Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"Intel from a Variety of Involved Sources" by Ruby - 9.6.17

Dinar Chronicles

Entry Submitted by Ruby at 6:57 AM EDT on September 6, 2017

Hi, IDC peeps.

I have a LOT of intel to share today, some of which only brings me more questions. If you are interested, please read. If you feel the need to be an asshat because people have questions, I’m sure Patrick will permit your posts, but you don’t really have to hit Send. You can learn to control yourself. According to two of my intel items, that will be critical to the new world being born right now and will determine EVERYTHING you will be allowed to do in this new world.

First, OITM, Cobra confirmed that the hurricane WAS manipulated by the Cabal (Yes, they still exist and active, though, yes, flailing. All of my sources confirm that.). There is a meditation to help dispel Irma’s effects scheduled daily if you are interested in directing your energies to it: That might be a better use of time, attention and energy rather than throwing shade at me and others for merely asking questions and trying to understand what’s going on in our world, because it certainly seems like there are multiple unrealized dimensions to all of this.

Second, I was listening to a couple of updates that suggest only 24% of us or so (I have heard this 4-5 places now) are 100%. I’m not sure what this means for Yosef’s supposed version of God’s Divine Race, but both of my recent sources have been quite explicit that we HAVE to figure out how to get along with those who differ from us, as in MORAL imperative. When we get our first glimpse of who one another really is (suggested: peeps are part Reptilian, hard holograms, soft holograms, clones, Tall Whites – Kent Dunn said just to look at Ivanka Trump, etc.), are we going to remain friends with someone who has been our best friend for YEARS just because he’s part something else and now we know? Or will we reject all the good done by that friend because of the new revelation of our identities? Will we be able to accept ourselves?

The two sources also both suggested that religion is a HUGE factor in us not progressing, since those who embrace religion are willingly worshipping entities whose origin and actual identity they don’t understand. I know this is touchy for those who still appreciate this facet of their lives, especially if it defines how they see and understand their own identities. I had similar experiences and had to sort them out. I still do in some ways, but both sources insist that we can keep those feelings if we want, but we need to be able to accept those who aren’t interested in worshipping Yahweh or Allah or Jehovah or whatever other entity likes the attention of millions/billions of terrestrials. I honestly don’t know what else to call us all, if so few of us are wholly human. So if we can accept that someone else might spiritually connect with a blob of blue raspberry Jell-o and others with some animal of unknown shape or whatnot, and we can focus on the same principles of not stealing from each other, treating each other inclusively, etc., we progress as a population. This is hard when the supposedly developed ones act like djinns or whatever the regressive species are that think of us as livestock.

I’m still trying to get my mind around everything. When I realized we’d been deceived about an alien presence and I woke up, I thought that was the end of the mystery. Ha ha It’s been a painful road just trying to get accurate, let alone being blasted for trying to make sense of it. I live with and homeschool a nearly 11 yo Indigo Child who is mad I haven’t helped her access her past lives, when I don’t even think or feel or remember having any past lives myself. For the sake of my kids, it’s really important to me that I get this right. If you are also a loving parent, I’m sure you empathize with this feeling. Since momentous times are upon us, a lot of decisions and foci rest on the foundations of facts I can put together. Wanting to manifest it into a more easily understood package doesn’t make it so, despite Victor’s assertions otherwise, because in the reality fabric of this experience, things, beings, species exist, whether or not you have come to the realization of them or not.

Kent Dunn said in his show yesterday that ALL governments of this planet are governed by ET races. ALL. So knowing what they are and something about them might help us understand motivations and movements on this planet. Is it so wrong to want to know what’s going on and why? Since I see most of this stuff through a lens of Star Trek (I am such a geek, I know!), I’ve had to adjust my perceptions to match reality, because people-eating aliens won’t care that I don’t believe in them or that I am manifesting them out of existence. Besides, I don’t really want to be Q, a photon fairy linked in some Great Link with other supposedly 5th Density beings, some of whom are at least as bad as the Cabal. I just want to manifest a just 3d experience that actually works. If all these ETs are here controlling our world, they must enjoy a 3d experience to some degree, too, so is it all that bad? Just asking.

Anyway, my other sources to share are: (Drake Bailey) and (Watch for September 5th show to be posted.). The Sam Mugzzi Show will also post here: I only caught the last quarter of Kent Dunn’s show, but it blew my mind.