put a price on that, but less than $10 per month seemed more than fair to HAS.  We believe in time you'll feel the same way.


Hope this FAQ helped answer many of your questions.  Please keep them coming.  We get better by answering all concerns, you make HAs better for voicing your opinions.  Thank you!

God is with us.