Monday, September 25, 2017

"HAS Inquiries" - GCR/RV SITREP - Monday - September 25, 2017

Received via email....
Many are currently making inquiries regarding the new HAS website.  

All are reasonable information requests.  Specially those about HAS enrollment timing and funding capacity.

The bulk answer to all questions is that HAS is a private subscription group.  

Our funding resources and their liquidity readiness are not for public reveal or consumption at anytime, as we are not a Pre-RV currency entity.

So the same rules that apply to currency world based on a decade plus of waiting around for 800#s (aka every past website experiences) simply does not and will never apply to HAS.

We clearly state this in our funding policy in our "Terms of Service" language when we declare that no HAS project funding is ever guaranteed.  

And HAS retains the right to deny, receive or fund any project / subscriber for any reason, at any amount, per the rules governing all private organizations within the rule of law (Canadian jurisdiction).

Ultimately HAS is simply seeking to digitally corral and support a unified group of Human Angels with certainty of their own Post RV life, as we are assisting all willing economic mercy makers for a daily, global and infinite funding experience also known as "Top Down Philanthropy."  

Ours is a revolutionary humanitarian movement that is not for everyone.  Especially not for those focused on transactional only currency redemptions.

So if HAS feels like it matches your heart beat, great.  You are home!  

Subscribe at any level and begin offering us your input because the best idea will always win the day at HAS.  

If not, no worries, however you are not home and must look elsewhere for currency only project funding opportunities.  

Either way, thank you for your service and investigating HAS.  Have a blessed Post RV  life!

Keep in mind, HAS is something very, very different on many levels than anything anyone has ever experienced before.  

In fact, on October 1st, more digital resources will be revealed on the HAS website to better illustrate exactly what we mean by fostering inherently humanitarian souls as well providing advanced digital tools for your new "Top Down Philanthropy" reality.

So if you haven't already raised your hand by providing HAS with at least a contact email, please do so now while there's still time.

The HAS intake doors will close at midnight on September 30 for original subscribers, who will all gain special priority benefits when it comes to both project funding and first tranche timing.

Hope this answers 90% of your HAS inquiries about both the website & tangible subscriber motivations.

God is with us